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Additional Galaxy Note 3 specs confirmed alongside leaked screenshots


With Samsung’s Unpacked event in Berlin just a day away now, it’s not shocking that containment efforts for the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear have basically been lost.

The newest leak for the Note 3, courtesy of @evleaks, is a couple of screenshots accompanied by some supposedly confirmed specs, which are mostly in line with what we have heard previously for the Note 3.

Let’s take the specs first, as that’s likely to be of the most interest to everyone. The screen should be a full HD 1920 x 1080. If the projected 5.68-inch screen size proves correct, that would mean a 397 ppi screen. It might not be the 1440p insanity that LG showed us a few weeks ago, but good luck finding any pixels without your trusty microscope.

Naturally you need a powerful processor to keep all those pixels moving, and the Note 3 will have a 2.3 GHz quad-core processor (read: Snapdragon 800) to get that done. It’ll also carry 2.5GB of RAM, a bit shy of the 3GB we have seen previously. (Frankly either is plenty).

Moving on to the screenshots themselves. Thankfully it seems that the Note 3 will launch with the same build of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean that is seen in the new Nexus 7. Assuming they manage to get this thing launched soon, it’ll be current. And the second screenshot offers an AnTuTu benchmark score of 24,497. That isn’t the highest score we’ve seen, but it places the device well ahead of previous generation devices like the Galaxy S 4 or HTC One. We’ll find out tomorrow if that translates into smooth real-world performance.

I’ve carried the Note 2 as my daily driver since its launch last year. Between the big screen and the S-Pen support, it has been one of my favorite devices to date. I’m really hoping that Samsung manages to deliver a worthy sequel here. I know they can put out solid hardware, but I hope to see advancements with the S-Pen and related software, as those are the real differentiators for the Note line. If they can’t continue to make that a compelling experience they may as well just build a better spec’d Galaxy Mega, and I can at least say that I don’t want that to happen.

Any current Note owners have something specific they want Samsung to do this time around with the software? Or if you are considering a Note, what could they announce tomorrow that would tip the scales for you?

Source: @evleaks

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  • pekosROB

    I would be all over this phone if it had nice audio. I still might be all over this phone though, if I can figure out a way to pay for it and get enough for my S3…

  • Amit

    Hope they put on a beast of a battery onto this one. Also make the ui a lot better than what we have on the current note 2

    • Wagner Mariotto Bonfiglio

      Hey man, battery life of Note 2 is awesome!

  • Donald Williams

    Well bought a Note 2 on release and just got one for the wife. She told me to return hers and she is taking mine. Guess that gives me the go ahead for the 3. I really like the 2 just wish it had a better point and shoot camera with a great zoom. I dont know if its me not knowing how to use the camera at its full potential but i miss the amaze i had and the photos it produced.

    Regardless I am getting this phone even if it has the same camera.

    Hope the leaks are what they are this will be a nice final phone for a while (again). LOL

    Also maybe less on the touchwiz. Not being a hog like it is and a good amount of storage in the phone. 16GB goes fast when you have some good games, and music.

    • Wife Pussy

      Wow, that’s cool…after I get my Note 3 do u mind if I take a fuck with ur wife? would be a pleasure if u could take the video im fucking ur slut wife …LOL

  • David

    I miss wider and not quite such a tall screen. It works better for tablets or something approaching tablet size. OG Note was good with 16:10 and any device at all physically taller is pushing the limit for what I want in my pocket. SPen is great but not worth using TouchWiz

  • breckdroid

    As tomorrow’s Samsung event approaches, I am getting more and more excited to see the Note 3. It may be the phone that causes me to lose my Unlimited Data on VZW. Not a certainty, but if it lives up to the hype and predicted specs, then I very well may re-up with them for this phone.

  • Mark

    Oh boy Oh boy I cannot wait! I’ve had my Galaxy note 2 longer than any other device I’ve ever owned since it has no true rival with it’s S pen functionality and large beautiful display.

  • Beto

    If it looks the same as the note 2 I won’t buy it and hope they switch the speaker to a different area on the phone not the back.

  • MrMLK

    Specs look great. As long as I can get a 32 or 64 GB version, I will definitely upgrade.

  • Bart

    For the 1st time since my first mobile phone in 1994, I’m actually not disappointed that I can’t upgrade. I don’t even want to upgrade. I love my Note2 and plan on keeping it as long as I can. I remember a year ago I predicted the Note3 would be released in the latter part of 2013 and another poster called me an idiot. I’m glad to see I was right.

  • Shane White

    Honestly, I am thrilled with my Note 2. I don’t know what they could do better. The Note 2 fits nicely in my shirt pocket and pants pockets as well. Much bigger would make this impractical.

  • Carlos cuttingedge

    I am on hold on my father’s day present, waiting to see the note 3 and iphone 5s. If apple don’t come up with a bigger screen, this note 3 will be my first android plataform phone. Just tired at apple dictating the size of the screen they think is better for us, and not reading the polls which tell them more than 40% of iphone users want bigger screen NOW.

  • Raptor

    Well, I’m sure the 5″ 1080p UMI X2 at 1/3 price of Galaxy Note 3 will serve 99% of people well. Antutu score 14500.
    Need larger screen get ZOPO ZP990 6″.
    Need faster processor? Wait a month or two when China KIRF machine will switch to octacore 2+ GHz mtk6592

    • Rauch, the Knock-off Phone Hater

      i tried knock off chinese phones once… ONCE!!!

      never again will i do such a stupid thing, they suck more than anything, from screen quality and receptiveness to battery life and overall entartainment score …

      • Airyl

        Use an original Chinese phone like the JiaYu G4, THL W11 or the Zopo ZP980. They’re amazing values for money and completely destroy similarly priced phones from the mainstream brands.

  • Randod

    I am really hoping that the 5.68 screen size is something Samsung put out to through us all off. For my needs, I really want Samsung to put a 6 in screen out. A 6 in screen and what Samsung has placed under the hood. Would be one dynamic phone. I will also be looking at other competitors phones as well. Like the HTC One Max. Basically same as whats in the Galaxy Note 3
    but with dual front speakers. NICE!!! This definitely an electronics show you wont want to miss. I’ll be watching

    • Grant

      major downfall of the HTC One Max is that there is going to be no secondary storage or ability to remove/replace the battery (because for some reason a one piece metal exterior is amazing for putting a case over). I don’t care how great a phone’s speakers are if I can’t fit all of the data/music I need into it or replace/upgrade the battery. That is what my headphones are for, and Bluetooth ones just make it all the more convenient.

      If you think they didn’t do extensive testing for screen size then you must think they just choose the screen size on a whim. 5.5 inches of screen already gets peoples’ heads turning when I put the phone to my ear. They aren’t going to just make a phone’s screen bigger because bigger is better. I think they know that going much bigger will turn people away more than it will attract. I am just happy my Note 2 fits into my jeans despite no one thinking it will.

  • moon

    As a note 2 user, I would like a “touch lock” feature when watching the video.

    • Thanh Nguyen

      Touch Lock feature is available when watching video on the Note 2. While you are watching video, just give the power on off button a click, that would lock it so that you cannot bring up menu by accidentally touch the screen during video.

      Give that a shot.

    • nitin rathod

      Hey buddy, u can use MX player android application which has got lock screen option…!

  • Haley

    The scales would surely tip if they anounced that there was an app like the Siri app in iphone; If anyone knows of this, I would love to hear – I don’t have the Note 2 but have been a fan for a while now; this would seal the deal for me. I would also like to see the 32 or 64 GB version on the phone in addition to the micro SD.

    • joe ponte

      Google Now is a more the sufficient replacement for Siri and comes on the Galaxy line!

  • Christian

    I just want the Android upgrades that Sammy promised. No point in having new hardware with old software. No point in installing roms that have missing features or camera apps that don’t work

  • Wagner Mariotto Bonfiglio

    I’d love if Samsung upgrade “mini apps” support… Note 10.1 is the best device because I can open browser, calc and maps as “pop up” when and where I want, while note 2 only allow open links using pop up browser! And I haven’t CALC and S PLANNER pop-up, what should be a great add!

    I love Note 2 and I can’t wait Sammy launch the brazilian version…

  • Robairto

    They checked every must have except on. Front facing speakers. I keep saying that if a study was done with 6 year olds and speaker direction,, they would be able to tell you that they sounded better and louder when they face you. I believe dancing knows this too, but they are determined to do incremental upgrades. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m not going to wait and will be getting the HTC Max, which is unfortunate since I have had a great time with my GS3.

    • Robairto

      Hate auto correct! ‘Samsung’ not ‘dancing’

  • Joe D.

    Better speakers rate pretty high on my own Note 3 wish-list. The Note 2′s speakers weren’t bad… but could use improving. Other things: S-Pen making use of that % stock Samsung invested in Wacom somehow – I don’t know. better pressure sensitivity or supercharged note and drawing / creative art capacity. Something. Dual SD card slots would be nice. It would tickle me pink if Samsung announced ahead of Canonical that the Note 3 has the ability to launch into a Desktop mode, running full desktop programs when docked to a monitor and keyboard – just to twist the knife a bit after that Ubuntu Edge debaucle, and give Shuttleworth something to cry about. Probably never happen, I know, but it would still make me smile.

  • Grant

    I just don’t understand why people are expecting their phone to have amazing speaker quality. Having the front facing speakers sacrifices some of the integrity of the phone, making it bulkier and is easily remedied with headphones. The speakers on the Note 2 are more than sufficient and any additional sound that is required can be solves with portable speaker attachments or headphones.

    Not saying it is confirmed but the HTC one Max is currently rumored to have no expandable storage or removable battery. That means say goodbye to sticking your 64gb sd card into it, or putting an expandable battery in it.

    With my note 2 I have 2 expandable batteries I currently use, one of which can last me 2 days with 2 hours a day of n64 emulation and fits in the same space of the stock battery. The other is my traveling battery that I use for gigs and last me an entire week, yes 7 whole days, without a recharge with an hour a day of n64 emulation. I couldn’t imagine having a phone where I was restricted to the stock battery, or couldn’t put all my movies and music on it with my 64gb sd card.

  • Dean

    2.5GB of RAM? That’s disappointing. I hope it has at least 3GB.

  • Mark86

    Im very disappionted in what Im now hearing about the Note 3 ! First no OIS, then no 3gbRAM, and no 6″ screen. Plus Ive read that the S pen will be the same as prev Note. The testing puts it behind the Sony and LG already !! I think I will be changing from Samsung for the first time . Very disappointed!!! They should’ve called this one the Note 2S .

  • donger

    Is this Samsung’s next big thing? I thought it was already here years ago?

  • Aunt Scammer

    Your fucking Aunt must be showing her boobs n pussy for making $ with the laptop, or she must be a fucking SCAMMER!!!! LOL