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Oppo releases trailer for N1, features Cyanogen

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Oppo, the company behind the Find 5 Android smartphone, has been teasing its new N1 for quite a while. The company released some humorous ads about the rear touch panel a while ago, which not only got me excited for the product, but also made me like Oppo as a company far more. But their latest trailer for the N1 pretty much confirms a rumor that’s been going around.

The newest trailer features Steve Kondik, better known as Cyanogen to the community. He announces that he’s attending the Oppo event because they have “exciting news ahead.” With CyanogenMod becoming a company a few days ago, they announced that they have an OEM partner to create a phone running CM from the factory and that the news will be announced in the coming weeks. If this video doesn’t confirm Oppo as the manufacturer, I don’t know what will (aside from them directly saying it).

I understand that subtlety is difficult, but I love how obvious it is. It will really get people talking about Oppo, which is only great for the company that’s not well known in the US. Plus, Oppo is known to have good relations with the community. So will the Oppo N1 come in a CyanogenMod flavor? Or will it be exclusively running CyanogenMod? We can’t wait to find out. Tell us what you think in the comments!

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  • Renato S.

    Newkia would have been nice as well, but Newkia can still partner up with Cyanogen Inc! It would be very interesting for an Android (Cyanogen) with great camera.

    My only question is: how much will it cost and how will be the availability?

    • LukeT32

      Hopefully some VZW version comes out…. I highly doubt it as much as VZW tries to control all there phones…. A CM based “developer” style phone would give them a heart attack. The GNex was great, but you know they hated it.

    • shirley13

      up to I looked at the check which said $6212, I have faith …that…my friends brother woz like realy making money in their spare time from their computer.. there brothers friend haz done this less than 6 months and by now repaid the loans on there cottage and bought themselves a Audi Quattro. i was reading this ……..

  • lxgeorge

    That phone is going to be a testament to the power of open source.

    • rhY

      I thought cm was allowing binary bobs now? That’s not open source. That’s open fail.

  • SGB101

    I’ve been looking the opportunity designs, and with CM out the Box what’s not to like.

    I just hope however does this, let’s you enter the dev mode and pull the nightlies, and just put the stables to the masses.

    Would be nice if they also made a windows installer to make fixing soft bricks be fixed easier. As I think a lot of peeps that don’t know what they are doing may get in trouble.

  • CTown

    Should have reliazed it was Oppo as they were the only OEM (besides Geeks Phone who has moved on to Firefox OS) to support CyanogenMod. Sony has helped out CyanogenMod maintainers but never actually supported the builds, at least not to my knowledge.

  • NasLAU

    This is good news. Oppo phones are nicely designs. However, I’m tired of having to switch to the desktop site on order to click/see the links. Sometimes the mobile version of some pages isn’t even available for hours.

  • Pravas

    Hmm lets see what this new phone holds.

  • donger

    Oppa gangnam style.

  • h0ruza

    This is the most exciting thing going on right now in the tech world.

    Normal people follower their passion and aim for success.

    What dreams are made of!