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LG hosts a “flash mob” in Ukraine to advertise the G2

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Generally, flamboyant dancing in ex-Soviet countries would not get you very positive results, but it looks like LG’s newest marketing attempt turned out pretty decently. LG is calling this a “flash mob,” despite it not being much of one, but it was still a pretty cool and enjoyable experience.

It was a clever dance, as every move demonstrated a feature of their new flagship, the G2. From the optical image stabilization to the battery life, LG made sure to cover their top features through dance and forming large shapes with a crowd of people.

It may not have been the best way to advertise a phone, but it was fairly clever and enjoyable to watch. However, I still feel like LG needs to work on their marketing and push a little harder. Did you enjoy this advertisement?

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  • Ricardo Rodriguez

    I don’t care about the advertisement, just take my money already!! I would like a shirt too please.

  • Raptor

    Not bad done, actually. Way better then boring Samsung or Apple ad.

    Europe changed customs laws recently. How much now costs to import the phone from Asia in Ukraine for example?

    • tao.lviv

      The price should be less than 300€, so there is no point at all, the cheapest way is to buy cellphone in US.

  • EatMyPOOP

    Ever see that movie human centipedes?

    Well That’s top pic looks like a ginormous human centipedes

  • donger