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VIDEO: Alcatel OneTouch E Ink flip cover prototype


Full HD displays with vibrant colors and dense pixel counts are glorious, but they wreak havoc on battery life. Some manufacturers have tried to cram monster batteries into devices or have developed swappable battery packs, portable chargers, wireless chargers and solar-powered chargers. The fact of the matter is that battery and fuel cell technology is limited right now. Users must find a compromise between beauty and functionality when it comes to maximizing battery life. And honestly, you simply don’t need all that eye candy for some daily smartphone tasks. Checking the weather or the time, reading a digital book or magazine, referencing recipes and other functions can be accomplished in good ol’ grey scale.

That’s the thinking behind the latest E Ink flip cover prototype from Alcatel OneTouch, anyway. E-ink technology isn’t new; it’s been used in e-readers and reference phones for awhile. And PopSLATE developed an e-ink case for the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy II, but that product has yet to see the light of day. Press releases for the prototype (designed for the new 6-inch OneTouch Hero device) seem to suggest the product will come to market, but according to company reps nothing is certain.

Check out the video below to see what this accessory is capable of.

This product could have serious implications for e-readers. If consumers can read books and magazines on their phones without destroying battery life, why would anyone want to carry around a second, bulkier device with less functionality than the one already in their pocket? Then there’s folks like me who prefer the haptic experience of reading a real book, complete with musty smells and wine stains. Books for lyfe!

Would you be interested in an e-ink cover for your device?

Source: engadget

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  • pjamies

    Fire the narrator of that video!!

  • pjamies

    They could also use Mirasol technology to include color, and make it like
    a second screen (only saying ..)
    Tho the price of the add on would probably rise too ..

  • aranea

    Not a bad idea, but wouldn’t it make the phone too thick to have 2 screens?

  • Xallies

    Yes I would much rather this than buying an ink display. Will help me when i’m really low on battery and or need to read my self an article/book at night. Hopefully it has adjustable back light.

    • Andy_jr

      Same here. I’m probably not going to buy a dedicated e-ink device, but I would definitely consider this, especially if the price is right.

      There are definitely times when a reflective screen is better. (Of course, there are time when an actual book is best, too.)

  • donger