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Verizon customers can get the HTC One for $49 from Best Buy


After many months of waiting, Verizon recently made their model of the HTC One available to the public. This is after the other three carriers had been selling it for a while. It’s ridiculous, but what is the best way to make up for an extremely long and unreasonable wait? A nice discount, of course.

If you head over to Best Buy, you can net an HTC One on Verizon for only $49.99 with a new two-year contract. This is $50 less than what the Sprint model goes for on Best Buy, $100 less than the AT&T model, and $150 less than the general retail price. You’ll be saving a good chunk of money on Verizon, which is generally pricey.

You can buy the phone in either silver or the new blue color. Sadly, the red (a perfect color for Verizon) is a Sprint exclusive, and black doesn’t seem to be available. If you’re interested, hit the source link to go to the Best Buy website and get ordering! But if you wanted to wait for more information on the HTC One Max, we couldn’t blame you.

Source: Best Buy

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  • kazahani


    A lot of retalers will price match other offers if you have an add to show them. A Verizon store won’t do it, but Target, Radio Shack, etc will price match for you so you can still get the phone right away without driving a long distance.

  • donger

    Good deal for a amazing phone.

  • Martyn Grace

    Still NO Black on Verizon! Very Disappointing! I am buying a phone next week and I am tempted to go to sprint to get the black. I am currently with Verizon.
    Sad and black is standard color at that!

  • Mr. Cool

    I take it this deal is now gone?