Sep 26 AT 8:48 AM Nick Gray 22 Comments

HTC delivers on promise, rolls out Android 4.3 update for HTC One Developer Edition


Android 4.3 for the HTC One Developer Edition has arrived! Several people are also reporting that the update is available for the unlocked US versions as well. The 564MB update simply claims to include Android 4.3 plus Sense 5 enhancements, but users should expect to see launcher bar enhancements, new BlinkFeed features, a widget lock screen style, home button behavior modification (remove black menu bar from screen), ability to display battery level percentage in the notification bar, quick settings, 6 new Video Highlights themes with custom music options, improved Zoe file management plus all of the standard Android enhancements included with Android 4.3 Those who have not yet received the update can ping HTC’s servers manually by going to Settings > About > Software Updates > Check now.

The download and installation process went smoothly for us, and we’ve noticed a subtle improvement in overall system speed. Now that HTC One Developer Edition has received its Android 4.3 update, Canada variants are next on the list. As soon as that update starts rolling out, we’ll let you know.

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • ihatefanboys

    HTC always delivers. My T-Mobile ONE should receive it as soon as the carriers get their proverbial thumbs out of their asses.

  • Paul

    The developer edition runs SenseUI still? So it’s just ‘unlocked’? Don’t they have a ‘pure’ version, a stock one, like a Google Edition?

    • epps720

      The GPE received this update a while back.

    • Nick Gray

      Yes, the HTC One Developer Edition is a SIM and bootloader unlocked HTC One with Sense. If you want stock Android on it, you can easily flash the Android 4.3 build from the Google Play edition.

  • AndroidAndFreak

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    let me know your opinion.

  • MyMilan

    Update with T-Mo went very smoothly. Nicer notifications. Like the way they have settings now, very easy to use. App Ops is great too. Haven’t played with any of the other features but overall system zippiness seems better. Well done HTC.

    • shanj77

      Do you mean T-Mobile HTC One? I thought the carriers have to yet certify it. My T-Mob One still doesn’t show any update.

  • epps720

    This update is also for the Unlocked version not just Developer Edition. I’ve been missing these 4.3 features.

  • o.j. simpson, aaron hernandez, ray lewis are all murderers?

    Didnt know htc was still alive….

  • HTC BULSHITS TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Delivers as promised my ass!! HTC ONE on carriers are just left on the back burner with no answer as to when we will get our update!!!

  • jenni102

    my mom in-law just got a new GMC Sierra only from working part time off a home pc… his comment is here …….

    • jamal adam

      Get a life and stop spamming the comments sections with your nonsense.

  • Jake

    I would rather have had Android 4.2.2 on my HTC One two months ago when Verizon got it, then wait months longer for Android 4.3. There’s not much difference for the user between the updates.

  • Danzki

    Some of those features are already included in the 4.2.2 update, like the ability to display battery level percentage in the notification bar, quick settings and more

  • jamal adam

    Glad they are getting it rolled out to the One owners but still disappointed with HTC and their update promises for devices.

  • donger

    HTC doing better.

  • Techguy

    GOT IT, I have HTC one on sprint, officially got the 4.3 update

  • Seth Williams

    HTC has always been associated with bringing out prompt updates for Android. However it would be great if these updates could be rolled out much sooner. Although if you are a developer, you could check out some tutorials here:

  • David Dewees

    When will the update come out for AT&T customers?

  • Prashant Bhosale

    Great Info. Thanks for the your effort. Appreciate it.

  • Shawn Saaler

    Is there ANY possible way to get the update, without using Wi-Fi?