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Gmail update introduces more cards, rolling out to everyone in next few weeks

Gmail cards

The recent Gmail update really improved the app, adding a much better aesthetic and burying a few features in menus, creating a sleeker interface. It was a big improvement for the most part, and Google has returned to make it even better. While the new Gmail update that’s currently going out to Android 4.0+ users isn’t very big, it’s nice looking and mostly visual.

The new email viewing screen now has the card interface we’re all so familiar with thanks to many Google apps. It looks more clean than previous versions of the app. Google has also added a new animation and check marks to email selection. When you tap on the contact image, it flips and reveals a checkmark. Nice touch, though the animation is a bit rough.

The update is rolling out right now, but as with all Google apps, it’ll take a while before it reaches everyone. It could be a few days or a few weeks if it’s like the bigger updates. Keep checking the Play Store for updates to get the new interface! And rest assured that there aren’t any drastic changes to make the experience worse.


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  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    That android concept is looking more and more likely with every core Google update.

    • jenni102

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  • Stella

    I hope so. I really love everything about Craig Tuttle’s 5.0 Concept.

  • Los Pollos Hermanos

    BJ’s restaurant….what a wonderful idea, much better than hooters

  • aranea

    I haven’t got this update yet but I got the hangouts update. It finally shows who’s online and who is not. Now it needs a way to sort by being online.

  • donger

    Want this update.

  • smeghead68

    ArgH! i was just getting used to the last update.

  • gyanprakash

    pintu gyanprakash

  • tanman888

    I can see where this is heading, where Google can capitalise on ads in the nicest possible way.