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How would you rank each Social Network?


Many of us at PhoneDog Media are working on a project with an opportunity to have substantial global impact. We would like your feedback in helping us rank existing social networks; will you help us by taking this simple three question survey?

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    where is question?

  • nivekkev

    The social networks that I do use/check on a regular bases I use differently so I get different info from each. So it is hard to really say one is better than the other, guess it would depend on what bit information is most important at the time.


    I recently bought 1,000 friends on facebook. Gotta love those social networks….

  • Tookule4skool

    So… you complete the survey and then no results? Why did I do this again?

    • TK

      Survey platform doesn’t have this feature. Results will be posted early next week.

    • Whistleblower hero Edward S.

      Dont worry, NSA got all the results….thoroughly recorded

      • Arnold

  • rafael

    G+ is the most complete in my opinion, but few familiar and friends migrate to there. Anyway its so well made that works as a complete news feed and forum for me, because of profiles I follow and communities I’m in . I access it everyday at least 3 times.

    • SGB101

      Got to agree, it looks stunning on all platforms and is great to use, sadly no one is there, so no one will go there.

      I’m quite glad actually, it’s like fb was in the early days.

  • Jimmy_Jo

    There’s no need to invent a better social network. The existing ones are enough as far as quantitiy. We need to include the quality.

  • poglad

    “you can be one of the 1st people to try iM5.”

    What be iM5? Did a search, it’s some kind of boy band???

  • alisiajluckett

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  • donger

    That’s a awesome story, want to tell it again?