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ASUS launching the new PadFone Infinity on September 17

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The ASUS PadFone has been a very interesting concept that unfortunately has never made it stateside. It’s a smartphone just like any other Android smartphone. But once slid into the back of its tablet housing, it becomes a full fledged tablet, complete with the large 10-inch user interface and all of your apps molded to fit.

ASUS has a new PadFone in the works. Literally, it’s called “the new PadFone Infinity.” Not very creative, but it’ll do. The device will have an upgraded Snapdragon 800 processor, along with the addition of a microSD slot and a white model to the lineup. It’s not a huge upgrade for those who already own the previous device, but it’s still a nice product refresh for those who were willing to buy it soon.

The new PadFone Infinity will be launching on September 17 in Taipei, and the event will be hosted by ASUS CEO Jerry Shen. They have also posted a promotional video taking the “launch” literally, which is kinda cool. It shows the PadFone launching out of its tablet dock. We can’t wait to see the new device, but what we really want to see is it come to the US.

Via: Engadget

Source: ASUS

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  • reddragonman

    I have thought this is a wonderful concept since the beginning, the biggest problem being getting it stateside. , There probably is a huge opposition from the carriers, but I would love to try one.

    • donger

      Yes, would be great for someone that wants something portable and practical.

  • Pat Kerby

    My question is why not? Its a great idea made concept and then produced, where is Verizon or Google or even Samsung? Why haven’t they stepped in and made one???