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Nexus 5 images and video leaked, match older info

Nexus 5 leak

The Nexus 5 has been an elusive device, but people have managed to get a bit of information on it. The first real photo of the LG device showed up in the Kit Kat statue unveiling video made by Google itself. Someone was holding it, showing the back of the phone with a large camera ring.

Next, we saw the device pass through the FCC. Though there were no photos, it did show an image with a similarly shaped camera. It was all lining up for us; all we needed were some good (bad) shots by someone who managed to get some alone time with the device. That day has come.

These new photos of the Nexus 5 seem to line up perfectly with older information, but they also go beyond that and show the device turning on. There are also two short videos of the Nexus 5 in action, though we don’t see any noticeable changes in software.

The story behind it is said to be a Googler left this device unattended at a bar while charging, when some employee of the bar managed to snag these shots and videos. This would explain why the person taking the video didn’t know the password. Hopefully it wasn’t taken. What do you think of the device? Are you happy that the back isn’t made of glass? Leave a comment!

Nexus 5 leak Nexus 5 leak 1 Nexus 5 leak 2 Nexus 5 leak 3

Source: 9 to 5 Google

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  • redraider133

    Lesson of the day…. Never leave your phone unattended at a bar because it will end up all over the internet if its some unreleased phone! But hey love the leaks and the appleesque “lost at a bar”

    • Cory

      Funny, same applies to your girlfriend too.

  • Geremy Roque

    Well… looks better than the Nexus 4 at least.
    but i need to see a specs sheet.

  • UrAverageKid

    I think it took a picture of them when they got it wrong

    • julian

      That would be a nice security feature

  • Bernardo Najera

    Am I the only one who can’t click to see the videos? I’m on my One X, using the latest Chrome browser, in mobile mode. I see the link button, but nothing happens when I tap it.

  • Christian

    Anyone else kinda surprised by how dumb Google employees can be? Not only are you taking one of the most hyped unreleased phones of the year out into the wild, but you’re leaving it unsupervised sitting on the bar? If this guy/gal gets fired they kinda brought it upon themselves.

    • Nate B.

      I’m more surprised that you don’t realize this stuff is planned. The bar scene is old. Not the first or second. “leaks” are intentional for the most part to create a buzz. So I guess they’re “dumb.”

      • pryvateid

        Right, I swear this happened with either the last Nexus or one of the last Nexus devices. I’m still thinking do I want to go with this for T-Mobile or the LG G2

        • Nate B.

          See what this offers first

      • Christian

        And I’m surprised you actually believe that most leaks are intentional. Yes, there are intentional leaks, but they aren’t nearly as regular as you make them out to be. The majority of Google related leaks we see are NOT intentional. You give Google way too much credit.

        • BruceCLin

          But this time around with Nexus 5 is definitely planned. It’s in the OFFICIAL KitKat press video. It’s not even a accident on the edge of the video. It’s a well composed frame with N5 front and center with 2 previous nexus models slight back in the shot. 2 weeks later, FCC spec and pics came out (not by Google of course, but they would know the timing.) And now some google employee suddenly had the need to CHARGE his phone in a bar? Who the hell charge phone in a bar?

        • Nate B.

          I said leaks are mostly intentional, and that goes for every mobile gadget. I’m not referring to Google alone. Mostly isn’t all. This stuff always happens to be around perfect timing. With all the trace backs and who actually has the prototypes etc, they can easily find out who slipped up if they wanted this under cover. And if it’s intentional or not it’s not an issue with these companies obviously. They benefit off of it. History repeats itself but this bar scene is way to familiar. It happened with the iPhone and a previous Nexus device.

  • Nate B.

    The bezel isn’t as thin as the G2 be she they have buttons on the side, but they’re thinner then before. Looking forward to see if any visual changes have came. Or will that be more heavily done later down the line. The status bar icons seem to be white instead of cyan. Time will tell soon.

    • Orion78

      Well if you look at the second video, you can see cyan on the status bar. The rumors of different color themes may hold true for kit kat.

  • stenzor

    I want this phone in my mouth NOW!

    I mean hand..

    Also, does that bootup animation look like the ones they have on the “Google edition” phones rather than the Nexus line?

  • 113

    “Left alone at a bar” riiiiiiggghhttt. I’m sure Google had absolutely NOTHING to do with planning this leak at all.

    I hope this means that the Nexus 5 will be officially announced, and released, within two weeks. I’m tired of Touchwiz and want to sell my Note 2 for a Nexus 5.

    • Nate B.

      Sometime next month, but I don’t think in the next two weeks.

  • Jamie B

    Yeah, definitely not “left charging at the bar”. What average person would say “oh snap! That looks like an unreleased phone!! Let’s take pictures and a video of it”.

    HIGHLY unlikely.

    Regardless, looks pretty good!

  • Shrink

    Who charges his phone at a bar? Would you just walk to the bar keeper and ask for “juice”? :)

  • donger

    Come out already.

  • da9el

    the backside of the phone and the camera look very similar to the nexus 7 2013 …

  • Sameer

    Its solid phone. Even i do not own any Nexus series but i got a chance to interact with them while developing app in my company. I love Nexus series

  • Pravas

    Is that running Kitkat.

  • Wan Amir

    Shows that the Screen not in AMOLDE type… :(
    as expected from LG phone.. stil LCD type….

  • josh

    how were either of those videos conclusive of a Nexus 5?
    i’m not bashing, i’m genuinely curious–as I really don’t understand if that’s proof or just someone showing any phone with a custom launcher/icons/setup.

  • jamal adam

    I shall welcome all such leaks at bars with open arms. I see that the notifications bar now has white icons instead of the holo blue. The phone looks great. Now for us to impatiently wait for it’s release or more leaks to appear as the launch draws closer.

    • JENSER

      Not necessarily. The signal is grey when not having a data connection (connection to Google’s servers) and if the battery is charging and being almost empty the white charging symbol covers up the blue color in the battery icon.

  • Androidguy

    I’m just thinking how well they managed to keep KitKat hidden… if they want to hide something they can. I imagine they’ve been placing phones in bars all over waiting for someone to recognise it’s an unreleased phone :P

  • pete

    Is that the Nexus 5 in to the new LG G2 advert?

    It definitely isn’t the G2 as the camera is on the left hand side not the center.

  • jairockzzz

    welll……. the back is very ugly…… :(…..