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Samsung Unpacked 2013 Episode 2 streaming live here at 12 PM CDT


Tune in live here at 12PM CDT to watch the event with us.

We have heard a lot about the featured players for Samsung’s event today already, but the details can often make these devices. There’s still quite a bit to know about the Note 3 and even more so about the Galaxy Gear. In both cases, for me the software is at least as interesting as the hardware; we have heard precious little about what is going on once you power these things on.

The Galaxy Note 2 caught people a bit off guard with its success. No one was sure a phone that size would catch on with a mainstream audience. Will Samsung just rest on its laurels with the Note 3, as many feel the company did with the Galaxy S4? Or will the company continue to innovate in the large phone (phablet) space.

The Galaxy Gear is completely new territory for Samsung. While we’ve seen some leaks that suggest the hardware may fall short of our dream for a smartwatch, I’m not ready to write it off yet. I have little doubt that Android, rather than iOS, is going to be the platform that nails the smartwatch. Using Google Glass for the last few months, I have often found myself wanting that same interface on my wrist. So the only question is whether Samsung can beat Google to the punch.

We would love to hear your thoughts on Samsung’s latest before, after and during the event.

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