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First glimpse of new Nexus 4 emerges


It seems like a whole lot of Google stuffage is happening today. Today ushered in the unveiling of a new Android operating system name, Android 4.4 KitKat. Coinciding with that news, Google also let everyone know that now that the 8GB Nexus 4 has run out of stock, it won’t be resupplied. With all the signs pointing to one thing, it seemed inevitable that the leaks of the new Nexus 4 would be forthcoming. And interestingly enough, it seems that the first credible glimpse of the device comes from El Goog itself.

In a video showing off the new Android KitKat statue, a Google employee is seen holding a Nexus device that definitely isn’t the current Nexus 4 or the Nexus 7. It’s a brief look, but screengrabs show another employee in the picture holding a Nexus 4 and there’s a marked difference between the two phones.

For one, this new Nexus device features the same sort of horizontal Nexus logo as the 2013 Nexus 7. Another thing is that it appears to be slightly larger than the existing Nexus 4. The back no longer looks to be made out of glass since there’s not any sign of a reflection or even gloss finish on the phone. More than likely, it features the same type of matte plastic as the 2013 Nexus 7 to help keep more of a uniform design throughout the brand.

A couple of other things should be mentioned. For one, the camera lens on the device looks larger than usual, perhaps indicating a bigger focus on the camera of the Nexus 4. Another thing is that we can see what looks to be an LG logo. Maybe. For now, we’re going to go ahead and assume that LG is making this new Nexus 4 as it both makes sense and follows some of the rumors swirling around.

Unfortunately, Google noticed its goof and pulled the video down. On the bright side, this is the internet and nothing is ever really gone. Several mirrors of the video were made including the one that can be viewed below. See if you can catch a glimpse of the device.

Now that you’ve seen the rumored 2013 Nexus 4 for yourself, what are your thoughts on it?

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  • Nate B.

    I can’t wait. Let’s hope the camera is of quality. That’s the only thing that’s been holding me back from buying one lately since I’ve been spoiled with camera quality.

    • mustafa al-ahli ben aimal ibn jahmal

      i rather wait for new iphone 6 instead (much better)

      • Christopher

        And you my friend are retarded. LOL

  • Nonepse

    You can even see an SD card slot!
    I am already out…

  • pfluger

    It looks bigger than the Nexus 4, so let’s call it the Nexus 5 ;-)

    • ken

      Yeah I don’t think they’re calling this a nexus 4 at all!

  • ibap

    It’s beginning to look like a phablet. I’ve got the 2013 Nexus 7 – I don’t need a device approaching that size.

    I’m generally a CDMA user, but I’m looking for a GSM phone to take overseas with the family next year. This could be it.

    • staryoshi

      I’m getting a phablet because I have a Nexus 7. I’m tired of lugging around two devices when one will do.

  • famoustito

    Stop calling it! New Nexus 4! Its either the New Nexus or Nexus 5!

    • Merk42

      The latest Nexus device is called the Nexus 7 even though it’s the name of last year’s model.
      It could end up being “Nexus 5″ but only because of a 5″ screen, not because “Nexus 4″ was taken.

    • Christopher

      Exactly, its NOT the Nexus 4, period. Nexus 5 more than likely, but NOT Nexus 4. End of story. Capish? LOL

  • ken

    This was an intentional leak by Google. Then pulling down the videos to generate more hype :)

    • David

      That was my first thought. It looks like they very deliberately had him showing it 3 times, no way that was an accident

  • redraider133

    Google starting the hype train. Hope by some strange chance it comes to Verizon but not gonna hold my breath sadly.

  • avinash

    that camera is very unique. . .

    it looks a lot more like the camera on the new ASUS phones than the LG G2.×0.jpg

    based on the camera observation, it will unfortunately probably be an ASUS 5in phone. . . just guessing that it will be based off the ASUS liquid S2 but it will be 5 in. hence the nexus 5 moniker keeping it in line with the nexus 4, 10, and (updated but no name change) 7. . . maybe they will even keep selling the nexus 4 16 gb version.

    that’s more in line with LG saying it wasn’t interested in any more nexus devices. asus seems to be a much more close android partner right now and they haven’t really gotten their phone business off the ground in the US.

    wish it was a motorolla. . .both of the nexus 7′s seem very buggy. . .

    in any case, just some thoughts/observations. . .

    • avinash

      maybe it’s a moto camera!?

    • uknowme

      The Liquid S2 is Acer not Asus.

  • popartist

    I would think it would be a Nexus 5, but…Android is still in the 4.x phase so maybe it will still be a Nexus 4… Or maybe it will be a Nexus 5 because it’ll be 5+ inches (it looks that big in the video). Also, what happens with the Nexus phone when you reach 7, since there is already a Nexus 7 tablet? So confusing, lol.

  • Renato S.

    I hope that the bigger lens is a good sign, a sign that this may have a good camera. Nexus phones got to step up when it comes to cameras, this is the area that every manufacturer is focusing on improving – with or without success – be it clear pixel, ultra pixel, 41MP, 20MP or whatever. LG is not known for great cameras so, hopefully, this will be a step in the right direction.

  • NexuSRocka

    Kit Kat is the new version.. cmon give me a break ( I’m not)

  • Ivan The Great

    I don’t think that google made a goof and then pulled the video… It’s all a marketing trick – like someone said before – it was all planned that way. It seems way too convenient that the Nexus 4 and the “New Nexus” were right next to each other in that scene for that long – long enough to notice major differences – long enough to notice a brand new Nexus device that hasn’t been seen before. Google knows what they are doing – Marketing works!

  • wasim

    Am I crazy or does the back of the phone say “exus”…?

  • Gary

    Why is everyone hung up on calling it the Nexus 5 or new Nexus 4. The only Nexus that had a number in its name possibly related to size was Nexus 4. The Nexus One did not have a 1 inch screen and the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus names had nothing to do with size. Just because the tablets are using size in their names does not mean that all phones must follow suit. Maybe if the next Nexus is being made by LG it will be the Nexus G. Maybe everyone should wait and see what is announced.

    • Matt

      “The only Nexus that had a number in its name possibly related to size was Nexus 4″…. and the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10

  • warren

    I will not just buy it when it comes out, i will preorder it the day that becomes available. I learned my lesson from last year.

  • Ewan Duncan

    Why does everyone keep making phones bigger?

  • masterpfa

    The future is looking bright.
    Roll on the next Nexus Device(s)

  • rybber

    Just before the scene fades at 0:40, the Nexus (actually it only says ‘exus’) seems to fade away. So is it a reflection or computer generated text?

  • surethom

    The camera glass looks very large, hopefully this means a much better camera on a Nexus & the ability to finally take good photos at night. HAPPY.

  • Ronny

    This looks too big. I’ve never been a big fan of large screens but the camera looks promising. Meanwhile, I guess I’m happy with my Nexus4.. :) Waiting for Kitkat .. ;>

  • Will

    That looks effin’ huge =\ I’m all for the Nexus successor, but I don’t want a phablet; NOTHING in the range of the Galaxy Note devices. Looks like it might be time to look into that Google Experience S4 =\

  • HolidayNC

    Seriously, that appears to be humongous.

  • donger


  • jmmy

    Why are you calling this the new Nexus 4 vs Nexus 5 or something else. Seems like it would be unusual to introduce a new model a year later with the same name. You didnt hear the supersized iPhone 5 or the SG3 2013

    • vegiisan

      Uh, because Google has done it already? The new Nexus 7 (2012) was called the Nexus 7 (2013)

  • DragonPhyre

    Soon you will be mine. December 22nd is the last day I will have to deal with CDMA carriers and delaying the updates to my phone. SOON!!!