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Sony QX10 and QX100 Smart Lenses officially announced


Sony finally officially showed off their poorly kept secret, the new QX Smart Lenses, at IFA this morning. We’ve seen plenty of them already, but just to remind you these are lenses that you can pair with your smartphone to offer a dramatically improved camera experience.

The first two members of the line are the QX10 and the QX100. The lenses connect to your phone via NFC, share the photos to your phone and are controlled by your phone over WiFi.

The QX10 will come in at $250 when it launches at the end of September. It is based on the Sony G Lens. Here are some of the pertinent specs:

  • 1/2.3 Exmor R CMOS sensor
  • 18.2 MP
  • 10x optical zoom
  • Max ISO 3200
  • f3.3-f5.9
  • Single-shot and touch autofocus

The QX100 is fairly pricey, $499 at launch, and will be avialable at the end of September. Although if you keep in mind that this is based on the RX100 MK II point and shoot, which retails for $750, that pricing seems a little less crazy. Relevant specs for the QX100 include:

  • 1.0 Exmor R CMOS sensor
  • 20.2 MP
  • 3.6x optical zoom
  • Max ISO 6400
  • f1.8-f4.9
  • Manual, single-shot and touch autofocus

The rest of the specs are identical between the two lenses:

  • 12MP movie mode (1440×1080 at 30fps)
  • Optical Steadyshot image stabilization
  • WiFi
  • NFC
  • Memory Stick Micro or Micro SD storage

Sony was quick to mention in their press event that, if you don’t have a Sony smartphone, these lenses will work with your phone. An adapter will be available to fit them to most devices. Considering how niche these seem to be, that’s a critical move for them.

If you haven’t seen the ad below from Sony yet, it’s worth checking out. It displays a day in the life of the QX100 or QX10 owner. I think the guy using it looks pretty awkward with the lens throughout most of the video, which doesn’t exactly instill confidence.

LCS-BBL_DSC-QX100-1200 QX10_Front-1200 QX10_Main1-1200 QX10_Right-1200 QX10_White_Main1-1200 QX10_White_Right-1200 QX10_White_with_Xperia-i1_1-1200 QX10_with_Xperia-i1_3-1200 QX100_Left_OFF-1200 QX100_Main1-1200 QX100_with_Xperia-i1_1-1200 SPA-ACX2_DSC-QX10_White_1-1200 SPA-ACX2_DSC-QX100_1-1200

I find the QX100 mildly interesting. Hopefully it will actually manage to live up to its billing as an RX100 MK II minus the screen. That camera is really untouched by other high-end point and shoots at the moment, and for $250 less the QX100, might be worth considering if you already have a smartphone you’re happy with. The ability to detach the lens and remotely view through screen could also offer the opportunity for some unique shots.

The QX10 just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. There are pretty compelling standalone point and shoot options at $250 that offer a much better form factor.

I wouldn’t say any of you have seem too thrilled with the Smart Lens concept when we’ve written about it in the past, but do you feel any differently watching the video or seeing the official pricing and specs on the devices? Do you know anyone that you think would bite on one of the QXs?

If you happen to be one of those people that wants the QX in your life as soon as possible, they have already gone up for pre-order on Amazon and are showing a September 27 release date.

Sean has been with Android and Me for over 8 years and covering mobile for the last 9. He occasionally muses about gadgets and tech outside of the Android universe at Techgasms.

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  • Anadrol

    The casting director of this video should be executed.

  • Yash Jethmalani

    $499!!! Honestly, It would just be better to buy an entry level DSLR like the Canon EOS 600D or a Nikon D3200!

  • donger

    Sony has been impressive.

  • sammy

    well the QX100 is definitely the lense to consider in this case with regards to the MP involved. i also feel the price is relative. if your compare it with the RX100 MK II point and shoot which retails at $750 then you should wanna dive for the QX100. i think they are both pretty neat devices tho and innovative as well

  • ozukum

    sony lenses are good.innovative….but from my point of view,why waste the 20mp camera already on the phone? It would have been better if the lenses were attachable to the phone camera.a set of interchangeable lenses like dslr lenses attchable to the phone camera without nfc and wifi and sd card would have been better with a lower price tag

  • neizeabsesupe