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Tegra Tab specs reveal Tegra 4, stylus

Tegra Tab 8

When the Nexus 7 2013 was launched, Google decided to go with a Qualcomm processor instead of sticking with NVIDIA’s Tegra platform. Whether it was a mistake or not is a discussion for another day, but NVIDIA had to do something to promote its Tegra 4 processor for various devices. Part of that effort manifested itself as the NVIDIA SHIELD, but where to go next?

It looks like NVIDIA is trying its hand at making a tablet, to be simply called the Tegra Tab. It definitely has an interesting aesthetic to it, it is a rugged tablet, but the interesting thing about it is the NVIDIA technology that went into it.

Since this is an NVIDIA in-house product, they’re using a 1.8GHz Tegra 4 processor (of course). This is paired with 2GB of RAM, a 7-inch 128 0 x768 display, what looks like front-facing speakers and dual cameras. However, it also comes with a stylus. This is a demonstration of DirectStylus, their stylus technology that NVIDIA has been demonstrating for a while now.

Is the company trying to show what can be done with NVIDIA technology or trying to sell a product for profit? Considering the inclusion of the stylus, I can’t help but feel that it’s the latter. With a not-so-high-end display and a design that doesn’t seem very refined, this could be NVIDIA’s way of trying to convince manufacturers to use the Tegra 4. We’ll find out eventually. Would you buy this tablet?

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Source: China DIY

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  • NamelessTed

    Depending on what the price ends up being, this might actually be a tablet that I would buy. I really like having front-facing speakers. For phones it isn’t important to me, but for a tablet having speaker on the back of the device is the dumbest design of every tablet on the market.

    My biggest wonder is how good the display looks. I am ok with not having crazy high resolution as long as the rest of the display is solid in terms of brightness, contract, color reproduction, etc. Resolution isn’t always the most important spec for a display.

  • jonathan3579

    I guess I expected more from this…

  • gameraddikted

    I like the idea. The only problem I would have is the resolution. They could get away with it on their Shield since its only sporting a 5 inch display but at 7 inches? Thats so 2012!

  • Slith

    Maybe they’ll undercut the Nexus 7. Then I’d buy it!

    • donger

      Or more overprice then with 2 price cuts before launch.

  • jsp4057

    From the front it looks like the old archos 7 tablets

  • Old Fogey

    Subject to a “hands-on” test, I’m going to buy one of these specifically because of the Stylus – the info so far reads intriguingly well.