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T-Mobile Moto X shows up online for $600 off-contract

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T-Mobile users who have been waiting to get your hands on a fully Magenta compatible Moto X, your time has almost come. The T-Mobile variant of the Moto X has just popped up on the Motorola website in both woven black and white, but you can’t buy it just yet.

On a blog post on Motorola’s official Blogspot, Motorola has announced that the T-Mobile Moto X will be available starting today. As of right this minute, the T-Mobile Moto X is still showing up as out of stock in both colors, but we assume it will be ready to ship any moment now.

When it is ready, those looking to purchase the device will have to do so for a whopping $600 before tax and shipping. In all reality, that price is more than fair, but two-year contracts, equipment installation plans, brand new $300 Nexus phones and discount $200 Nexus phones have ruined our sense of how much a well-designed piece of technology should cost. That said, there’s still no way I’d buy one.

If you’ve got $600 burning a hole in your pocket, then go ahead and pull the trigger on the T-Mobile compatible Motorola Moto X.

Source: Motorola

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    This phone should have been released on all carriers by now. Now after the IFA Conference and the Nexus rumors no one is even thinking about this phone anymore. “Bye Moto”

  • uknowme

    It’s a nice phone but not that nice. $500 maybe but $600 is a bucket full of nope.

    • Garree

      $600 is way too much. I’d rather buy a Nexus device and still save money lol.

  • Jimmy_Jo

    I’m going to be waiting to see if the next Nexus has 32GB of storage or what else is out in time to JUMP! but there’s no way I’m gettign this phone for $600 outright. If I can’t use JUMP! for it I need it to be 450-500 to be considered. It’s not just about specs but you can’t make a phone with mid-level parts and sell it for top-level prices. Why can’t they blow up the specs war by making a great phone that isn’t so expensive???

    • Garree

      I know Motorola wasn’t all about specs but that price isn’t very appealing for the phone they’re showing. I’m with you on the waiting for a Nexus with a 32GB option for storage.

  • GrendelJapan

    I admire the confidence of the Apple-esque pricing model, but I can’t bear myself to go that route.

    Hopefully, Google will integrate some of the innovations from the Motorola device into stock Android and we’ll see them in the N5.

  • Mark S

    wow wow wow! $600! Intriguing phone, but not for that price

  • Paul Atreides

    This sloppy release will cost Motorola millions. When the next Moto X is released, they should be ready to release that better and hopefully with better specs regardless of how on par it is, Why not crush the competition now if it’s like that Motorola? Regardless of what any reviewer says they should’ve included a better 1080 screen, a better camera and budget/premium customizations for all.

  • Gursysaja

    I thought this was supposed to be a big mass market phone with a huge advertising campaign. Have seen nothing about it outside if tech blogs. Has there even been a TV commercials
    Nexus lovers are assuming the 5 will be word if Google will release such a cheap phone again

  • nabla

    no thanx! Samsung gravity txt for me, helz ya!

  • jamal adam

    Sorry Moto but maybe next time around you’ll get it right and then I can take a second look at your flagship but right now I’ll pass on the $600 price tag.

  • donger

    Too much.

  • MrHawkins

    WTF Motorola I really wanted to get this phone I really really want to get money back in America but $600 The One is $600 S4 isn’t much more why the hell would I pay that for this? You guys are nuts maybe like 3 or 400 but for 6 Moto X can kiss my azz.