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LG Nexus 5 appears clearer than ever in new FCC photos


While the FCC apparently needs some training on how to take pictures of smartphones, they do offer us the clearest shots yet of the back of what could be the Nexus 5. Phonescoop uncovered these images buried within some filings pertaining to the now released Verizon LG G2, but no one would confuse this device for the G2.

You’ll note that the fairly unique camera and flash configuration matches up perfectly with the Nexus captured during the KitKat statue unveiling.

There isn’t any new information offered with these photos. For a refresher on what to expect inside the device just refer back to the last Nexus leak we have from the FCC. Apparently the FCC is the arch nemesis of Nexus 5 secrecy.

As we said last time, everything is in place for the launch of the new Nexus and Android 4.4, so it’s time for Google to light the lights and start the show.

As some have pointed out in comments already the square cut out at the top of the phone is a mystery. I have to imagine that isn’t part of the final hardware as based on the extremely blurry photo of the top of the phone it breaks up the border of the phone which obviously, I hope anyway, LG wouldn’t do.

Nexus-5-fcc-back Nexus-5-fcc-bottom Nexus-5-fcc-front Nexus-5-fcc-side Nexus-5-fcc-top Nexus-5-fcc-volume

Via: Phonescoop

Source: FCC

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  • jevyjav

    what is the square on the back of it?

    • apa

      I think its a fingerprint sensor

  • Dave

    If it’s affordable with great features, I’ll be getting it. Right now I’m deciding between this or the LG G2 for my next smartphone.

  • surethom

    Very nice, Love the thin bezels & large screen lets hope that camera is good at taking low light photos, that is always a let down on Nexus phones.

    Hopefully a 32gb version as 16gb & no sd card slot is not big enough.

    Google Announce soon PLEASE.

  • jamal adam

    What is that, a fingerprint scanner?

    • Nate B.

      Thats what everyone assumes but I highly doubt it is. To small to be one. I have a feeling it won’t be there when it’s final or maybe it’s an IR Blaster.

      • jamal adam

        Now that I’ve seen the rest of the images of the back cover and internals, it seems like nothing is there so you’re probably right.

  • Arthur

    It looks wider than the N4 which is a VERY BAD thing for me. The N4′s width is already one aspect of the phone that is heavily criticized, having a 768p display. I do like the back finish though, the soft rubberized type.

    • nooberrific

      I don’t think its wider than n4 previous FCC leak showed it actually narrower than the n4

      • bluescreenjunky

        It’s not wider, it’s just very slightly narrower, and much shorter, so it make it look wider on the pictures.

  • vforvortex

    The headphone jack is in the top? mind blown!
    But seriously this phone needs to come with a 32gb option. I am waiting to hear about some rumors on Android 4.4 and what to expect from that too.

    • Tookule4skool

      Here’s hoping it only comes in a 16 and 32GB option, Maybe if we’re lucky a 32gb and a 64gb, but that seems like too much of a stretch to hope for with google and their love for the cloud =/ I hate streaming music for it to just freeze up on me in the middle of a song, just wish google would realize that global telecommunications speeds aren’t up to par with their hopes and aspirations of the cloud.

  • Nathan D.

    Hopefully this will be a more camera friendly phone, they did say they wanted to improve the camera on the next nexus phone.

    • SGB101

      +1, I’m not a nexus owner, but just took delivery of a 16gb one for my son (Xmas present). I do like the phone but o my is the camera bad.

      Other than that tho, it’s the nicest ‘small’ phone I’ve held in a long time.

    • jamal adam

      I believe it was Vic Gundotra who said “we are committed to making Nexus phones insanely great cameras. Just you wait and see.” Hopefully the Nexus 5 is it.

      • vforvortex

        I go by the rule of “under promise, over deliver”. Lets hope he can deliver on his promise.

      • donger

        Can’t wait.

  • julian

    I’d like a note style phablet but not as big. As long as the software is nice I’m fine

  • ludo

    Photo #4….the back cover doesn’t seem to be totally closed.
    Removable cover?

    • Tookule4skool

      Good eye lets hope you’re right.

    • vforvortex

      Unlikely. They probably didnt fit the case back properly after taking the pics of the inside parts. Nexus phones will continue trend of internal storage/non-removable battery model.

  • rustic

    What would it take for a manufacturer to make a geek dream phone? Big screen with thin bezel and small physical footprint, big battery over 3,000 which will also be removable, 64 Gb with expendable storage, top notch processor and graphic processor, full HD screen, great stereo speakers and awesome design as HTC One, clean stock Android 4.4, wireless charging, LTE and all other shit that get people so excited. And one more thing, cheap price less than $500.
    Here is Nexus 5, the last hope to make this dream come true. I expect nothing but a bitter disappointment in the end.

    • SGB101

      You just described a note3

      • SGB101

        Once rooted and rom’d of course

      • rustic

        Note 3 is huge, 5.7 inch screen is not small footprint. Pocket phone with big screen is Moto X, and maybe this Nexus 5 which is smaller than HTC One and Galaxy 4.
        Phablet size phones are for people that overcompensating.

  • Broseph Stalin

    I hope they keep the rounded glass edges like on the N4. It’s a shame you can’t see more of the sides of the phone because of the dummy box (and also the terrible pictures from the FCC)

  • Richard Yarrell

    Please release the Nexus 5 so my Galaxy Note 3 can twist it into a pretzel.

    • squiddy20

      Please try your hardest (and I know that will be hard for you since you can’t even understand the difference between fact and opinion) to understand that the Note 3 and Nexus (whatever it will be called) are not even aimed at the same target audience. You’re essentially trying to compare an SUV to a sedan. Ridiculous.

    • Charles Flack

      You don’t have a Note 3 you stupid hood nig. You’re trying way too hard now. This is fucking asinine, even for a retarded coon such as yourself. How pathetic is your life, actually? I’ve watched you spam the android boards since you allegedly had an evo. I’ve never once seen a remotely intelligent comment from you. It’s obvious your trolling, but even trolls occasionally day something intelligent.

      • InternetPolice

        wow, these comments obviously aren’t moderated at all. I know Richard Yarrell can be annoying sometimes. But, come on! This is ridiculous! – I know you probably don’t care about one viewer, but if doesn’t stop. I’ll quit reading this blog. Its already going down the drain since the transition. I’m sure others have left because nothing but kids (or really immature adults) do nothing but bash each other. Go over to There’s a much better community over there.

        I’m 100% sick of it.

      • jamal adam

        I’m not sure if your intention was to say the N word or not but you’ve clearly crossed a line because from what you wrote I can only deduce that you were attempting to use the N word and as black man I feel really offended that you would even think of telling someone “you stupid hood nig.” That’s disrespectful, uncalled for and racist on all accounts.

        Now, I don’t know whether you are black or not but either way even the attempt of trying to say such a word with the kind of history and baggage that comes with it, to me, shows that you are lacking in your ability to respectful comment on someone, if even that someone is Richard Yarell, who is know for posting unnecessary comments about his device or the upcoming Note III being the best and what not. The fact of the matter is that what Richard says is his opinion and we can’t tell him what he can and cannot say and yes they can be very annoying and overly unnecessary.

        To the A&M team, I feel that such comments should be moderated and as part of PhoneDog Media, you have a responsibility to stop such things from being said or at the very least moderate them because it’s really offensive and does not belong in any setting whatsoever.

        To me A&M is a space for us fans to read about and comment on news, reviews, and other tidbits about Android and put our thoughts and perspectives forward for other to see and to have decent, well-mannered and honest conversations that further our understanding of and solidify our community and overall Android knowledge and what not.

        • SGB101

          Thst was very naughty! some people feel they can say anything to anyone behind a nickname, and by allowing guest comments just inflames it.

          A good start would be to disable the guest comment system . and get a few mods, they can erase this type of filth.

  • Autumn Raine

    I just wish the headphone jack would be on the bottom. It would work so much better in my universal car dock if the headphone jack was on the bottom.

  • Jamie Wallace

    The FCC pictures must of been taken with the Nexus 4!

    • donger


  • DragonPhyre

    Nice… This is all coming together nicely for my contract ending in December. Can’t wait to get this from the Play store, and get some pre-paid action from either Tmobile or someone else… And it has LTE to boot? Awesome. Awesome to the MAX.

    Side note: What the H-E-DOUBLE-HOCKEY-STICKS is wrong with the FCC photo taker? They seem to be focusing on everything but the actual device. Oh yes, get that metal weight thing that we use to keep the phone upright, and not the actual ports or anything… Sheeeeeesh.