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YouTube mobile app will soon allow for temporary storage of videos for offline viewing

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There is a new feature coming to the mobile YouTube app, and you should definitely be excited for it. Google is planning to allow videos to be temporarily downloaded to the device to watch for later, when an internet connection is unavailable. Not only will this make commutes without data easier, but it could also open up the possibility of saving data.

YouTube playback in standard definition eats data and looks pretty poor on these newfangled 1080p displays, but HD playback will eat through a 5GB cap in half an hour (not literally). How will you get your fix of videos without wasting so much data? This new feature could mean you can add a few videos on a WiFi network then shut off data to watch them without using your mobile data.

The announcement unfortunately lacks any sort of detail, but we’ll find out more soon enough. It’s nice to see YouTube trying to improve the user experience, and we’re sure this feature will help quite a few people. Are you excited to be able to watch YouTube videos offline? Leave a comment!

Source: YouTube Blog

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  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    Nice! YouTube is coming along better with every update. I want to see 1080p mobile support, reply to comments, and checking my inbox.

    • jamal adam

      It would be awesome if they could address those much needed features with the the release of KitKat.

  • AChackes

    need this for the Netflix App

  • mandream

    This is fantastic news. Can’t wait.

  • HowlPendragon

    I thought this was already a feature. The YouTube app has had a “Preloading” option in the settings since around the beginning of this year.

    Unless I’m misunderstanding.

    • NasLAU

      As I understand it preloading still needs an initial data connection to be established. In hindsight this looks like Google was laying the groundwork for this announcement with that feature.

  • JQuest81

    This is actually pretty awesome. One thing I’d *really* like to see from the YouTube app is floating windows. It would be nice to do other things on your device while watching the more lengthy videos. I know there are 3rd party apps, but those always tend to be kind of glitchy

  • redraider133

    Youtube is really making their app better with each update. I look forward to every update and all of the new features they will include.

  • renyo

    And now all the non-gamers will truly see how limited internal storage is… Especially if they download HD videos for viewing later…

  • Odie

    Really wish they would bring back the ability to turn the screen off when using youtube to listen to music, had it on my Nexus One and it was great while driven to listen to a specific song I didn’t have on my iPod.

  • donger

    Yes, about time.