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Layoffs at HTC America leaves 20 percent of division’s employees jobless


Late Friday afternoon, 20 percent of HTC America’s 150 employees learned that they had been laid off. Based on HTC’s recent financial struggles, the layoff announcement isn’t surprising. Sales of HTC’s phones have been on the decline for nearly two years, and the company is expecting to post a loss in Q3 – a first in the company’s history.

Jason Mackenzie’s note to the press expressed sympathy towards those who had lost their jobs while exuding confidence that the company’s commitment to produce top-tier products like the HTC One would not waiver. While some may look at this incident as a sign that HTC is a failing company, lets not forget that HTC’s work force was geared up to support a trajectory of growth – a scenario that hasn’t come to fruition. We wouldn’t be surprised at all if HTC announces a round or two of layoffs in Taiwan as the company readjusts its workforce to meet its current market conditions.

Today's reduction in force is a decisive action by HTC Corp (US) to streamline and optimize our organization and improve efficiencies after several years of aggressive growth. Realigning its human resources against key strategic initiatives will help HTC more effectively advance into a new stage of growth and innovation. This is a hard decision that has direct impact on people who have contributed to the growth HTC has experienced the past several years. However, to achieve our long-term goals as a business and return maximum value to our shareholders, this is a necessary step to drive ongoing innovation, ensure our ability to create strong products like the HTC One, and forge strong customer relationships that solidify our future. HTC is proud of its employees and has a track record of hiring the best and brightest; we continue to hire in strategic areas and encourage impacted employees to apply for open positions that are a fit for their skills.Jason MackenzieHTC

Source: The Verge

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  • scubabum

    Ouch. Layoff is never good news.
    Hope this does not negatively impact HTC’s support of its product lines

    • breckdroid

      It does make you wonder. Granted the majority of HTC employees are probably based out of Taiwan, but layoffs are never a “good” sign. Hopefully they can fix what needs to be and perhaps rehire once the dust has settled. We shall see…

    • Hom0ncruse

      final nail in the coffin for HTC

  • Robairto

    Dear HTC,
    I have a Galaxy S3.I am ready to pay full retail to upgrade to a phase. Regarding the Max, you let Samsung best you to the punch with the Note 3. I can only hope that it’s in order to surpass the N3 in areas of averageness or weakness. That said, here’s what you can do to get my money HTC.
    1. SD card & minimum 32gb internal storage (if no card, 128gb because hey, this is a multimedia powerhouse)
    2. 3gb ram
    3. 6+ ultrapixels
    4. 3300mA battery
    5. first tier quad core (& I wouldn’t say no to a octocore)

    So this is my promise to you to buy this phone full price if you will just be smart enough to go for top tier instead of shooting for just as good.

    • Brian Bat

      99% with u. I could live with 64GB.

  • Robairto

    Supposed to be “upgrade to a phablet”. Stupid auto correct.

  • donger

    Bad news.

  • htc slave

    abou time this htcriminal $hit company tanks

  • Joe

    I’m surprised that this didn’t come sooner…they were in such a state of denial that only the projection of the first time quarter loss do they even think to reduce their work force? Wow…making great hardware is great, applause to them…but if you’re making One phone and the other guy is making 10, hmm then all that great fancy hardware is “crap”. It’s not the work force they should be reducing or changing, it’s the idiots who are the upper management.

  • cb2000a

    The problem lies in build quality. I got an HTC a year and a half ago when switching to a different carrier. I really liked the phone, but it would drop the network at random times (which others reported as well). So I took it back and got the original Note which is an awesome phone. Quality counts….and word gets out.