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Straight Talk now supports LTE on unlocked AT&T devices


Many people out there can’t live without 4G LTE. I was stuck with an old AT&T Galaxy S II for a long time, content with HSPA+ 21. It was fast enough for my needs and even tethered just fine. However, when I finally got an LTE device, the speeds blew me away. I was late to the party, but I now know how others feel. LTE is incredibly fast, and there is nothing else like it.

So imagine the frustration of prepaid carrier customers. Most prepaid carriers do not offer LTE, and if they do, it’s not exactly ideal. Straight Talk, for example, offered LTE only using a Sprint Galaxy S III, and we all know how well Sprint performs. But starting today, Straight Talk will now provide LTE service to those with unlocked AT&T smartphones with LTE capability!

You’ll need an AT&T compatible SIM from Straight Talk to get LTE, but now it’s going to be available to those who bring their own devices. And with a $45 unlimited everything plan, it’s a great bargain (throttling aside). Now that a prepaid carrier has cheap LTE, are you more tempted to switch? Leave a comment!

Source: Engadget

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  • Matthew Mackes

    Nexus 4 with 4G enabled, on TMobile’s $35 plan kicks ass. It is like like fight club. Oh wait..

    • Cwalden21

      How do you have a 35$ t-mobile plan? Im with them and the 50$ play is all that i can find for solo plans??

      • David Thoren

        Not sure what $35 plan he’s referring to, but if you check you can find some additional plans. The $30 (100 mins Talk, unl text, unl web with 5gb at 4G) is a popular one.

      • agraceffa

        You need to buy a prepaid Sim from Walmart for $30 a month. Unlimited data, texting and 100 min. 10 cents each additional minute. Rocking deal. I can usually get by with $45 a month total.

        • Bpear96

          Sim from works as well. Its a online or walmart exclusive plan. Not just a walmart exclusive.

    • MariaCline03

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  • RoyalJoker

    Will this work on the nexus 5? Someone please answer I currently have solavei but T-Mobile has really bad service. As much as I love there company and what they stand for I just can’t live in a edge network anymore with 3g in very few spots

  • Raptor

    Buy online and get Straight Talk for less then $42/mo. That’s $80 savings per 2 years in addition to being cheapest unlimited in US of A.
    The only what sucks is their ugly clueless website. Access point setup examples on YouTube from numerous users actually do not work anymore and you will need them to email new ones to you.

  • Lance Bell

    If solavei didn’t pay me back, i’d switch My Nexus 4 9soon to be Nexus 5 hopefully) over to straight talk. Don’t they throttle at like what, 2Gb?

  • Ryanide

    I use the AT&T GoPhone $60 unlimited plan (with 2GB of data) on my iPhone 5, and I have T-Mobile on my 2013 HTC One (as a 3rd line on the account as a back up phone).

    I do have a recently disconnected AT&T variant Straight Talk SIM in my old AT&T HTC Vivid which is also a LTE device. I might have to try it out & pay another $45 this month just to try it out & see how well it works out!

  • Eben1277

    LTE now available on Straight Talk, so they can throttle you 2 hours into your month of service. I left Verizon for Straight Talk and bought a Galaxy Nexus from the Play store, only to be accused of tethering (which I never did) and throttled after a week. So I ended up with the 30$ T-Mobile plan, but their coverage is hit or miss in my region. And I keep not calling people because of the minutes thing. I’m gonna give AIO a shot. 8 mbps isn’t super fast, but its better than being stuck on 2g all the time or having awesome coverage and being throttled cause I streamed a podcast while I was driving or used navigation. AT&T has better coverage than even Verizon does here, so I hope it works out.

    • Ryanide

      AIO is very promising. I thought about giving them a shot being a sub-company (MVNO) of AT&T themselves. Unlimited everything for $55. is a pretty sweet deal indeed. And their 8Mbps is as fast as my LTE on AT&T GoPhone anyways. Might as well try them out.

      When I used Straight Talk in my iPhone 4S a year or 2 ago, I was thrilled. It worked very well & had no issues. About 3 months pass & my data is at a crawl. Find out that ST would throttle my speeds month after month for no reason. I never watched YouTube, nor tethered or anything of the like. And trying to get service or support… That’s laughable!

      So, I switched to other pre-paid options & even got T-Mobile which is spotty coverage around my metro city. Verizon pre-paid is slow & they give records to the NSA which made me feel violated. Sprint is slower than ST most of the time. That just leaves AT&T. LOL

      I will probably join you on AIO soon enough. I love the AT&T service & coverage I am getting, but trading 2GB for $60. for unlimited with 2GB LTE for $55. (or is not a bad deal at all.

      • Ryanide

        …(or 7GB for $70.00)…
        My mouse had a mind of it own.

  • shirley1

    my stepmom just purchased an awesome month old Mazda MAZDA3 Hatchback by working part-time off of a pc online… Read More Here……….

    • Eben1277

      Is it good for groceries? I hear hatchbacks are good for groceries.

  • SGB101

    I’m the UK LTE is new, only one of our carriers offered 3g prices for their 4g.’3′ are just auto updating everyone that has a 4g phone, all the others are charging big bucks for very limited 4g.

    Unfortunately I’m not with 3 and won’t be. I’m with Tmobile (uk), and there 3g for me is about 4meg,that is fast enough to steam video, so I am not tempted by 4g.

  • donger

    About time.

  • MOSW

    Its great for T-mobile users. Enjoy the best out of it guys

  • Steven

    Any idea if they’ll do it with T-Mobile? Their customer service still says they dont provide LTE…I’d have thought carriers would keep LTE for themselves. Straight Talk doesnt permit unlimited data. Technically, any music or video streaming on their service violates their terms. Its not a throttling issue. If you go over their secret limit (they’ll never tell you what that is), you will get a warning that your service can be cancelled. Do it again, theyre allowed to turn off your service.. No refund.

  • Gray

    NET10 also supports LTE now for AT&T, right? Anyone know if they throttle? If not, that would be better than Straight Talk.

    • Richard

      NET10 is owned by the same company that owns Straight Talk, Tracfone Wireless. Yes, they throttle as well.

      • ANDY

        The don’t throttle they shut the Internet off (Net 10)