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New Nexus phone passes through the FCC, made by LG


Now that Google really kicked off the Nexus 5 rumors, we’re on a roll. Today’s tasty tidbit comes courtesy of the FCC, which just green-lighted a new LG device that looks remarkably like the rumored new Nexus device that a Google employee was spotted using. In fact, we’re almost sure that it’s the same device. It features the same slightly curved design and the large opening for the camera lens.


The device, which goes by the name of D820, also features NFC and Qi wireless charging as revealed by the picture. Seeing as both of those features were emphasized in last year’s Nexus 4, we’re not surprised to see them in this year’s Nexus phone. And if this is the new Nexus device, it features a bounty of cellular support. LTE bands 2, 4, 5, 17, 25, 26 and 41 are all supported as well as EVDO rev A, quadband GSM and EDGE, pentaband HSPA+, and dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11 B, G and N connections. That means that this new device features full GSM support as well as support for LTE on AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. Unfortunately, we Verizon folks miss out again. But these band inclusions only add fuel to the fire that it’s the Nexus 5. As Nexus devices are generally sold off-contract, it makes sense to try and support as many carriers as possible.

Do you believe that this is the new Nexus? If so, are you excited?

Via: Engadget

Source: FCC

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  • Nate B.

    Nexus 5 pending….

    • felix1

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    • scottydroid1

      my Aunty Kayla just got an almost new green Infiniti QX80 SUV just by working from a macbook air… pop over here

  • SocalTeknique

    I haven’t been exited about a nexus phone since the Nexus S. All nexus devices lack expandable memory, good cameras, and now a removable battery. That’s why I ditched the Nexus Line (again) in favor of the Xperia ZR which has a the mentioned features. Btw I’ve had the Nexus One, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, and Nexus 7 (stayed away from the Nexus 4).

    • Nate B.

      What will you go with now? I’m curious.

      • SocalTeknique

        Xperia ZR. Perfect size (4.5″ screen), SD slot, and removable battery and while still waterproof. I hate this new 5+” trend

        • al

          Yeah, 5” is TOO BIG for god’s sake. I don’t carry a loaf of bread in my pants. NO WAY. 4.5 or 4.7 is about my limit. I have a Nexus 4 and it’s as big as I’m willing to go.

          • mr. smith

            dimensions of the device are 131.9 mm tall and 68.2 mm wide, which is physically smaller than the nexus 4

          • Malc_milli

            some of us have been carrying around a loaf of bread in our pants since puberty.

          • Tony

            Amen… I would go for a 4.5 iPhone, esp wider. Bit the Android new standard seems to be going 5+ and may be the last step in making me finally give up. Nexus is the only phone I’d buy.. Considering iPhone since everyone I know has one. I’m still using a Galaxy Nexus.. The camera leaves a lot to be desired but if it’s compatible with 4.4,id probably stay with it for another year. I dont use tons of data, don’t use FB so don’t need super fast speeds for constant uploads. Getting another year from such an affordable phone & saving 50-80$ a month by going prepaid is still very attractive

          • Dan

            Oh… But I carry a loaf of bread in _my_ pants. If you know what I mean.

            Sorry, couldn’t resist posting that. Thanks.

    • clocinnorcal

      That’s too bad because the N4 (IMO) has been the best Nexus yet. Although, I don’t really care about expandable storage, or removable batteries.

      • Princessjinifer

        I have never cared about removal battery or expandable storage. I came straight from an iPod Touch to a Nexus 4 and have never been happier with a device.

  • jerrbomb

    Now this is Nexus News and Rumors like never before… Lol

  • roland

    And all most pre order The new LG not now baby not now.

  • Mobile Phones Fan

    Oh, ffs — again with the Verizon exclusion?

    Note 3, here I come.

    • Nate B.

      I think it’s something behind closed doors Verizon is always doing that delays their releases or exclusion.

    • DragonPhyre

      Verizon sucks. This is coming from someone who is a 10+ year customer both personal and buisness related.

      I haven’t needed to call tech support for almost 2 years for my phone, and the only reason I had to at all was for my network extender… But I wouldn’t need that if I had GSM.

      And prepaid phones are cheaper minutes/data wise. And they don’t care what you do on the network. And a laundry list of other positives.

    • Tony

      Verizon doesnt don’t the SIM card thing & didn’t get the 4 either. The Gnex was disaster with lack of timely updates, which is a big reason for choosing this device. Vz likes to lock it down & include it’s bloat ware

  • Héctor

    Still waiting on the screen size. I’m not buying anything larger than 5 inch,

    • Lance Bell

      4.96 inches, ur in luck

  • jamal adam

    The hype and excitement is now on an the rise as the Nexus 5 draws near.

  • Renato S.

    If would be nice if LG got a way to get a great camera for its Nexus device

  • Syed Ather

    I am very excited for the Nexus 5 since there’s a chance it will come to my carrier Sprint. The last Nexus device that was on Sprint’s network was the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. It is nice to have more carrier support overall for Nexus phones. More consumers will get the latest Android software updates.

    • DragonPhyre

      Pretty sure that VZW screwed out the CDMA carriers of ever getting another nexus device. They botched the launch, support, and then updates. Could not have gone worse, and I LOVE the phone… Just hate the carrier.

      December 22nd… Na na na na… Hey hey hey, goooooodbyyyyyyyeeeeeee

    • Tony

      Will they? Wasn’t that the problem with CDMA Nexus? I remember reading users complaining they weren’t getting timely updates. My Gnex got 4.3 less than a week after it was launched

  • aranea

    I’m getting more excited. Does it also mean that this device will have not only LTE but 3g on ATT and T-Mobile? If so I’ll be in line to get it because in USA T-mobile may offer cheaper service but when I go back to Europe I need ATT 3G band to use internet.

  • shadhussain

    surely this can’t be the only nexus phone google has in store for us. i understand that the 5″ form factor has a big market too but a vast majority of users have been wanting that 4.5″-4.7″ sweet spot phone. all the past nexus phones have been conscious of this ergonomic form factor … hopefully google won’t veer too far off course (translation: hey google! slap some nexus love on that moto x).

  • andy

    well the FCC pictures look like this device is a little more rounded and well as a moto x back feel…..the nexus in the picture looks pretty square and flat….just on observation

  • Jay

    This better not have the same lackluster spec sheet that the Moto X does…but when you think about that’s impossible because this is going to be an LG device, therefore it cannot resemble or mirror a Motorola device. Holy **** I just realized that this is going to pretty much be an LG G2 equivalent, holy ****! Yes I had to emphasize it twice. And yes I’m pretty sure most of you knew that but excuse my brain fart. Buying as soon as it is released! Love my Nexus 4, this is only going to be better with the bigger screen, higher resolution, and improved hardware.

  • Lance Bell

    I’ll be buying one , day one.

    2300mah battery tho, so I’m guessing Google will have it near same price point that Nexus 4 was. 300-350

  • corey simmons

    Can’t Verizon phones work on Sprint network and vice versa? If so…there is a possibility the Nexus 5 can work on Verizon

  • jamal adam

    I’m hoping that the 2300 mAh battery that’s been mentioned is a typo and not the real deal because that’s just bad.

  • Pravas

    I’m exited..

  • da9el

    i’m excited about this device. it meets my expectations so far.

  • donger

    YES, more info please.

  • h0ruza

    Is it wrong for me to wish the moto x was the next nexus phone instead?


      Yes. :)

      • h0ruza

        But I’m bored of the bigger is better bandwagon.

        I expect more than copy cat devices from Google.

        Lets hope there will be two phones on offer

  • Mike C.

    Now lets just hope it gets a decent amount of memory and a micro SD card slot. 16Gb in the Nexus 4 is nothing … I’m hoping for 64Gb.

    • Tony

      Won’t be a micro sd

      Would be great if they went with 16gb 299 and 32gb for 349

  • surethom

    I am liking the dimensions 5″ screen with 131.9mm tall and 68.2mm wide. Looks like some nice small Bezels, so smaller than the Xperis Z very nice. It also looks like it will have Wireless charging from the above pictures & from a link on Engadget that shows Device under testing specs.

    Wireless charging & smaller dimentions with 5″ display YES Please.

  • surethom

    Lets hope this will be the first Nexus that can take good photos in low light & at night all the others have been shocking.

    With the large camera hole & the Nexus logo in landscape I hope this is a Nexus Camera Phone not just a Nexus with a camera.

  • Dwayne Antony Edwards

    Maybe its just me and i am miscalculating.. But isn’t the camera hole on the wrong side to be the device in the picture?

    • surethom

      No its correct, we are seeing the back of the cover so the camera is top left when u are taking a photo in landscape.

  • steve Watkins

    Interesting that the LG G2 serial number is D-802, and this is D-820…

  • surethom

    Does this user Qi Wireless charging or Power Matters Alliance (PMA)???

    Qi seems to be losing supporters as PMA is being installed in most coffee shop in US & is starting to be the standard in Europe?? or will it be compatible with both?

    There is no real standard for Wireless charging yet.

  • Orion78

    While people complain about 5 inch screen being too big, I welcome it. Good job Google. We’re men, not little boys.

    • No phablet for me

      You do realize a lot of people don’t want 5+ inch phones… And hate to tell you not all Android customers are men.. Let alone big men. Personally I don’t want or need bigger phones and would never consider a phablet or stylus. Maybe some don’t fill out their pants but we do & don’t have extra room. I dont want the bulge in my pocket. Actually despitesmaller hhands, women have the advantage of putting larger devices in their purses

  • Bob

    I want to be excited about it, but that phone looks too big. And it probably won’t have expandable storage either.

  • P hertz

    I”m still using a Google G2…doubt I”ll need a new phone for a few more years.