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Android fans may get their Lumia Nexus afterall

Lumia Nexus by Milanno Artworks Image via: Milanno Artworks

In a move we’re calling stranger than fiction, former Nokia executives are banding together to form a new company that will continue on in Nokia’s image, releasing handsets across the globe. The company, headed by Nokia’s former CEO Asia Pacific, Thomas Zilliacus, is going to be called Newkia, and Android is their platform of choice.

In an interview with Channel News Asia, Zilliacus revealed that he already has a handful of previous Nokia employees on board and that funding won’t be a problem. Apparently, when Microsoft first started making bids for Nokia, Zilliacus attempted to rally the necessary funds to purchase Nokia himself, presumably convincing investors that Nokia Android handsets would sell very well. He couldn’t match Microsoft’s offer, but is confident that investors will open their pocketbooks once again. Especially now that he would need less money than before.

Zilliacus is saying what Android fans have been saying all along. It’s not Nokia, it’s Microsoft. If Nokia were producing the same phones they have been, only running Android, the company would be in a totally different position today. While just how similar a Newkia device could be to a device like the Lumia 1020 is still murky, the details of Microsoft’s purchase seem to allow for Nokia to license out certain parts of their smartphones. So something like a Newkia Android device with a PureView camera is not out of the question.

As for when this would all take place, Zilliacus hopes to have Newkia up and running by the turn of the year. If everything were executed perfectly, by the 2014 holiday season we could be seeing exactly the kind of handsets Newkia plans on selling. But that’s a big if. Microsoft is now controls much of what made Nokia great. As mentioned above, Zilliacus says he has a healthy portfolio of former Nokia employees already committed to Newkia, but unless the company can find a way to release a handset that rivals the Lumia 920 or 1020 in nearly every way, he might as well not waste his time.

If Newkia does make good on their claims and brings something like an Android powered Lumia to market, I’m confident they’d find at least some level of success. I know I’d consider purchasing one.

Source: Channel News Asia

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  • htowngtr

    Didn’t M$ take Nokia and all the patents? I assume these guys would basically have to start from scratch and would get sued into oblivion if the phones used or resembled any tech from the old Nokia.

    • Arthur

      The patents were not part of the purchase. Nokia still owns all the patents, including those for design and technologies like PureView. Also part of what people love about Nokia is the Nokia name on their phones. Just like Jolla is trying to take the swipe based Meego OS on the Nokia N9 and made the Sailfish OS, at the end of the day it isn’t a Nokia in one of the key ways that matter to those loyal fans, the name.

      I can’t imagine “Newkia” isn’t going to flourish into anything meaningful. Just another dreamer who thinks it’s easy to just slap Android on something and make it successful.

      • Andy X

        Microsoft has actually acquired Nokia’s patents too, $5 Billion were for Nokia’s phone unit and $2.2 Billion were for patents.

        • Guest

          They spent 2.2 billion to license them. They do not own them.

          • Andy X

            Oh, true, just verified. Doubt Newkia will be able to gain access to those patents to run Android on their phones anyway, lol.

    • NotRelevant

      nope. MS bought the Hardware and services division and a license to the nokia name and it’s patents.

  • triangle

    This would be interesting. The Nokia design, hardware and cameras would be an amazing option if it offered android.

    • mzrdisi

      This. I’ve been saying this since Nokia signed their death certificate with Microsoft…

  • oh yes

    Just what I’ve been waiting for a man can only hope

  • ibap

    Spell checkers won’t catch everything. “Nokia executives are banning together…” Banding together, perhaps?

  • shadhussain

    they can’t seriously call it “newkia” … it sounds like one of those knock off cheap substitutes.

    • Andy_jr

      Even if they want to call it that, they probably can’t for trademark reasons; cf. Lindows v. Windows.

    • Joshua

      yeah, in fact this whole article wreaks of an April fools joke in September…

    • chunky

      Just testing your comments out!

  • Nate B.

    By the time a phone comes to life with this new company they might not want to base it off of the Nokia phones that are out now. It will be outdated. Maybe even come up with a new design. Still, this could be good for them.

  • aranea

    Maybe in a couple of years we’ll be hearing rumors of a newkia Nexus phones :) More choice and more devices are always good.

  • GeorgeV

    I hope they succeed, and then 2 years later Nokia buys them, and starts making Android phones under the Nokia brand again. Wouldn’t that be a story with a happy ending?

  • Walt


  • surethom

    Android Nokia with pure view & Xenon flash Yes please & never too late for Nokia or another named phone sometime in 2014/2015 I would defo buy.

  • pekosROB

    This would be sweet. I always thought Nokia made good phones, just not great ones (due to OS). I would love this company forever if they have high end hardware plus cameras.

  • ian

    people taking pot shots at windows phone need to chill. microsoft never had expectations to unseat android or iOS. their goal was always to dethrone blackberry. unless android had a market wide misfire like say an OS that totally wiped phones or bricked them for a year, or a virus, or a security breach. waiting on that is like waiting on the apocalypse. you cannot expect that break to go your way. windows phone is, was and has been the not so little engine that could. i am an android user now. for a long while i was with windows phone 7. i laughed to myself when a tmobile sales rep said it was an unstable OS before windows phone 8. i love android for what it does, the tech and the power of the OS. but i can say without bias that windows phone is a purer experience. i find the menu system and the kernel system to be flawed. i also do not like that it is not standard to have a removable battery. i love android for what it is: total access and good tech, decently priced with the occasional chink in the armor. i want windows phone lumia 1020 for what it is, a purer OS built around a simple concept and smooth integration. one of the great sources of frustration with me is that the camera apps are not organized. i do not understand why there is no sub menu. with windows phones, things like that are built in. android is all tech and overlooks some little things. it may have nfc and cool little flashing notification lights and a shit ton of goodies, but it is lacking some in inventiveness. if i could get my hands on it, if the lumia 1020 goes to Tmobile, i will become a former android phone user.

    windows phone may have miles to catch up, but it is making headway. i think by christmas we will see microsoft buys Blackberry. then they will have 2 powerhouse phone makers akin to Motorola and Samsung. that is the next domino to fall.

    • Eben1277

      I’ve been using a Lumia 521 since my GNex started to be finicky about its USB connection, and only charging or being recognized by a computer when its in the mood. I’m not committing to another android phone until I see what November brings and what the new Nexus is about. I have to say wp8 is pretty sweet.if it had a meaningful file system and good Live tile to be comparable to a clock widget I’d be fully sold on it.

      • sk8rat

        You can’t just infer that all android phones have problems like that because 1 that you had did.

  • Legend

    Give me a Nokia branded vanilla android phone and I’ll be a happy man.

  • Nexus 5

    Fans may also get their LG Google Nexus 5 more..

  • androidisthefuture

    they should name is anok – “an-nok” android and nokia together.

  • donger

    Had a Nokia N900 and it was amazing.

  • alisiajluckett

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