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CyanogenMod Installer gets explained, still requires a PC

CyanogenMod Generic

CyanogenMod has been gaining a lot of notoriety lately due to the recent changes happening around the software team. With CyanogenMod becoming an official company, it announced plans to push out an app that would make installing CyanogenMod easy. Thanks to, we now have an idea of how CyanogenMod Installer will work and what it actually is.

As it turns out, CM Installer isn’t just a one-click solution on your phone to installing CyanogenMod. In fact, most of the action doesn’t even take place on your phone. What happens is that you install the app from Google Play and it’ll guide you through the steps of loading CyanogenMod onto your device. It will then have a link to a website where you can download a PC app that will actually take care of the process.

While it may sound more complex than it should be, it’s fairly simple. Simple as in you plug your phone into your computer via the USB cable, get the desktop app all up and running and then follow the super easy instructions on screen. Primarily, you just click the “Next” button. As tested in’s video with a 2012 Nexus 7, it took about ten minutes to complete the entire process.

One thing that always needs to be remembered when flashing a custom ROM is that it’s going to wipe your device. Unless you back them up, all your photos, videos, music and apps will disappear from your phone. The original software will also part ways with you. While most experienced ROM flashers know this drill backwards and forwards, CyanogenMod Installer is also targeted towards newbies who might not be as aware of this fact.

At the end of the day, what’s happening is something that Android fans have long hoped for. Software switching is becoming even easier. That’s long been an appeal of Android for the technically inclined but it could also become a large feature for average consumers now. If more manufacturers follow in the footsteps of Oppo, we could see Android phones that have the option to easily switch between two ROMs. Maybe even dual-booting Android phones with different operating systems. A guy can dream, right?

Do you think that CyanogenMod has the potential to make ROM flashing mainstream?

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  • Dave Kratter

    “CyanogenMod has been gaining a lot of notoriety lately”

    Notoriety? That implies something negative. What negatives have there been other than the minor dispute with the Focal author?

    • jeralee1

      my Aunty Harper recently got a nine month old Chevrolet Corvette Z06 by working from a laptop. dig this…………

    • theviper21

      I’m with you, I’ve not heard any negatives about Cyanogenmod aside from Focal and some kind of patent issue with HTC earlier in the year. It’s seriously one of the most stable roms I’ve used and is consistently updated, glad to see it go mainstream.

    • britney freeze

      as Carol answered I am startled that someone can get paid $6981 in four weeks on the computer. additional reading………

  • Adonis K.

    You won’t be able to install CM in unsuported devices even with the installer, right?

    • mianghuei

      Unsupported devices will still be unsupported. Sadly.

  • tehr

    can we use this on any device or its only selected device? like mtk dual core quad core china phone?

    • mianghuei

      When it gets released I think only whatever CM supports definitely, cause it’s their installer.

  • Gustavo

    you guys should review liquidsmooth too; i find it has better features and customization..if possible, then cyanogenmod.

    • Gustavo

      *since it’s based off cyanogenmod anyways

  • John

    It’s as easy as can be now.

    Load a file onto sd card –> Boot into recovery –> click install –> profit.

    • mianghuei

      Hehe, it’s so easy for us power users….. I guess this is more targeted for those who have not rooted their device at all cause it installs recovery, CM ROM (root built in of course) and gapps in 10-20 minutes.

      • pjamies

        It might be easy for those of you who have done this already, but for myself and I expect others, we need some help.
        Where/how do/did you get your phone rooted? I Google’d it, and found some sites that charge $35.00 for the code. Is this how you got yours done?
        Once that is done, what do you need to do? and where do I go to get the needed files ?
        I have a Samsung Note (Ver 1)(Telus Mobility)(Model# SGH-1717D), it is on ICS, and I suspect it will never be upgraded to JB, so am looking to see if I can use cyanogenmod to move it up to a newer OS.
        Any help, OS file links ..etc would be a great help.

        • hoop

          it is pretty simple. im sure you could ask on here.

          but in the short time.

        • hoop

          if you go the CM route i hope you plan for some lamerizing on the irc channel.

  • Exzanon Yehia

    CyanogenMod for the world :)
    Thank you so much , i have the 10.1.3 stable version on my s3 :) feeling satisfied.

  • Exzanon Yehia

    Step 1 : root your device.
    Step 2 : download rom mannager and rom mannager premuim.
    Step 3 : download cm10 rom and gapps
    Step 4 : brows files from rom mannager , do a wipe and install .
    Safest way u can make

  • Ashish Yadav

    Heading is misleading, it doesn’t require a pc.

    • Bobba

      What are you saying? Did you see the installer video the article is referencing? It absolutely requires PC.

      Per the video, you install an app from the Play store, that app walks you through changing a few settings on your phone and then instructs you to a website on PC where you download a PC app that then complete the process.

  • killabee44

    Im hopeful that Modaco Switch will allow us to have two or three different Roms on our phones.. We shall see..

    Stock Rom


    Ubuntu Edge

    That would be awesome!

  • DroidSamurai

    >> If more manufacturers follow in the footsteps of Oppo

    As we all know the manufacturers have little control here — it’s the carriers who make the call.

  • donger

    So so happy.

  • AndroidAndFreak

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  • Jimmy_Jo

    Does this give you ROOT or do you already have to be rooted?

  • lolobabes

    Its fine to use pc if its the first time youre flashing the rom but if for updates that would be going backwards. Time to go back to Jellybam if thats the case.. ahihihihi

  • Dan

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  • tkarel

    I’m looking forward to doing this. S2, been sceptical about bricking it, but this makes it look pretty straight-forward. I’ll give it a whirl and advise results.

  • khaleader

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  • john

    Installed cyanogenmod on my Samsung i9100 and everything was fine…. Then I tried installing gapps (you really need google play) and everything went haywire. The help I have gotten by searching the web has been, made by (probably) IT savvy people, but nobody seems to be able to see past their own navel, and the help has been rather useless.
    f you are not VERY good with IT – then do not try this….

  • tkarel

    Pardon me if this got answered already, but for what exactly should I search in the Play Store? I’ve tried
    – cm Installer
    – CyanogenMod Installer
    – cyanogenmod
    None of these displayed a result that matched like this artcle. No results that had CyanogenMod as the developer.
    Do I need an invite? Is this in beta? Would it not appear in Play Store if it’s not available for the two phones I tried (Samsung GS2, HTC EVO 4) or for my carrier (Sprint)?
    The article states Play Store, so I wouldn’t get the installer or an apk directly from CyanogenMod.
    I’d love to do this and I’d put the results in comments here, but I can’t get started.

  • Angelo

    What happens when you install cyanogen in a unsupported device??

    Just curious.:-)