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Qualcomm puts in-house Toq smartwatch up for pre-order

Qualcomm Toq

Today, Samsung announced their Galaxy Gear smartwatch to the masses. While it is an awesome device, it has an AMOLED display that times out after a while and needs to be turned on. Also, its battery life is 25 hours, or enough for a single day of use. That’s acceptable, due to limits of current technology, but Qualcomm is looking to push the envelope further with their new Toq smartwatch.

The Qualcomm Toq is a bit of a different take on the smartwatch compared to the Galaxy Gear. It uses a slower 200MHz Cortex M3 processor and a different display technology. The display is what makes this watch unique, because it uses a Mirasol touchscreen. This display is akin to e-ink, with slow refresh rates. And, it doesn’t suck power when left on. This display is color and has great visibility outdoors.

This smartwatch will be an interesting mix between the Galaxy Gear and Pebble. It’ll also come with an optional Bluetooth headset to make everything wireless, allowing you to control your music from the watch. Both the watch and wireless headset have wireless charging built in, and the case that the watch comes in is the charger.

The Toq smartwatch is now up for pre-order and will launch with a price tag of $300, exclusively compatible with Android. It’s very expensive, but it’s a “hero product” that is released to demonstrate what can be done, akin to Google Glass. Hopefully we see this technology spread. If you want to learn more, hit the source links! And tell us what you think of the device.

Qualcomm Toq Qualcomm Toq Charging Qualcomm Toq Music

Source: Qualcomm, Qualcomm Toq Facebook

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  • aranea

    To me this looks like a much better option then samsung’s. Now that they introduced Mirasol screen some one can take away the plastic wrist band and replace it with something more comfortable. Then I’ll get a smartwatch.

    • Lisa1

      my Aunty Chloe got Mazda MAZDA3 Sedan just by some part-time working online from home… discover this………..

    • ihatefanboys

      Im not sure what else they can replace the plastic wrist band with. Theres tech in the wristband on both this and the Samsung smartwatch.

  • Brian

    I understand CNet sources the pre-order site as being up, but without a link it seems pretty premature and not very responsible journalism. Just my .02

  • rnzr

    Pebble is already too far ahead in the developer community, and will only get better with time. 8 days of battery life and over 500 watchfaces/apps, people are too late to the game

  • Arthur

    Pre-order isn’t up yet, just a sign-up page to receive more up to date information. No mention of the $300 price either.

  • JQuest81

    That’s actually more attractive than the Gear… And it’s the same price. That’s something I think I’d buy into.

  • pjamies

    Me like me some Toq!
    The Idea is great, but we need to see some useful apps and
    and the spec sheet before we start really drooling ..

  • mattcoz

    I like this and would buy it… but not for $300. I’ll wait for something at a reasonable price.

  • Bart

    I am beginning to think that the wrist is just the wrong place for technology of this sort. Every iteration, every brand, every design I’ve seen is just too big on the wrist and looks freakishly odd on the wrist. The whole purposeful, intentional reason I bought a Skagen watch was because it was thin and small. I wore digital watches for years, including Casio Data/Calc watches, but finally went back to plain ‘ol analog and love it. So far, the only adjunct technology I’ve seen that makes any sense and doesn’t look odd is Google Glass.

    • epps720

      I understand where you’re coming from but how does Google Glass NOT look odd?! The biggest knock against it is how odd it looks.

  • donger

    Another smartwatch.

  • guyiom

    guys if you want a true smart watch, check out Omate one.
    200 dollars, full gsm connectivity (no 4g). dualcore, 1gb ram, ect

  • Mike

    All this tech being push for one thing..keeping tabs on everyone.

  • george

    You all suffer from some 1st world problems…
    300$ to get a beta product? Thats a Nexus5….
    I’ll buy one in 2018 for 29$ after they iron out the bugs and give it a 10 day battery.
    Meanwhile will have to pull my phone out my pocket and live with a 2sec delay to read the msg.

  • Eddy at home

    I would buy the toq in a heartbeat. Size, looks, battery functions, screen, ease of use. Nothing out there touches this as long as the toq works as advertised. It is a mistake to buy a smart watch which is immediately replaced because there is something newer that fixes one irksome problem. Spend your money for the right watch and you will have minimized the cost and maximized your satisfaction.

  • Tony Giorgianni

    This looks like the watch to get. Samsung has boxed in its watch with compatibility with the Note 3 and their new tablet. By locking out owners of other Samsung phones they have created a ready market for Sony and others manufacturers. Since my Note 2 will not work with the Samsung Gear
    Goodbye Samsung and hello Sony.

  • cris

    No camera for this one ?
    If you watch Samsung mobile you tube vid on the note 3 n gear it says the gear will work for the galaxy line so im guessing it will be compatible with the s4 n note 2 ? Anyone know ?