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Android Device Manager now supports locking and changing passwords

Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager is a feature Android needed for quite a while. It allows for a lost device to be wiped remotely if enabled, and if lost nearby, you can make it ring even if it’s on silent. It’s a great feature set to protect your private files and information on your valuable smartphone. However, Google has now added a new feature to the app.

There is now a new “Lock” button on the site, which will immediately lock your device with a password of your choosing. It will even turn off the screen to complete the lock. And if you already have a password, it will override it and enable the new one you have chosen. If the device happens to not be connected to the internet, these commands will be sent as soon as the device is connected.

Combined with the other features, this is sure to improve the security of your device. It may not be perfect, but nothing is when you lose your phone. At least your private data will be safe from all but the most professional of thieves. Head over to to test out these new features for yourself so you will know how to use them if the unfortunate time comes.

Via: Android Police

Source: Android Device Manager

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  • mvndaai

    Android Device Manager is super awesome. I love that I can know where I left my tablet. That I can wipe it if stolen, and now even change the password.

    Ocassionally it is even fun to make it ring at home to bother my wife when I leave it at home.

    • Matilde McKinnon

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  • R.S

    New feature sounds nice. I’ll be sure to try it out later when I get online through my laptop.

    • mark

      No need to use from another device to test. I turned my phone to silent and was instantly able to ring the phone for 5 minutes, to end simply press your power key.

  • scubabum

    I like the idea of turning off the screen and override the current password with a newer one.
    This is a great enhancement.

  • Raptor

    ElGoog slowly and steadily steals all what others invented and implemented years ago and its shills living on Goog ads will trumpet about its great achievements all over the world .

    • SGB101

      They are learning well from the wise Apple, that was once taught by m$, that was tutored by IBM etc….. Shit happens!

  • donger


  • thymeless

    Good addition to the ecosystem.

  • John

    I’d would sure like to be able to brick a Nexus Device. I had three Nexus 7 tablets stolen this past weekend, a 2013, a 2012 and an older 8 GB. It sure would have been nice to permanently brick the tablets and have Google cooperate in not allowing the devices to be wiped and reactivated. I’d like to see Google cooperate with giving Android devices no street value. BTW I purchased all three on Google Play.

  • John

    Posted to follow comments.

  • normandlam

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    • pjamies

      Ya, I saw her website, she looks like she has been doing meth for yrs,
      You should also tell her that working on her back is bad for her ..

  • smeghead68

    gotta give this a try! Been looking for something like this for a while.