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HTC One max may be “Sprint-bound”


According to @evleaks, it has been “confirmed” that the HTC T6 will launch as the HTC One max (a name we’ve been using for the phone since early June). This information was followed by a second tweet that claimed the HTC One max is headed to Sprint’s network. Unfortunately, no additional information was given, so we don’t know if Sprint will have an exclusive on the One max or if they will be one of several US service providers to offer the phone to their customers. The HTC One is currently available on over a half dozen service providers in the US, but HTC chose to launch the HTC One mini as an AT&T exclusive.

While we were expecting HTC to unveil the HTC One max during IFA last week, it appears HTC isn’t interested in sharing the news cycle with dozens of other smartphone and tablet announcements. Since Apple-related news will be dominating the headlines for the next few weeks, we suspect the company will not unveil the HTC One max until later in the month.

With what we’ve seen for far of the HTC One max, do you think HTC has a shot at competing directly with Samsung in the extra-large device space?

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  • Htc guy

    If HTC makes the One Max a Sprint exclusive, they deserve to die a quick yet painful death.

    • Will

      Totally agree

      • Hom0ncruse

        final nail in the coffin for HTC

    • randod

      No that just means that uf you want the phone you need to sign up at sprint. I really don’t think they will have a painful death. Just like I wanted the Sony xperia z ultra. I am not will to go to another provider. It is all about personal preference. Sorry you feel that way. I too hope it will not be sprint exclusive. People that are not with sprint and want this phone would suck Big time.

      • z0phi3l

        HTC is not in the same position Sony is in, HTC can’t afford to kill profits by having it exclusive to one carrier, that would be Nokia level stupid

    • Richard Yarrell

      I don’t blame Htc for bringing it to Sprint they eliminated the EVO line for some stupid reason which part of there overall downfall. Regardless Samsung it’s not Note 3 worthy it’s not and it won’t compare to the Note 3 nothing does.

      • squiddy20

        So you’re saying because HTC, a company that makes phones for mobile telecom providers all over the world, took out the “Evo” line that was exclusive to one small(ish) carrier in one country, it led to “part of there overall downfall”? Do you realize how stupidly ridiculous and self-important that sounds?
        Also, since you obviously missed the memo, that “some stupid reason” that HTC/Sprint didn’t re-up the Evo brand name was mainly because HTC wanted all their phones under one brand name, not several, like was the case with the Galaxy S and S2. Try using some of those services provided by Google (read: Search) to fact check your sorry self.
        As for how you claim “nothing” compares to the Note 3, all I really need to point out is that, 2 years ago, you were squealing like a pig about how “awesome” and “pimp slapping” HTC was, even going so far as saying they were God or at least God-like. Now you’re on about Samsung. What’ll it be in the next 1-3 years? ZTE? What a joke.

  • Robairto

    I would really hope that HTC is not so stupid as to do a carrier exclusive with this phone.secondly, from what we know, it looks like the choice between the two big phones will come down to a preference for hardware or soft ware.if you want a camera that takes better low-light pictures and has an awesome sound system to it and software if you really want all of the S Pen type goodies and motion control with the Samsung. I’m sorry for that one company doesn’t seem to be able to put everything in one package.
    PS- I guess build materials might also be a consideration for some people, even though samsung tried to go with a pseudo Premium finish I think you have to give the nod still to HTC by a long shot.

  • redraider133

    I hope HTC has learned that carrier exclusives are bad and that it would be even worse being a sprint exclusive. Hopefully this makes it to all the carriers, and HTC has learned not to stick with only one carrier.

  • Nate B.

    I don’t think this will do well. I’m a Sprint customer but I still think thisbdevice will not do well with their luck. They have some real issues going on inside.

    • randod

      What kind of issues are you talking about? If there are issues I would like to find out before I upgrade. I use to have htc evo. Bad bad battery life. I hope the battery life in the one max is a whole lot better.

  • James Logan

    Please Max hurry up! I don’t want to jump to the note 3. I tried my wife’s SGS4 and didn’t liked touch wiz.

    • Ketch

      Remember, you don’t have to use touch wiz. There are tons of amazing launchers that replace touch wiz. Most are free, or for 3 or 4 bucks you get the full version. So for example, if I put my launcher on the GS4 or an HTC one, they would look and operate almost identical. And the aftermarket launches are far superior to what the carriers deliver.

  • matsudo

    I really wanted the HTC one, but was not going to down grade in memory. I would have settled For 64gb but that was made an AT&T exclusive. I’m on sprint and am holding out for the One Max but I hope for HTC’S sake They get the One Max on all for top carriers or this will be the only ONE series they make. No pun intended… Sudo

  • randod

    As for me. I was hoping the gn3 was going to a 6in screen. I like my note 2 and it works great. I am not really impressed with the note 3. So I am either going to keep it until next year or look at what is coming out. I like what i read about the HTC One Max as well as the liquid s2. Not sold on anything yet.

  • Shin Ra

    Woohooo finally a sprint exclusive…cant wait for this to come out…need to upgrade bad…

  • jamal adam

    I better be on T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, etc bound or otherwise it just means that HTC is just not getting it and deserves what comes to them. Stop with the exclusives because clearly that’s worked wonders for you.

  • Paul Atreides

    Another blunder by HTC. This device was suppose to beat the Note 3 to market. I wonder if HTC has any special software designed to utilize the larger screen, I missed the unveiling. I know people are tired of me saying this but they should of moved that HTC logo on the back upward and added a decent kickstand. I don’t see why they abandoned those I never had any trouble with the one on my OG EVO 4G. With addition of front facing speakers and their good screens it makes plenty of sense to me no pun intended.


    I have a Note 2 and am not very impressed with the note 3 comparatively speaking. I am on Sprint and would love to get the HTC One Max if it has a removable battery. Just not going to have a phone that I must plug in. 3 batteries and two charging cradles, I have never plugged my note 2 in to charge. Just swap batteries and go, less than 1 minute. Just my personal preference.

  • donger

    Oh no. Why sprint?

  • Me

    I’ve been wanting the HTC one max for months now, and if HTC isn’t smart enough to bring it to all carriers (VERIZON!!!) then I seriously will cut off my previous 4 year commitment to HTC and get the note 3

  • Lillian

    Any idea when this will come out I hate my iPhone 4s and have been wanting to get rid of it soooo badly but today I accidentally dropped it and boom there went the screen Hurry up