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Spec showdown: Apple iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s versus the Android competition


Apple has unveiled the iPhone 5s (the successor to the iPhone 5) and the new iPhone 5c, the colored version of last year’s flagship device. Apple has announced a slew of new features with the iPhone 5s, including a new A7 chip for improved performance, a better camera sensor with larger pixels, a True Tone dual-LED flash intended to match the color tone of your subject better and a fingerprint scanner built into the phone’s home button.

Since covering Apple’s products is not something we typically do, we thought we’d simply give you the highlights and compare the specs of the Apple iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c with those of the latest devices running Android. We’ve also included a second chart that stacks up the two phones against the HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 and other Android devices from earlier this year.

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How do you think Apple’s new iPhones compare to the latest Android phones?


Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • redraider133

    eh nothing really impressive on apple’s part, seems like another cautious, not trying to push the label update.

    • zill

      agree, iPhone5Same and iPhone5Cheap are a disappointment. Apple stocks are dwindling right now….

      • Yash Jethmalani

        I’m definitely going to use that. Have a +1.
        iPhone5Same and iPhone5Cheap… The look on your friends face: Priceless! (^ _ ^ )

        • Mango38

          The irony is that the cheap version still is extremely expensive, overpriced


    I know you have to do the customary comparison but this is really getting old because their phone is weak. Which each addition of the iPhone, we all know they are playing catch up but now they make up less ground with each release. They don’t deserve to be mentioned with the G2, Z1 or even the Note 3.

    There are only 2 things that possibly warrants mention on a hardcore Android site like this and that is how their new processor will measure up against the Snapdragon 800. Honestly they do make good processors. Maybe we can discuss their picture quality because they keep a top notch camera.

    I don’t hate Apple, I just think their iPhone is weak and doesn’t deserve mention any longer. We appreciate what they did in the beginning but sales aside, its over for them.

    • Arthur

      One area where Apple has consistently been strong in is their GPU performance, their CPU performance also has never been too far off from the best CPU’s on the market. Comparing their new A7 to the S800 would be an interesting comparison as well as comparing gaming benchmarks of the Adreno 330 versus the latest GPU the A7 is using.


        Yes! I remember a couple of years ago they said that their cpu and gpu would quadruple the Tegra 2. It actually did in some tests and doubled it in others.

  • YipYap

    OK, so Apple’s event was a non-event for me. When is the next Nexus phone coming out? That’s what I’m waiting for.

  • Bradley

    Sad day when the moto x is keeping up with you in the hardware department.

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    I’m good with my htc and android. I want to see an updated HTC one with 5″ screen, 8-13 ultrapixel camera, improvement on boomsound, and the processor.

  • stenzor

    Not really much of a comparison when you don’t know the RAM, details of the SOC, mAh of the battery.. and how is OS relevant? Of course Apple devices will have iOS and Android phones Android

    • Nick Gray

      Apple never announces battery mAh capacity or RAM for their devices.

      • kazahani

        I heard it’s still 1GB. Can’t remember source of that though.

  • Nate B.

    What Apple announces is good for iPhone users. Because they were missing out so they needed what they didn’t have compared to others. I didn’t expect them to make something we never heard of. Tech doesn’t advanced overnight. Solid phone overall but I’m ready for the Nexus 5.

  • Vance

    I’m sorry, but Apple’s unwillingness to change screen size is taking the king of smart phones (gotta give them credit, they created the industry after all) and reducing them to a veritable niche, boutique offering. “The high end 4″ alternative for those of you who like it little!” Blah, Apple, get over yourselves and listen to the end users.

    • ari-free

      There’s a reason for it. I mean it’s not as if iMacs have small screens. The reason is that ios was never designed to scale for different size displays

      • monk

        Mmm, IOS works OK on the iPad and iPad mini, so a larger iPhone is not a software problem impossible to solve. They are very stubborn and can’t concede that the market asks for larger screens and one size fits all is no longer true if they want to keep some market share globally.

      • ari-free

        I’m saying that the reason they have small screens is not because large screens bother them or that nonsense about using it one handed. The OS can’t scale easily so they had to come up with excuses to make up for its limitations. They’d have to break a lot of apps if they wanted a flexible system like android.

        • vijyes

          So, you are saying iOS is not flexible and has lot of limitations? I thought iOS was better than Android as it was better designed and matched(tweaked) for iphones unlike android which is generic for all phones and not especially tweaked for any particular one.

    • Garree

      The great thing about Apple is their ecosystem; in addition, they have pretty good hardware and simple features on the phone. What sets them apart from other companies is implementation. Stupid part is Android and the Nokia Lumia Camera Software already existed beforehand.

  • Ja.p

    I have an HTC one and also have had both the 4s and 5. Apple is not and will never cater to android fans through a spec sheet. They make products for regular consumers not geeks or nerds. There’s really no need to compare. Android is about customization and specs. Ios is about product quality and focus on a great consumer experience.

    • vijyes

      And idiots who buy phones without comparing or knowing anything about phones available in the market and iphones ranking amongst them. I always dislike egotistic attitude of apple

      • Brent

        I am not an apple fan but have an i5 from work which my wife likes the keypad of. Also been told by JB HIFI that virus is greater problem for android. Any comments?

  • thymeless

    Cart before the horse again. 64 bit processor is nice, but doesn’t matter until the app support is there.

    Which is good for Android in a way. As the big developers rebuild their software for 64 bit apple, Andriod reaps the benefit as most of the work is already done when 64 bit android chips and OS roll out next year. So 64 bit apps will follow more quickly for Android.

  • Nathan D.

    When they get a octa-core and a 1080p screen then I’ll start to care what come out from them.

    • pjamies

      When they get an Octa-Core and 1080p screen, Android will already have a 12 Core and 4k screen resolution.
      Apple, will always be playing catch up, because it is 1 against many.
      I like our odds, but I would also love the latest Android OS to be available for all existing
      phones (made with in the last 2yrs), but sadly I know that is too much to ask!

      From what I hear about KitKat (4.4), we might just see an ability for this new OS to scale
      down to older phones. If this is true, we just need manufacturers/carriers to help deploy
      this new OS (tho, fat chance that will ever happen …)

      • ari-free

        On they give a history of previous versions with the features. But for kitkat they write: ” It’s our goal with Android KitKat to make an amazing Android experience available for everybody. ”

        What kind of feature is that? Didn’t they always offer android to everybody?
        Maybe it means they’ve debloated it so that it can run on all the cheap stuff out there that can only handle gingerbread.

        • donger

          I miss gingerbread.

        • redraider133

          Stock android isn’t bloated its the skins that manufacturers put on devices that slow them down. Plus they haven’t announced the features yet, they will when it’s officially announced with the next nexus.

          • masterpfa

            This is most important, knowing what 4.4 will feature.

  • redraider133

    As each iteration of the iPhone comes out they get further and further behind the competition. Come on Google keep making android even better and give people a reason to switch. I wish the old apple would come back, solely for a competition stand point to really push the envelope and have Google create even better services and an even better android.

  • Naeem Hussain

    I’ve been a huge Advocate of Android since my first phone. But, I’ve got to say Apple nailed it on the Camera department. 720p 120fps is pretty darn fantastic and the whole new camera technology just seems brilliant. If I were EVER going to get a iPhone it’ll only be to use the Camera. I think the rest of the phone is terrible.

  • Sanjay Kumar Negi

    I think now Apple is gonna lose and android will grab the whole market.

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  • vidya
  • subir

    hey check this out the latest version of iPhone 5C

  • Scott

    Wow, is this group on Android’s leg or what?! Both platforms (android/iOS) have strengths, all this boohoo over iOS only underscores ignorance and bias. Just as much as many of you feel your Android device is superior to Apple’s stuff, I feel the same way about my iPhone- and yes, I’ve spent plenty of time using Android. If you can’t point out the strengths of both, what’s the point of a “comparison” so many things left out, and ridiculous things included but the “OS” category takes the cake! (:

  • Akon Shelton

    Nicely written. Good comparison between android and Apple iphone specifications. But, here’s the article which explains the difference between iphone 5C and 5S. I read it and its very helpful.
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  • Jahnavi

    It is an awesome gadget, no one can deny it

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