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Motorola opening office in Blackberry hometown, looking to hire

Motorola Office

Blackberry is going through some tough times. Their devices simply aren’t succeeding, and they’re quickly losing money. In the wake of such financial losses, the company has had to downsize. It is laying off as many as 4,500 employees in its hometown of Waterloo, putting a lot of people out of jobs. Who will come to the rescue?

In a funny coincidence, Motorola has been planning to open an office in the Canadian city for months now and will be hiring people in the area. While Motorola has not specifically referenced Blackberry and its layoffs, Motorola’s plans to hire in the wake of so many layoffs will land at least a few ex-Blackberry employees jobs. And with the tech haven that is University of Waterloo, it’s a great place to be hiring.

It’s sad to see Blackberry go; it really is. But someone will come and replace it eventually, and in the meantime, Motorola will be picking up some talent and hopefully a few of those laid off won’t be unemployed for long. What do you think? Was this a big coincidence or did Motorola plan it this way? Leave a comment!

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Source: Financial Post

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  • pjamies

    Smart move on Motorola’s part!
    University of Waterloo is Canada’s answer to MIT, and a mecca for
    tech savvy brainiie’acks. It’s the place to be if you want to tap into some
    mobile geeks.
    Not sure if it is actually a coincidence or not, but I am sure that BB ex staff
    are going to be lined up around the block with resumes in hand to grab any
    jobs they can!!
    By the way did you know that BB just launched the Z30 smart phone? And all
    along I thought that they were toast .. go figure ..

  • jenni102

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  • donger


  • Fiasko

    Looks like a win-win situation for the employees and Moto. Plenty of talented workers all in one place looking for a job. Not so much for Blackberry. They still waited far too long to accept that the market had changed.

  • scubabum

    It’s good that some laid-off RIM developers will get jobs.
    It’s good that Motorola can hire the experienced developers it needs.
    This is good news all-around. It’s a win-win situation.

  • rio yudiansyah

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    Mohon batuanya gan,,,…Tkns.