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Enabling all eight cores on Exynos 5 Octa was easy as a software update, according to Meizu


Earlier, we reported that Samsung has figured out a way to enable all eight cores in its Exynos 5 Octa at one time. Heterogeneous Multi-Processing, or HMP, would assign low level tasks to the smaller A7 cores, while bigger tasks such as games would go to the powerful A15 cores. Any combination of the eight can be running at one time all assigned to appropriate tasks.

Previously, only one set could be running, either the A7 or A15 cores. During low activity times, only the A7 cores would be on to save power. However, when the phone was being used, it switched over to the powerful A15 cores. This theoretically meant less power usage, but also meant that low level tasks were assigned to the A15 cores and the A7 cores were wasted. HMP will make things a lot more efficient.

When Samsung announced this, they did not state whether this new technology would be hardware integrated into the new Exynos 5 Octa chips or software that can be sent to current Octa phones with a software update. Would older phones be left in the dust? Luckily, Meuzi came out and stated that HMP can be added with a software update.

Meizu has long been a buyer of the Exynos chips, with their newest MX3 smartphone using an Exynos 5 Octa. They stated that the device will be getting HMP through a software update, so Samsung could do the same for their other phones. Will the Galaxy S 4 and Galaxy Note 3 be upgraded? We really hope so. But we’re just glad to see that it isn’t new hardware. Any Octa users out there happy to hear this?

Source: Android Police

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  • Arthur

    Would love to get the latest Note 3 powered by the Octa-core Exynos CPU but unfortunately that is going to go for no less than $800 to $1000 since I doubt it will be available in markets outside of Korea.

  • Nathan D.

    This is really great to hear. Now it up to Samsung to update the phones with the octa core, but of course it not going to come right away when it comes out. When has it ever, beside nexus phones of course.

  • Arthur

    Not many phones are affected by this news regardless and I can’t imagine it making much of a difference in user experience, probably will drain the battery faster depending on the task being performed.

    • Dima Aryeh

      Quite the opposite, it could save battery. When some task that surpasses the power of the A7 cores is running, the old system would switch everything to A15. This would activate one or more A15 core, while keeping everything else on A7. This could be much more efficient.

  • TC93

    Uh oh, better watch out. The guys at Anandtech will accuse Samsung of cheating on benchmarks by enabling all their cores.

    Yes that is the stupid logic they have at Anandtech.

  • alisiajluckett

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  • donger

    Will samsung do it or not?


    I bought recently the samsung galaxy tab note 10.1 2014 editon. I was hihly motivated because of the octa core. But now i am disappointed because only 4 cores are used.
    I have read that the exynos octa 5420 is able to use HMP but it is disabled in android 4.3 kit kat.
    Is there no way to enable this operating mode from android rather than waiting an update from sasnung?
    From my point of view i think it was not good, when samsung said that the tablet has 8 cores but at the end it only uses 4.
    We already know that future versions higher than 5420 will have by default HMP enbled, but happen with older versions?
    Any comment or clarification?