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BBM coming to Android on September 21


Is it finally the day? Are we dreaming? Will it matter? BlackBerry has finally announced a release date for BlackBerry Messenger going cross platform. It will be coming to Android on September 21 at 7 AM and to iOS on September 22 at 12:01 AM. Then we can all start chatting with our cross platform friends over what used to be the most coveted chat service in the world.

When I ask “Will it matter?” I don’t say it in a mean way. There is absolutely nothing wrong with BBM, but every piece of functionality it had mastered years ago has been done and done better by other services. With the lack of proper chatting services on other platforms, companies put a lot of effort into their new services. Google Hangouts came out fantastic, and really makes BBM a little useless.

But that definitely doesn’t mean that BBM won’t succeed. It actually has pretty good chances. It has an established brand name and a great reputation, even if that reputation is old. Adoption could skyrocket and use could explode for all we know. It may not be super likely, but it could happen. I know I’ll be downloading it and giving it a try.

But most importantly, would you try it for yourself? And what’s your favorite chat client? Leave a comment!

Source: CrackBerry

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  • Pravas

    Not exited, but will give it a go.

  • Andre Villela

    I’m using Whatsapp and IMO as cross-platform chat services, not sure if I need another one.

    • zerosix

      And somebody uses Viber and even Hangouts. There is too many cross-platform chat services, IMHO.

  • VG

    Is it safe to say RIM is trying extra hard to stay relevant?

    • TheBeeNet

      True. They don’t seem to have any true direction right now.

    • zerosix

      It looks like agony, actually.

  • Jade

    Why hasn’t anyone mentioned the cost of the app? That said, I’ll try it if it’s free. Just to see what it’s like.

    • F

      it is free :)

  • SGB101

    I’ve never had BBM, my kids tho keep jumping from Android to BB and back, as blackberry’s are still popular with teens as they are cheap. So as long as a few kids have them, they pull the crowd back.

    Now this has to be a move to inflate the price of BB services, as this is going to kill the device arm.

    This will be the final nail for BB handsets, at least for commercial devices.

  • Alan

    BBM rules, PIN is the best way to add contacts, is not your phone number. Your phone number is more personal. When you meet new people you can give your PIN. Then if you want, your phone number.

    • Clark Wimberly

      That must be why I see people raving about the Nintendo friend code system. Oh wait…

      • Max.Steel

        Comparing a video game system to cross platform chat. Must not have much upstairs…

        • Clark Wimberly

          The ‘friending’ process for each is practically identical. When you want to connect with someone, you have to give them a random, cryptic number. Even if it’s someone you already have contact info for. You’d have to contact them before you contact them. Pfft.

  • XY

    BBM is by far the best messaging plattform…. Just think about the security, BB Voice and BB Video (whatsapp is not even encripted). Im getting really exited about BBM an all that for free

    • joaquin

      If your in business or NSA, then sure. If you want to meet Billy Bob at the cinema, then who cares.

      • XY

        Yeah, i think it just depends on how much you think your privacy is worth :) And its free not like whatsapp, do you think that whatsapp is superior?

        • Cory

          Whatsapp costs 0.08 cents a month..

    • NasLAU

      That’s actually a compelling feature I didn’t know about. Of course BB wouldn’t hesitate to build a backdoor for the NSA like they did for India so it’s kinda pointless.

  • TheBeeNet

    BlackBerry should regroup and get a vision. They are all over the place. The marketing strategy they are using is nonexistent and ineffective at the same time. BBM is nice but it is not enough to remain relevant.

  • Mario

    Here in Indonesia, we really celebrate this release. Even though blackberry’s market share is getting weaker overtime in Indonesia, but they still dominate the smartphone population here. So it’s always good to be able to reach out to more people.

  • julian

    I’m using kik a lot now… But I’ll give bbm a try

  • Mbah Kempiet

    Iki opo maksude yoo.. Ora dunk babar Blas.. Retine yo mung BBM ameh ono ning android tanggal selikor september.hadeh… ampun ndoro..I’m mboten reti article diatas.. Peace

  • Adam Snyder

    Will definitely give it a try, but hangouts will always have a spot on my phone

  • sandeep

    using whats app messenger waiting to bbm :P

  • romeo

    i’ve been using WHATSAPP all along and it has gotten into me…but i’ll still crossover to BBM cos there are a lot of people i know who are using BBM that i’d like to stay intouch with…but that wont change the fact that WHATSAPP is still my #1 app

  • Sameer

    No need to this service now, Almost all comment support my point

  • Joel

    I already know what BBM does but I wanted to share. Read this and at lease you gonna give it a try it is free so I won’t heart.

  • Sj

    Would help if you explained what BBM is/does/how it’s different/advantages etc for those not familiar

  • donger

    Gonna give it a try.

  • saba

    Is bbm available for note 2