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Meizu MX3 announced with Exynos 5 Octa, HD display, and up to 128GB of storage

Meizu MX3

Meizu has always made fairly high end phones with interesting features for the Chinese market. Sporting Samsung Exynos processors and an Android skin called Flyme OS, they offer a lot of power for the money. Sadly, we never see them here in the US. However, we can continue drooling over them in photos and articles, because the newly announced Meizu MX3 looks pretty dang sweet.

This new device has a 5.1-inch display with an odd resolution of 1800×1080, opting to use a 15:9 aspect ratio instead of the normally used 16:9. This would make the device slightly wider than others, but luckily it won’t be a massive difference. It’ll be akin to a Nexus 4 instead of an LG Optimus Vu.

The device is powered by an Exynos 5 Octa processor, 2GB of RAM, has an 8MP camera, a 2,400 mAh battery, and offers anywhere from 16 to 128GB of memory. All of this fits into a 9.1mm thick frame. It’s pretty impressive what they did with memory, because most phones don’t offer more than 32GB. With a 128GB device, I definitely wouldn’t mind not having a microSD slot. Top that off with a high end Wolfson audio chip and you have a very high end phone.

The Flyme OS 3.0 skin is a very heavily customized skin on an unknown version of Android. It combines a physical home button with a set of contextual virtual keys that change depending on the app. It’s a pretty cool method, but maybe purely on screen keys would be better.

The device will launch for a low price of $410 with 16GB of memory. Going for the 128GB model will set you back $650, which is what you would often pay for many of our normal smartphones. While we’ll never get to buy it without importing it, it just goes to show what a high end smartphone is worth.

Via: Android Police

Source: Meizu

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  • ZRod

    Steal of a price but it looks very iPhone-like.

  • Andi
  • redraider133

    I like what these smaller OEMs are doing to push the label. Hopefully higher storage becomes the norm rather than the exception.

  • ken1

    just as Gladys answered I am startled that some people can profit $8402 in 4 weeks on the computer. webpage………..

  • Andre

    Flyme 3.0 is based on Android 4.2.1

  • Lance Bell

    i wouldnt mind picking up the 16gb model, when does it release in China?

  • aakashi

    course you can buy it via

  • donger

    Not too shabby.