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Motorola wants you to get rid of your lazy phone

Moto X Moto Maker

No matter our thoughts on the Moto X (and I know many of you feel very strongly about the device), it’s an innovative device with some pretty cool software features. Touchless control, active control and quick capture¬† are novel features. But exactly how useful are they in the real world? Motorola’s new advertising campaign attempts to show you.

While some argue that users are the lazy ones, Motorola spins that argument on its head; it’s not you, it’s your phone. Motorola wants you to know your “lazy phone” is detrimental to your life–your business life, your love life and your family life–and the Moto X’s features could help you out. The commercials actually demonstrate a reason to purchase the product, something companies don’t necessarily value in an ad anymore. (See:¬†HTC’s latest ad campaign). In these Moto X ads, the device is personified by a sloppy bearded slouch who refuses to cooperate.

Fire up the ads and enjoy!

Source: Gigaom

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  • mvndaai

    I didn’t know that MotoX is always listening for “OK Google Now”. I wonder how much of a drain on battery that is, or how much my friends might take advantage. I wonder if it is a new Android feature or just for the MotoX.

    • sandwich

      The Moto X has a processor core dedicated to listening for audio input, which somehow translates into “doesn’t eat up battery as much as you might think”. It’s not a new Android feature… yet.

    • ari-free

      It’s a hardware feature built into the latest snapdragons

    • Adam Jones

      Really? That is one large rock. It’s only 1 of 3 major selling points for the Moto X software.

  • GE918

    I love the videos.

  • sandwich

    Finally, some brains behind the advertising. These ads made me laugh, as well as having a relevant point as to why I might like the Moto X more than other phones. Well done, Googarola!

  • Speedy

    It would be interesting to think that it actually listens to everything you would talk, creepy.

    • pjamies

      I heard that 2!! lol

  • Jess Blanchard

    Maybe I’d rather have a bearded ginger man than a creepy, stalker phone.

    • pjamies

      I heard that!! lol

  • smeghead68

    I agree with sandwich. Finally some good ad’s. But I think the voice command is gimmicky rather than anything useful.

  • SakeSage

    Dragon Mobile Assistant is hands free, smart watches are the best way to discreetly check messages, and Sony has the fastest camera. Are smart phones really a good replacement for a real camera/ camcorder? If capturing special moments really matter, then why not use a device that dose it way better than a phone can.

  • mecky33

    I didn’t realize that tapping a power button and sliding my Camera shortcut up was so time consuming that I would miss something. I do agree that these are truly funny and innovative ads that educate and amuse. I would think they would have made an ad about the Motorola Skip since that is a feature that other phones aren’t using/marketing yet.

  • Diabsoud

    These ads are hilarious!!

  • donger

    Pretty good ads.