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Spec showdown: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs. the competition

Galxy Note3_031_set2

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has arrived. While the device is a good replacement for last year’s Note II, Samsung has made it clear that the Note 3 will be one of the most important Android devices of the fall. The improved spec sheet puts the Note II to shame, but how does it stack up against other devices that are currently on the market? We’ve pulled together specs from the Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung Galaxy S 4 and the HTC One to give you an idea where the Note 3 really sits.

Would you choose the massive Note 3 over today’s leading flagship devices?


Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • Kale

    You got your front, and rear camera mixed up lol

    • Lisa1

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      • zerosix

        Is she a camwhore?

  • Leo Vines

    Actually the OS on the Note 3 is Android 4.3.

  • Arthur

    Looks like you missed the LG Optimus G Pro which is LG’s current flagship until the G2 is released and even then, the Pro is more of a direct Note competitor in size and feature set.

    • EmagehtmaI

      Truth. A table comparing the Note 3, GQ and Xperia Z Ultra would be more appropriate.

    • Kevin C. Esses

      I think they are comparing Android devices only not windows based units.

      • squiddy20

        What? The G Pro IS an Android powered device. Google it.

  • artesea

    Front and back wrong way around. OS is 4.3. Has IR blaster as a feature.
    Not the greatest comparison sheet.

  • EmagehtmaI

    Looks like a beast. On paper it blows away the competition. If its as good as the Note 2 was, that’ll translate really well in the real world.

  • Steve Watkins

    Don’t forget the LG G2.that things a beast and more than a match for the note 3.

  • Nick Gray

    Corrections have been made. Thanks for catching the issues. I hate it when I have 17 files with the same name!

    • Joe McCrary

      The cameras are still backwards. The OS on the Note 3 is probably 4.3.

      As far as people complaining about the lack of comparisons to other similar devices (such as the HTC One Max, etc), until those devices are formally announced, they’re vapor and not worth comparing. It would be great, though, if you would keep this table updated as more high-end devices are formally announced.

      Also, for display purposes, it would help to eliminate rows where they all have the same spec (e.g., Bluetooth 4). That will give more room for comparisons where there are differences (I do data displays for a living).

      Finally, I would love to see a row (or series of rows) for carrier availability — have a row for each major carrier, and indicate yes, no, rumored, etc. That’s a spec that we’re all interested in.

  • redraider133

    The note is becoming samsungs flagship lines. Also love how they made the minimum storage 32 gb. Wish every OEM would go this route.

    • Arthur

      In its home market, Samsung makes only 32GB and 64GB variants of all flagship devices. For some reason they don’t keep that trend with US carrier releases.

  • Droid Sam

    I think Samsung’s got a winning combination between the S4 and Note 3. Apple may sell more iPhones, but these two devices deliver a lot more versatility. Can;t wait for the US release. One the specs side for the Note 3, I wish they would have crammed in more battery. The new Xperia Z1 has a 3000 mAh cell which should allow it to outlast the Note 3 by a long shot.

    • Kevin C. Esses

      I have a galaxy note 2 now and it came with a 3100 mha battery and it last all day long on one charge.
      I took it off the charger before I went to work this morning that was at 02:00 this morning and I still have 30% battery life left.
      Best phone I ever had period. :)

  • GlupGlup

    The Android version on the Note 2 is 4.1.2, not 4.2.

    • Daniel Smedegaard Buus

      It was updated a few days ago. Both the S III and the Note II got a 4.2.2 update.

  • Roger Luanda

    competition? what? why HTC ONE?

    must consider LG G2 and LG máximo G pro at least

  • gmaninvan

    Don’t you think the G2 and Xperia Ultra should be in there?

    The Xperia Z1 wipes the floor with pretty much everything at this point.

    • Nate B.

      How does it wipe the floor with almost identical specs besides the camera. The Note is one of the only devices that have dedicated features for it’s hybrid size.

      • gmaninvan

        True but combine that with full waterproof specification

      • gmaninvan

        Please. the note is barely even a phone. I really don’t get the draw of a phablet. When I see people talking on these they look absolutely ridiculous

  • Richard Yarrell

    Point blank the Galaxy Note 3 reign supreme as always. Nothing else matters after September 4th period.

    • Orion78

      LOL nothing else matters? You don’t matter……period.

    • squiddy20

      Note 4? I guess something else does matter after September 4th. Moron.

    • Nate B.

      & when the Nexus 5 comes out… You say this about every device that seems to come out..

  • marko

    Where is the super inovative IPHONE5

    • Nate B.

      I love sarcasm

  • Sammy

    Missing Special Features for Note 3: GPS / GLONASS
    NFC, IR LED (Remote Control), MHL 2.0, RGB Proximity, Barometer, Temperature & Humidity, Hall Sensor

  • HeadDoc

    Should’ve added the LG G2. Fits right in with this crowd.

  • bob

    Wow, you created a basic table and got half the information wrong or mixed up. Great job!

  • Daniel Smedegaard Buus

    Hmmmm… In the Unpacked event, the CEO clearly stated that the OS on the Note 3 would be V4.3, not 4.2.2. Is that a typo or a regional thing?

  • donger

    Nice comparison.

  • patrickwashington

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  • nisar

    nice galaxy