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T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 pre-orders start September 18; in-store and online October 2


T-Mobile announced this morning that pre-orders for its Galaxy Note 3 will start September 18. If you pre-order, your Note 3 will ship “on or before October 2,” Hopefully you’ll end up being one of the first on the block with it, as that’s the date that they will be hitting T-Mobile retail locations.

As we covered previously, you can secure yourself a T-Mobile Note 3 for just $199 down and then $21 a month over the next two years on their Simple Choice Plan.

At launch you Note 3 owners will hold the lone smartphone that can pair up with Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, which will also be available through T-Mobile on October 2. The Galaxy Gear will run you an additional $299 to really stick it in the faces of everyone else that you are the current pinnacle of technological advancement.

With standard screen sizes on phones encroaching on the Note territory, the Note 3 faces more challenges than its predecessors in what was once the phablet niche. We should start to see whether the pen itself is a compelling feature for Note buyers or if it is instead simply a large screen that most Note buyers have been after.

Are you pre-ordering or planning to buy a Note 3? What’s the main selling point for you?

Show Press Release
The Galaxy Note 3 pairs sophisticated design and exceptional functionality in a thin, lightweight smartphone with a brilliant 5.7-inch Full HD Super AMOLED® display, which provides breathtaking visuals and crystal-clear detail. The refined S Penâ„¢ with Air Commandâ„¢ delivers innovation to help users take control of their day with various functions including Action Memoâ„¢, Pen Windowâ„¢ and S Finder. When paired with Samsung’s first wearable experience, the Galaxy Gearâ„¢ companion smartwatch, the Galaxy Note 3 experience is extended to the wrist and allows customers to interact with their phone like never before.

The Galaxy Note 3 will be available to pre-order on September 18 for $199.99 down with 24 equal monthly device payments of $21[1] (plus taxes and fees) with T-Mobile’s Simple Choice Plan. Pre-ordered smartphones are expected to start shipping on or before October 2. The Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Gear companion smartwatch (sold separately) will launch nationwide at participating T-Mobile retail stores, select dealers, national retail stores and online at on October 2. For more information, please visit

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    I like to see people with the Note because they go against the grain with that super big screen instead of the one size fits all 4″ screen from those other guys. I remember the days when T-mo had the weakest phone line up and was busy trying to get people to accept HSPA+ as 4G. Now they are arguably the best carrier, at least for GSM and for unlocked phones. I’m glad they turned that corner. Now make me proud and get that Sony Z1.

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      • donger

        Oh yeah? do you work for google?

      • TAN5150

        You must be on gov handouts making that kind of money working part-time from home.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Say goodbye Note 2 mines will be sold October 1st for 400 dollars. On Wednesday October 2nd 8:30am I have an appointment at my favorite T-mobile location in NYC to pick up my Galaxy Note 3. Plain and simple nothing beats T-Mobile or the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in 2013. Everyone else are the pretenders in this category Samsung is the proven product nothing else will ever compare.

      • squiddy20

        “Everyone else are the pretenders in this category Samsung is the proven product nothing else will ever compare.”
        Says the same idiot who, just 2 years ago, was claiming how he’d *never* “touch any of Samsuck’s crappy ass plastic devices with a ten foot pole”. Never say never, hypocrite.

      • Sargon

        You’re selling IEDs and/or military ordnance 1 October? -_-

        • squiddy20

          And for only $400 at that. For that price, I can haz lotz of mines!

  • Richi

    Would be buying the note 3 for sure , but my note 2 is still fast and perfect . i’ll wait for the next one : )

  • surg3d

    Very tempting to make the switch from Sprint to TMO and from HTC to Samsung right now… Just waiting to see what the HTC One Max will look like. Either way I think it’s bye bye Sprint.

  • nivekkev

    I was just going to hang on to my Note II but the more I read about the Note III, the more I am thinking it may be worth it to upgrade. Just waiting to see how much onboard memory option comes with the T-Mobile version and how much to purchase outright. Would also like to see a few video reviews too. It is so easy just to wait for the 4 as the only issue I have with the N2 is the onboard memory, I have found 16gb is not enough for me.

    • acemanx

      it will come with 32 standard, i hope tmobile offers the 64gb version, i have the note 2 with a class 10 64gb sd card in it, id love to have 64+64= 128GB, im def getting the note 3, just dont know if theyll offer the 64Gb version or not…

      • nivekkev

        I am with you they should skip the 32gb version and offer the 64gb version.

        I have almost filled up my 64gb card too, probably photos, movies and videos.

        Now I just need to hit the lottory and I am good…

        • acemanx

          sold my note 2 today for 360, i figured if i waited until the 2nd, note 2 prices would plummet, the tmobile store offered 250 for it, but I was also worried the bid might go down once the note 3 was out. using a crap flipphone while i wait these next 2 weeks, it’s going to be so worth it!

  • anndy

    better have a 32gb or 64gb version or i’ll pass

    • staryoshi

      It has both, but only 32GB at launch. It also has a microSD expansion port.

  • MariaCline03

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    • Ralph

      Screw off Spammer!!!

    • TAN5150

      Well my best friend’s 2nd cousin twice removed best man’s uncle made $18,719 hunting down spammers last month, I will send him your way.

  • d12unk

    Note 3 only has 32gb-64gb options, i’m thinking of going for the tmobile version myself as sprint has and always will be garbage in my area, and i can’t afford Verizon.

  • staryoshi

    I’m upgrading from a Sprint GSII E4GT to the T-Mobile Note 3. I’ve had enough of Sprint’s garbage network.

  • Hakim Leveille

    I did it last year and never looked back, I was with sprint from 12-28-02 until 10-24-12 ,I made the switch on the day the Note 2 dropped for T-Mo (soooo worth it) do yourself a favor and switch