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5 things you can do to get ready for the release of the next Nexus


With the 8GB Nexus 4 already sold out and the 16GB Nexus 4 down to $250 at a limited supply, there’s no doubt there’s a new Nexus phone on the horizon. Not only that, but we also have a good feeling it’s already passed through the FCC — 5-inch 1080p display and all. So how can you prepare yourself to be one of the first people to buy and use the new device? Here’s 5 things you may want to look into.

1. Get Google Wallet set up

When the next Nexus, henceforth known as the Nexus 5, goes live on Google Play for purchase, you’re going to want to snap it up as quickly as possible. Previous Nexus devices have crashed the Play store like there’s no tomorrow, only to come back and show delayed shipping times. So, anything you can do to be ready the second the Nexus 5 is available will help. Since Google Play is very quick with Google Wallet, you’re going to want to get it set up.

To set up Google Wallet, head over to and follow the prompts. It’s really easy. If you already have Wallet set up, make sure your card is still good and ready to go.

2. Find a prepaid carrier that’s right for you

If the FCC filing is any indication, which we believe it is, you will be able to use the Nexus 5 on just about any carrier you want. Complete with LTE and all. But we highly recommend checking out the prepaid carrier market if you’re not already tied in with AT&T or someone similar.

When you buy a Nexus from Google Play, it comes unlocked and free of restrictions. Which means you don’t have to pay the hidden premium most post-paid 2-year contract plans have. For starters, check out someone like Straight Talk, who offers access to AT&T’s LTE towers, and costs around $50 a month for unlimited service. T-Mobile, whose LTE network is incredibly fast and growing quickly, offers a similar plan for $60 with no contract.

We’ll be doing a write-up on prepaid carriers in the near future, but for now, those two are great to start researching. You can also check out Slovei (who doesn’t have LTE access at the moment), Aio (prepaid AT&T with LTE) and Simple Mobile (LTE info is hard to come by).

3. Get ready to sell your old phone

What’s the best thing about buying unlocked phones off-contract? You can sell your old one to recover some of the costs. Let’s say you bought a Nexus 4 that is still in good condition, and you want to buy a Nexus 5. If you have a backup you could probably get away with selling the Nexus 4 soon (although, we don’t know exactly when the Nexus 5 will be released, so you may want to wait) or right after you buy the Nexus 5 to offset the cost.

There are a ton of easy ways to sell your phone these days that don’t involve dealing with people on Craigslist. There’s always eBay, which eats into your profits, but allows you to start an auction or set a firm price. There’s also Swappa, which lets you set your own price and work with people. And there are options like Gazelle, eBay instant sell and Amazon trade-in, which will offer you a lesser flat rate, but they make everything quick and painless. If you’ve never used eBay or Swappa in the past, check out these kind of services first.

Before you sell your phone, make sure you wipe all of your personal data and try to find as many of the original accessories as possible. Yes, even the box can make a difference in selling price.

4. Transfer your data

Google makes it really easy to keep a lot of things like your photos and documents synced to the cloud, but they do miss out on some things. Thankfully, there are tons of solutions for getting the files you want off your old phone and onto your new phone.

If you have a microSD card, there’s a good chance the Nexus 5 won’t be able to use it. You can take it out of your phone, though, and store the files from it either on your computer, which you can transfer to your new phone later, or upload them to a cloud storage service. You can also transfer files on your phone directly through a USB cable on Windows or with a USB cable and the Android File Transfer app on Mac.

As for cloud storage options, there are a ton. Google Drive works well enough for most people and comes with a decent amount of storage at 15GB. Google Drive features good web, Mac and Windows apps, which is important for transferring files all over the place. There’s also Dropbox, which is speedy and easily accessible, but comes with a very limited amount of storage. And there’s my personal favorite, Copy, which gives you 20GB if you sign up using a referral link. Copy also has a good web interface, apps for all platforms and a photo upload feature on Android where any picture you take is automatically uploaded to your Copy account. I’ve used that feature more times than I can count.

One of my favorite things to do when I get a new phone is hunt down a bunch of cool wallpapers and throw them in my Copy folder, so when I get my new phone and install Copy, I have some pretty pictures waiting for me.

5. Brag about it

So you’ve got your Google Wallet account all set up and ready to go. You’ve got a plan lined up with a cheap prepaid carrier. All the stuff for your old phone is packed up and ready to sell. And all of your important files are backed up on your computer or in a cloud storage locker, ready to be transferred to your brand new Nexus 5. It’s time to brag about it!

No one likes a braggart, but a few posts on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ about how excited you are can’t hurt, right?

If you have any questions or suggestions, let it flow in the comments below. We’ll be on the lookout for anything else we can help with.

Dustin Earley: Tech enthusiast; avid gamer; all around jolly guy.

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  • scotbotmosh

    Don’t forget to get your Google Edition devices ready to receive OTA’s for the next Android version!

    • Nate B.

      How does that prepare you for a Nexus branded device?

    • Lisa210

      my classmate’s mother-in-law makes $88/hr on the computer. She has been laid off for ten months but last month her payment was $21354 just working on the computer for a few hours. go now………..

  • Vance

    What solution do you recommend for backing up app data? In my perfect world, I’d be able to get a new phone, install a back-up app, login so said app, click restore and browse to the backup file on my SD card or tethered PC (or even better a cloud server somewhere) and have a TOTAL restore of my device: installed apps, including app data, text messages, pictures, configurations, wallpapers, etc. Is such a thing possible on a non-rooted device?

    • DroidSamurai


      • Vance

        Thanks fellas

  • DroidSamurai

    How can you miss Helium? I can’t live a day in the Android world without it! IMO, Google should just buy Helium ’cause all its past efforts to provide Android data backup/transfer suck so much that they are laughable.

    • Dustin Earley

      I thought Helium was root only for some odd reason. I tend to avoid recommending root only apps. I will definitely check this out this week.

      • inviolable

        If you’re not rooted, you have to sync the desktop client if you reboot your phone. If you are rooted, you just give it super user access. Otherwise it works the same either way. I think it’s a shame that a third party developer can come up with a way to backup data, but Google still hasn’t gotten around to it.

        • inviolable

          So that means the functionality has been there, just ignored all this time?

  • Andrew

    Let the N5′s FLOW!!!

    Bragging right here, right now!

    btw, anyone have an up-to-date predicted spec list for the beautiful N5?


  • Nick

    Yeah but you switch to another Android and lose all your progress on every app that doesn’t have log in. Goodbye high scores, power ios, completed levels. Stopped using so many games & will never purchase one. This alone may make me switch to ios. Unlocked levels I had spent months on all erased. One puzzle I had played for a year & 2000 levels erased. Angry Birds or Super Stockman Golf all erased and levels relocked. Switching Androids including Nexus has been a nightmare.

    • DroidSamurai

      Again, there’s Helium.

  • MariaCline03

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    • ZRod

      Little do you realize, she is working for Walt.

  • Bo

    So you gonna share that wallpaper folder or what?

  • ZRod

    My 5 things:
    1) Cry
    2) Refresh Android and Me wildly
    3) Pour over rumors
    4) Look at my bank account, cry some more
    5) Realize I can ask for it for Christmas, do the happy dance

  • jamal adam

    This sounds like it would be a great early birthday present to me.

  • pjamies

    6) Realize that Google Wallet only works in the USA, Cry some more …

  • Mike C.

    Unfortunately the next Nexus will be yet another very nice phone with insufficient flash memory and no way of expanding it. If only we could buy the google edition version of the HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4 in Europe.

  • donger

    Haha, love this article.

  • justdroppingaline

    With regards to cloud storage I highly recommend its still in beta and all new users receive 50 gb free

  • justdroppingaline

    With regards to cloud storage I highly recommend its still in beta and all new users receive 50 gb free.

  • justdroppingaline

    Sorry for leaving doubles

  • DragonPhyre

    You forgot “Set up Google Voice” because free visual voicemail, free texts, free calling from desktop clients, and one number that will ring every other number you ever get EVER is far too important of a step to forget.

  • Ian Francis

    I am due for an upgrade on AT&T and am looking to get a new phone. Is there any reason why I can’t buy a new phone, say an S4 or a Moto X on-contract, immediately sell the brand new, unopened phone, and use that money to buy a Nexus 5, essentially getting a free phone? I realize the cost on the phone is subsidized through my contract price, but I am not planning on switching from AT&T, so my monthly cost wouldn’t change. This just seems too easy.

    • arty

      Yep – WeLkome to the Party – You’re late in the Game.
      GF had a chance to do that as well. I suggested S4 bc of superiority/mSD/remov batt but she opted for the M7/One, so now she has to endure the drawbacks… xD

      Get either a 32GB S4 or Moto X or Note3 (once out) gotta think of HIGHEST resale value..
      if u want to hop on the iphone side, then 5S… (att will force an LTE plan whether u get S4/iFon/N3/MotoX etc..) So get the device u want :) – iM considering the Nex5, but not feeling the lack of mSD n remov batt… dang it!!

      That will leave plenty funds to cover the Nex5, a case, and a double double with animal friez..


  • Y314K

    Has anybody been able to figure out how to use/link PayPal/Bill Me Later to buy Google Devices… I thought it might be possible thru buying gift cards to add credit to the Google Play Store but for some reason Google does not allow devices to be bought with Google Play Store credits… Sucks…

    If we could pay for devices from PayPal/Bill me later we could finance the phones for 6 months with no interest… Looking to get two… So trying to find a solution…

    • Y314K

      Guess I better just get a Discover Card since between Oct.-Dec. the 5% cash back kicks in too…

  • Matt

    So I have to have a google wallet account if I want to buy a Nexus device? I don’t want to set one up if I don’t have to.

  • Ezra A.

    When can we expect Nexus 4 announcement and Android v4.4 availability? Is there a Google event coming up in next few weeks/months? I just got my Nexus 4 so forgive my enthusiasm, but I really want KitKat ASAP! :)

  • Matt G

    “For starters, check out someone like Straight Talk, who offers access to AT&T’s LTE towers…”

    Actually, no.

    A someone who’s used the unlocked HTC One with an AT&T Straight Talk micro-SIM, I can tell you that ST is now allowed to use AT&T’s LTE towers. 4G? Yes. LTE? No.

    And there’s a notable difference.