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CyanogenMod is now a company, set to make custom ROMs even better

CyanogenMod Team

CyanogenMod has been a staple in the development community. It’s a joyous day when CyanogenMod is ported to a new device. And the ROM is a beautiful thing. It’s a pretty basic ROM, but allows you to run the absolute newest version of Android available on your aging devices. It’s also a very stable ROM compared to many others on the market. It basically gives new life to a device that may have been abandoned by the manufacturer, and it’s all thanks to the community.

CyanogenMod started out as a one man ROM project by Cyanogen himself (Steve Kondik), but after release it grew fast. It was made available on GitHub, was ported to many devices by many people, and the legacy continues. When Steve got a job at Samsung, he had to slow down, but the community kept on pumping out nightlies like there was no tomorrow.

Now Steve and his group of associates have quit their regular day jobs. CyanogenMod is now a legitimate company, and it doesn’t seem like anything has changed. The rollout of features lately has been incredible (with things like CM Accounts and many privacy feature plans), and they will continue into the future with a few set goals:

  • Organize, lead and support our community
  • Create amazing user experience centered around how YOU work
  • Security solutions that really work
  • Stay committed to building the features our users need
  • No junk
  • Constant updates
  • Available on everything, to everyone

Their next step is to make the install process easier to get more people on board. Installing ROMs is quite complicated, mostly because it’s a little different on every device. A good set of recoveries has helped standardize the process, but it could still use a lot of work. So they are making a CM installer that will be published to the Play Store in only a few weeks!

CyanogenMod may also be making their own smartphone in the near future, running their own software of course. After raising $7 million from investors, they could reveal their plans of a partnership with a hardware manufacturer soon. That’s an exciting prospect, because it’ll be an open device much like the Nexus line.

Now that the CyanogenMod team is a company, it will need some way to generate revenue. We don’t know how it’ll do that, but luckily, the folks will be hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit later today. Keep an eye on the CyanogenMod Twitter for an announcement and start asking questions! We can’t wait to learn more about this company, but we’re very excited about what CyanogenMod can bring to the table now that it’s an actual company. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment and hit the source link to read the full story!

Source: CyanogenMod Blog

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  • Héctor

    Given the new services, it was a clear step.

  • J3R3MY_H

    If nothing else, this photo just screams “Trust us with your phone”.

    lol, looking forward to what’s next!

  • jamal adam

    I’m excited for what the future holds for Cyanogen Inc. Perhaps they will generate revenue through services that we can buy into, just like Xaiomi.

  • shahid

    i lov cm roms

    but in my gt19001 there are some bugs i wish they fix it.

  • Brooks Barnard

    This is really cool news. If it involves Steve Klondike and Koush just shut up and take my money!

  • Nate B.

    I have a feeling what they do now will dwarf their current and outstanding past. Wish nothing but success.

  • snowbdr89

    Maybe just maybe one day they have their own line of phones with cyanogen preinstalled!!

    • Brian Chandler

      Yes, but in the mean time we can bring the ROMs to the community’s phones by spreading the word about developers such as CyanogenMod Inc. I think there is profit in educating the masses that an open development community is more efficient than an OEM timetable for releases and fixes.

  • lxgeorge

    As someone who has been flashing CM since the beginning (and I really mean the beginning), I am awestruck by the progress they have made. In the beginning it was one guy making simple software tweaks to a simple version of Android on one set of hardware. Now…….whoa.

    I’ve been in the habit of tuning out announcements from tech companies founded by people named Steve, but I think I’ll be paying attention to this one ;)

  • Andy_jr

    Wow, very interesting. I hope they can make it work.

    As a start, I can’t wait to see the Play Store app.

  • Pravas

    Awesome. Please keep bringing customs

  • Y314K

    Guess this might be the last year to get a Nexus phone… Next year we will have a harder choice between the Nexus 6 or the CyanogenUno… So far… From current history… I trust Cyanogen a hell of a lot more then Google with anything… Hope their phone is really a good upgrade device…

  • elijahblake

    Wow! This is awesome news… Now come on new Nexus!

  • Paxmos

    All look so geeky except the girls…but I love you all….

  • SGB101

    I hope this is good news.been using CM for years,always come back to it.

    ATM I’m using stock , since I broke my phone,but will be back to cm within a week

  • Renato S.

    Could Cyanogen hardware partner be Newkia?

  • docsparks

    In CyanogenMod we trust.

  • CTown

    I have been using CyanogenMod (CM) since it was released on the G1. Since, then CM was always ahead of its competion. Back in the pre-ICS days CM clearly had the most number of features while giving these devices an updated versions of Android. While MIUI was prettier, it lacked CM’s open-ness. With Android 4.0, not only did the user experience evolve so did CyanogenMod. No longer was its merit based on advanced features that few used all in one loaction in the settings (which is why AOKP is CM7′s spiritual sucessor).

    Now, only features that make sense for most people were included and put into their proper places in the settings. Not only that but CM inlcudes apps that should have come with Android like a great music player (Apollo), a system wide equalizer (DSP Manager), a great filemanager with optional root access (CMFileManager), and now CMAccounts which can wipe your device wipely or securely give you your phone’s location.

    Still, its best feature is how it is developed. An open sourced project can either be developed using the catherdral model (the source is kept secret until a release like Android) or the bazaar model (where the source is open even when in develpment like CM). Which means that the CM project is much more open project then the Android project it is built off.

    • CTown

      Wow, in that long post I totally forgot to thank them, so:

      Thank you CyanogenMod team and device maintainers for your hard work. Good luck to you all.

  • h0ruza

    Absolute Heroes.

    I commend the CM team for all they do and the way they carry themselves. To aim to have an installer from the play store is nothing short of amazing.

    I simply can’t wait for this as in truth Google should offer the Google experience in exactly the same way.

    This will hopefully serve as inspiration for so many developers from bed rooms to mountain view

    … hopefully :)

  • scubabum

    I wish the CM team great successes. We all will be benefited.

  • da9el

    great news! good luck to the team!

  • NasLAU

    Awesome news. Can’t wait for a CM phone. Congrats.

  • donger

    Good luck and YES!.

  • sad

    I’m saddened. I thought that CM was a community project a la GNU/Linux. What motivation do we have to contribute code and bugfixes if we’re not sharing in the profits? Will the CM code stay open-source? How will we know. I nearly cried when I saw a legalese style terms-of-service agreement to read through upon updating. Man, I guess all good things must come to an end. Good luck making money CM team. Now that that’s your primary motivation, I just don’t think I can trust you like I used to.

  • immy

    plz make a costom rom for samsung galaxy core & cwm file i need it