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HP bolsters its Android lineup with four new tablets, two actually sound promising

HP Slate7 Extreme Advanced Cover with Android screen, Profile

HP is certainly showing a renewed interest in the Android market this year with first the Slatebook X2 and now four additional Android tablets that will come to market before the holidays. The original Slate 7 was notable mainly for its low price, but the Slatebook X2 offers a more premium experience and has actually been greeted by predominantly solid reviews. Hopefully these new entries continue that trend.

Slate 8 Pro

This represents the top end of the new entries, and as you no doubt guessed, it offers an 8-inch (well 7.98) display. Unlike most Android tablets, HP has opted to go with a 4:3 aspect ratio like that of the iPad mini. Your feelings on that will likely hinge on whether you use your tablet more for watching video or consuming web content/reading. The resolution should be more than adequate at 1,600 x 1,200. Like the Slatebook X2, the Slate 8 Pro will be running a Tegra 4 processor. Cameras are fairly standard for a high-end tablet with 8MP in the rear and 2MP up front. Finally the Slate 8 Pro has you micro lovers covered with microSD, micro-USB and micro-HDMI.

hp-slate-8-pro-back hp-slate-8-pro-front hp-slate-8-pro-ports hp-slate-8-pro

Slate 7 Extreme

I can only say that I’m glad they didn’t call it the Slate 7 Xtreme. Despite not being mentioned yesterday, this is the HP branded version of NVIDIA’s Tegra Note. Hopefully that means HP will keep it around that $199 suggested price point. So, as a quick refresher on the Tegra Note specs, this means a 7-inch 1,280 x 800 display IPS display at 16:9. It will have 16GB of memory with microSD for expansion. Tegra 4 inside, naturally, and the capacitive stylus that gives the Tegra Note its name. A 5MP rear camera and VGA front-facing camera and front-facing speakers round out the specs list. Again we will be seeing the Tegra Note from a number of brands this year, but you may prefer having that HP logo on your device.

hp-slate-7-extreme-back hp-slate-7-extreme-front hp-slate-7-extreme-pen hp-slate-7-extreme-ports

Slate 7 HD and Slate 10 HD

If you have any enemies on your holiday shopping list then these two devices would make good candidates. Both offer 1,280 x 800 displays, which on the 10-inch screen do not hold up well. They ditch the Tegra 4 processor of the other two tablets in favor of a low-end Marvell processor. They do have front and rear facing cameras as well as a microSD slot. All in all they are far from the worst options we’ve seen, but honestly, whatever the cost difference is it would be worth it to spring for the Slate 7 Extreme or one of the other branded Tegra Notes.

HP hasn’t announced pricing on any of these tablets yet, but they are expected to ship sometime in November.

While the Slate 8 Pro is the powerhouse of the group and could be interesting depending on the pricing, I still find the Tegra Note platform to be intriguing. As long as HP doesn’t decide to overcharge for their name recognition the Slate 7 Extreme may actually top my list.

Do either of these devices catch your eye or is the new Nexus 7 all you need from a small Android tablet?

Source: Engadget

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  • Vance

    Blah. HP should do something innovative and/or exciting if they truly want to a reengage a jaded and saturated tablet market. How about a beast of a tablet running Windows 8 and Android with a simple one flick dual boot function?

    • apai

      I’d assume microsoft wouldn’t want to do ANYTHING to do with a dual boot device for starters. next, HP would have to pay probably $10 for a copy of windows AND $15 “microsoft infringement mafia extortion”. so umm, no thanks. we had enough of microshaft. i do not see any advantages with microsoft on that tablet. that’s the overwhelming vote for android about anyways.

    • Lance Sun

      Another series of Android tablets to launch this week feature Intel’s new processor and offer impressive performance for mid-range devices that outperform many tablets with quad core processors.

      Ramos Technology has partnered with Intel to introduce the i-Series with 8″, 9″, 10″ and 12″ models — ranging from ($199-$299) and all models feature HD displays —

      Intel’s processor with Hyper-Threading technology runs four threads simultaneously and outscores many mainstream quad-core tablets in benchmark testing…

      The most compact model is the Ramos i-8 ($199) and is the world’s thinnest 8″ tablet — featuring a 7.9-inch HD screen and aluminum-nickel frame for a sleek design; similar in size to the mini iPad… and is easy to carry and almost as compact as a 7″ tablet such as the Nexus 7, but with 40% more screen space… which makes viewing tablet content much easier —- and the new Ramos i-8 matches most features of the Nexus 7 — plus MicroSD storage.

      One of the first sources to feature the new Ramos i-Series is– TabletSprint

  • jamal adam

    Instead of throwing together 4 different tablets they should have just focused on one and made it an all around great tablet, something that consumers would buy. I don’t think HP is serious yet with regards to entering the tablet market. I feel like they have their toes dipped into the water but the rest of their body is nowhere to be seen.

    • Jorge

      If their toes are dipped in the water, and the rest of their body cant be seen, wouldn’t that suggest that the rest of the body is submerged?

      • Sean Riley

        Either that or they are dipping severed toes in the water and honestly that’s just sick HP.

  • scubabum

    Ditto on the “toes” analogy! +1

  • donger

    Tsk tsk.

  • Sanjay Kumar Negi