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Unlocked HTC One receiving Android 4.3 with many improvements


While US HTC One users are still stuck on Android 4.1, the unlocked global model is now getting its update to the newest version of Android, 4.3 Jelly Bean. Weighing in at 564.04MB, it’s a large one and improves on a lot of things and adds a few small features. Here is the full changelog:

  • Android 4.3 update
  • Battery charging percentage indicator
  • Improved Gallery
  • Low-light performance noticeably improved
  • Added few more Video highlights options
  • Ability to add soundtracks to your Highlights
  • Overall System got stable and more

The low light performance of the Ultrapixel camera is improved, which is great to hear. The One already excels in low light, but improvement is always a fantastic thing. You can also modify the actions of the home button, if you like a different configuration for the more complex actions.

Of course, US users will have to continue waiting. Both the Developer Edition and the global model now have the newest version of Android, while we have to wait two versions behind. And those with a global model, the rollout is happening over 2-3 weeks so check manually for updates in Settings and don’t fret if you don’t get it immediately.

Source: Android Highlights

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  • Donny

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  • ihatefanboys

    Cant wait till the carriers here in the US get their heads out of their proverbial asses and certify the updates so we all can have a taste of 4.3

    • pjamies

      Dude, you should have bought the DE version of the phone ..
      I myself am only going to buy Nexus or DE versions of phones from now on
      as I am still running ICS on mine, and I hate hearing about all the great features each
      new OS level brings to the table!! aaahhhh

    • SAJIDA111


  • Jonathan Cohen

    Sadly opted for the standard, price to be on T-MO

  • donger

    Go HTC.

  • britney freeze

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  • Brannigan

    I have the Developer Edition and I have not received the 4.3 update yet. It’s October 2nd and I have no idea when it’s actually going to show up. There’s a lot of unreliable information on the internet.

  • Partyking_Serg

    I have the international one and still can’t get the update. Any code to force the update?