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Butterfly 2 leak shows HTC sticking with big displays, bright colors


The HTC Butterfly, even beside devices like the HTC One and One Mini, is still a brilliant handset. It features more or less the same specs as the flagship One, but boasts a different look and feel. This week we get a good look at the front panel for the newest HTC Butterfly, showing us that HTC still has special plans for the series.

If the newest leaks are right (we have every reason to believe they are) the HTC Butterfly 2 will sport a similar look to the Butterfly and Butterfly S, with a little bit of influence from HTC’s Windows Phone handsets, like the 8XT. Three displays for the Butterfly 2 show the device coming in black, white and blue, with a front-facing speaker that looks like a small oval placed between the home and back buttons — very similar to the 8XT.

We don’t get to see the back of the device in the leaks, but with the front panel looking so similar to previous generations, we believe the back will look similar as well. As for the specs of the Butterfly 2, it’s rumored to come in with a 5.2-inch 1080p display, Boom Sound speakers, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800.

Neither the Butterfly or Butterfly S were widely available or popular in the US, but the Droid DNA, which is closely related to the Butterfly family, was well received on Verizon. Unfortunately, there’s no chance we’ll see a Droid DNA 2 based on the Butterfly 2, as Motorola now owns exclusive rights to the Droid name. With any luck, the Butterfly 2 will make an appearance stateside some other way.

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  • rivera618

    the title of this should have said:

    …shows HTC sticking with big displays, bright-colors and that dumb-ass soft keys layout

  • jamal adam

    I really dig that blue version. I feel that the butterfly series has its own style and design which is cool.

  • donger

    I want.

  • ihatefanboys

    Sweet looking display, as usual. HTC is awesome.

  • britney freeze

    as Evelyn implied I didn’t know that a mom able to get paid $7093 in a few weeks on the computer. additional hints……….

  • richard

    4inch for asian hands common! were not giants!

  • richard

    4inch for asian hands common! were not giants!.