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The new iPhones: One part Samsung, two parts Motorola and a dash of HTC


Apple unveiled their new line of iPhones today, and there were absolutely no surprises. Both the iPhone 5S and 5C each have their own merits and new features. But many of those features seemed all too familiar to us Android users. Did Apple source all their inspiration from other companies?

Before I begin, I’d like to mention that “sourcing inspiration from others” isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s actually common practice; companies take ideas from each other and improve upon them, hopefully creating awesome new ones in the process. But was Apple’s unveiling today purely based on what has been done many times before?

Let’s start with the new “budget” iPhone, the iPhone 5C. It’s not so budget in reality with a $549 price tag off-contract, but it has some new design choices. The design departs from traditional Apple aesthetics in favor of a glossy plastic back. Now, I won’t insult Apple for using plastics. I myself have defended plastics for a long time and will continue to do so. Plastic has a lot of merits, including durability (something the aluminum iPhones don’t have). However, this is probably the biggest thing Apple fans hate on Samsung for.

Yes, Samsung is known worldwide as the biggest user (abuser?) of plastics. All of their phones are glossy plastic, and many say it feels cheap even when it’s sturdy. I agree it doesn’t quite feel premium. But now that an iPhone is plastic and Apple is proud of it, what will people say about Samsung? Will those same Apple fans denounce the 5C? Doubtful. But the plastic, especially with the high gloss, is definitely reminiscent of the very company they’ve been suing for ages.

And what about the new iPhone 5S camera? Apple kept it at 8 megapixels, claiming that bigger pixels will equate to better photos. This is true, to an extent. Bigger pixels absorb more light, giving you lower shutter speeds and better low light performance. Do you know how I know that? HTC of course.

A huge selling point of the HTC One is the Ultrapixel camera. It’s a 4 megapixel sensor with big individual pixels, sacrificing resolution for better low light performance. The iPhone 5S camera may have bigger pixels than its predecessor at 1.5 microns, but the HTC One took it further, with a sensor that has massive 2 micron pixels. Apple tried to play HTC’s game, but to a lesser extent. Knowing Apple, it will end up being an amazing camera.

Then there’s the new M7 co-processor Apple announced. This chip is basically its own processor dedicated to movement tracking. It uses GPS, the gyroscope and the accelerometer to know what you’re doing with the device. Whether you’re walking, driving or sleeping, it will perform certain actions without a massive drain on battery by reducing the load on the CPU.

That’s a huge selling point of the new Motorola devices, namely the Moto X and the new DROID line. They all use the X8 chip, which has eight cores. Two are custom processors that serve specific purposes. There is a contextual processor and a language processor. Like the Apple M7, they stay on and collect data in a low power state to provide extra functions (like waking the device with your speech). It’s eerily similar, is it not?

You can even say that Apple gained inspiration from the old Motorola Atrix smartphone, which also had a fingerprint scanner. Apple’s implementation is awesome, hiding the scanner under the home button without an ugly sensor on the body. But it’s still something that the Android world has experienced, so it’s nothing “new” or exciting.

All of these new features and designs are good for Apple. There is nothing wrong with any of these decisions, even if they draw inspiration from other places. Again, it’s more than acceptable to do so and I won’t look down on Apple for it. But it’s interesting to see Apple gaining inspiration from everyone else, because it was a whole different situation years ago.

Before, Apple was the one with big innovations. Did it invent the smartphone, the touch screen or any of the basic functions of the iPhone? No, but it implemented them in a truly innovative fashion. Everyone drew inspiration from it, be it Samsung, HTC or even Google (and Android). In fact, Apple sued Samsung for drawing a little too much inspiration from their products. Now things are a bit different, aren’t they? Do you think Apple is done innovating or do you think they have some big things ahead?

Dima Aryeh is obsessed with all things car and tech. His time is split between gaming and fixing his racecar. He also does photography in his spare time.

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  • redraider133

    Apple has been doing this for years. Take the ideas of others and put it into their devices and claim they do it better. This is the first iPhone in awhile that truly feels behind the times. I wish the apple of old would return for more competition and to push manufacturers to push the envelope. Android is only going to continue getting better and become more and more enticing to regular consumers tired of the one size fits all apple mentality.

    • pekosROB

      Agreed – let’s see how much software can help them out to keep up. The first two versions of the iPhone were behind the times, the 3GS on to the 5 seemed to keep up within a year of current tech, this just seems like a step back. Other than the A7 I don’t know why any iFanboys would flock to this phone. Oh that’s right, it has a fruit on the back.

    • Manu

      Just remember Andriod isn’t a phone, its a platform used by many different manufactures. So it really isn’t fair to compare one iPhone to 10 different phones and then say that its something Android users have enjoyed for a while. Its true that the finger print thing was on a Motorola Atrix or the camera inspiration came from a HTC or the the M7 from the Moto X but those are three different phones each has one feature, the iPhone has all of them in one phone. So comparing one phone to many is’t really fair, it would be much better to compare the iPhone to the Galaxy S4 and rather than all phones using the Android software.

      • ashok pai

        your argument is both accurate and not. the point that everything is on a single phone is fine. but then we could also argue that not everyone needs a fingerprint scanner. a moto x would do just fine. or perhaps the upcoming nexus 5 which will be the closest to the iphone in terms of capability at half the price. we could also say that the iphone has a lot of capabilities that a single phone has – let me pick the honami z1:

        * No sdcard support
        * no dust/ water proof
        * iphone has a tiny/ screen and isn’t FHD
        * no NFC , nfc tags are so awesome!

        …just saying, no phone has it all.

  • mason

    Apple sucks always has and always will. I’ll stick to the king of cell phones HTC ONE.

  • Geovani Olivas

    Apple, you’re not even trying!

  • richard needham

    Great observations, and very true.

  • SGB101

    If the finger scanner works as fast as my home button, it will be epic, if it doesn’t, it will be disabled on all but the most paranoid users.

    Regarding Chinese cheap iPhone, everyone was way off the mark, this wasn’t to shift devices in Asia or Africa, it was about competing for the mid range in the US.

    The device is to expensive for emerging markets by a factor of two, Apple know that, they never aimed for that. They want the ‘average american’ that sees $99 next to $199, and doesn’t need ‘top end.

    I can’t see this working in Europe as we don’t pay upfront for our contract phones, so there is no $99 vs 199. Maybe some may go for the’ c’ over ‘s’ , but that will be style choice over price.

    • redraider133

      Not sure why they needed a brand new phone when they could have moved the 5 to lower tier like they have done for years. Plus the 4s is still a good option for many and cheaper both with contract and full price than the 5c

      • SGB101

        I agree, but maybe if you see a ‘old’phone, you may not want to pay $99.

        And tbh it is the old phone, with a new back.

        • Trobing

          I think that’s exactly what it is. Instead of simply making 5 $99 on contract like they always do with every new iPhone launch, they rebranded 5, put a lower price tag, and called it a new phone. All that while switching to a cheaper construction (plastic vs aluminum).

      • gmaninvan

        They likely did it because people would have trouble seeing the value in the 5S seeing as it looks identical to the 5. This allows them to compete in the mid range without diluting 5S sales. All in all though, for the price, potential buyers of the 5C are better off just getting the 5. The only thing the 5C adds is better optics in the camera but I think the sacrifice in quality of materials isn’t worth it.

        Knowing apple fans though, it will sell well and people will flock to stores claiming that they use a plastic that is better than what Samsung uses (not hard) lol.

        • Rand0m3

          For this to be mid-range (the c), top-tier phones would need to be near $1,000 US. They have no intention of competing with mid-range (the 250$ or so off contract phones) and zero interest with low-end (the sub 100$ phones that have been coming out lately for other platforms). That’s not who they are. I don’t think the colors will convert other platform users to iPhone users since other platforms have been doing color for years, but it may keep iPhone loyals from straying for a bit.

          • gmaninvan

            OK, maybe not midrange as it is typically defined. What I mean is that, in previous years, last years iPhone would have filled this spot in pricing. $99 vs. $200 on contract for the current model. What Apple did here was reduce their costs while selling the same internals as the previous years model in order to maximize profits on the lower end. This is why I said consumers will be better off buying last years model which they conveniently stopped shipping so it is a matter of picking up dwindling stock. At this point, you likely can’t even get the 5 anymore.

    • ePoch

      This 5c baffles me. I may not get it, I don’t know. But so much of apple, if not all, was built on the fact that they are a hardware company that builds great hardware. I’m an Android fan and I will admit this. And Apple has also built up this persona of catering to the elite. Where as only the cheap and poor buy android low end and mid-range devices. Now Apple seems to have lost some of this mystique with a cheap looking and “low-end” Apple. And naming it the 5c (cheap, crap, chinese, cheesy) doesn’t help. I fail to see the logic in their direction.

  • pjamies

    Here.. Here !!

  • bear831

    I’m going to defend Apple on the use of plastic at least until I physically hold one. My main issue with Samsung and the use of glossy plastic is their insistence on making it as slippery as possible, they even coined the term hyper-glaze finish. My assumption is that the new iPhone 5C will be similar to the iPhone 3G and 3GS in terms of finish. This is not a bad thing nor is it especially good. Glossy finishes scratch easily while matte finishes will become glossy over time. I personally prefer matte plastic over glossy but I also believe that the gloss finish holds up better over time. My favorite plastic device in terms of finish is currently split between the Motorola X and the Nexus 7 2013 edition.

    While not my favorite decision, i respect Apple and think the new colorful iPhone will actually outsell the more premium 5S (this does not mean I feel it is a great deal by any means). The average consumer who looks at the iPhone lineup probably doesn’t care about the specs (if they did they would consider a device running Android), instead they look at what appeals to them emotionally. Sometimes this emotional connection comes from owning a premium device, however in this case the colors offer a chance at a personal touch exactly like Motorola is attempting with the Moto X. This emotional component is a huge part of high end consumer goods, Apple uses it to great extent on their marketing and other companies do as well. Samsung has been continuously battered for their use of plastics on a flagship device, the iPhone 5C is not and does not pretend to be a flagship device. It would be a better comparison to put the iPhone 5C and Motorola X as the two mid-high tier devices to beat and the iPhone 5S and the Galaxy S4 as the flagships facing off.

    • KeithG

      I tend to agree with most of your arguments bar this:

      “The average consumer who looks at the iPhone lineup probably doesn’t care about the specs (if they did they would consider a device running Android)”

      It’s not all specs you know. Comparing with what I owned (iPhone4 vs Samsung Galaxy S3), spec-wise the SIII was up there, BUT, the UI is crappy and sluggish. 2-3 seconds for the home screen vs a fraction of a second on the iPhone 4. A quad-core vs a puny single core, but Goliath had his ass sent to Hades.

      What makes me angry is that I know that Android has potential. I own and use a Nexus 7 tablet and have a friend of mine owning a Nexus 4 and the UI is waaay better.

      Personally my choice goes to the best user experience something which Android has lagged due to its fragmented nature. Many people like me want a phone that just works, no tweaks needed.

      • SGB101

        If you have a 2-3 second wait for the home screen on your sgs3, something is broken.

        But I’m with you on the spec, cos apple have full control they can get more performance out of less power.

      • SoRHunter

        If I can be so bold, you are doing it wrong… There’s no need to keep the Samsung UI (Touchwiz) as you do in iOS. There are lots of launchers to choose from (some even like to duplicate iOS behaviour…). Get Nova Launcher and get rid of that crappy TW.

        On the lag-while-pressing-the-home-button issue, it’s true. Samsung insisted people wanted a voice assistant and its implementation is double pressing the home button. So, when you press once, it is still waiting for another press – before it realises you only want to go to the home screen. Go to S Voice’s settings and disable it. Then check the speed. ;)

  • fenlon

    Great write up. Very reasonable to see the phone market (and all tech) as a give and take innovation. If someone does it well, no need to reinvent the wheel, and in the end consumers benefit because that feature is usually incrementally improved. I am no fan of apple and am all thumbs when it comes to using their products, but I am not too stubborn to acknowledge that they steer technology in a positive direction. It is good to see that apple is now willing to admit that sometime form and function can actually have some practical implications and a middle ground.

  • redfish907

    Apple sued Samsung for copying the early iPhone design–the plastic iPhone 3G–remember those? Apple isn’t copying “Samsung’s use of plastic.”

    Second, while it makes for great drama on the authors part, Apple didn’t dream up using a low power standby chip (the M7) overnight. And they certainly didn’t watch the MotoX unveiling and suddenly start copying. Come on Dima let’s be real.

    • ken

      Yah I’m an android fan but this was pretty bullshit article.
      Moto x came out a month ago and you want people to think apple scrambled to research build and ship the m7? Let alone build software that changes automatically when detects different movement.
      And iPhone 3gs etc were plastic before Samsung had a copy in mind.

      I will give you the larger megapixels point but they did go better with 8 megapixels plus the 2 tone flash.

  • KC

    As usual, still NO NFC !!!! What a waste of money and time to get these iPhonies.

    • SGB101

      I wouldn’t worry about no nfc, it is on the rise, but if it does ever stick, it’s at least a year off.

  • julian king

    I wonder how long I’ll have to wait to see a news report of some getting their iPhone stolen and finger cut off?

  • Ken

    Hey, but the 5C comes in different colours!! Sheesh! When the most outstanding feature of a phone is that it comes in different colours, then you know you have problems.

  • John Maunous

    Very fair article. Whenever Apple is compared to android phones and vice versa, far too often the article and the comments veer towards the extremes. When you start saying ‘apple sucks’ or ‘android sucks’ there isn’t any merit to your comment beyond an opinion. I applaud your measured approach in your article.

    In regards to the question you pose, I do believe Apple is done innovating. For that matter, I believe that most smartphone companies are done innovating. Aside from sticking in a fully functioning A.I. along the lines of Jarvis in Iron-man + battery life, what more can be done? Moto X’s notification is not a real innovation, it just takes people’s behavior and creates a shortcut.
    Essentially, all new ‘innovations’ seem to be short cuts to making people lazier, to making things more efficient, to improving battery life.

    Real innovations in the past = camera in a phone-form; mp3 player in phone form; having a micro-computer in your pocket to do emails/documents; applications for work and play.

    I think phone innovations are done; now the innovations involve other technologies. I think that is why wearable gadgets is the thing now, with google glass or all those random smart watches.

    • donger

      wow, nicely said.

    • ari-free

      I don’t expect new phone versions to change the world. But I do expect them to make progress and I don’t think Apple is doing much. They keep repeating the same things about how awful Android is so that their fans won’t notice that they haven’t caught up with the state of the art.

    • Jimmy_Jo

      All innovation is to find an easier/mlore efficient way to do things. In essence innovation is the pursuit of laziness.

  • Sameer

    Ridiculously, Apple is dragging other manufacturer to court and now they are coping others. Apple going to sink soon

  • Mr Smile

    This is one of the most asinine articles I have ever read and the author clearly without a doubt, is speaking out of his ass.

    It is mind boggling to how such a ridiculous and to put it nicely, moronic article could even be written!


    • Tipcat


  • natalie

    *sigh* another tech newbie. Let me tell you, when it comes to phones, Apple is NOT an innovator. From the time they first launched the iPhone they say Apple is playing catch-up. Did they innovate the touchscreen? No, pocket PCs and Palm pilotshave touchscreen technology on mobile phones before iPhone but it was only the iPhone that executed this well. Did they innovate front facing cameras? Feature phones have front cameras for calling way before the iPhone but only when the iPhone had facetime did it become mainstream.

    Every iPhone release someone would say Apple is copying others. When they put 3G on the iPhone most smartphones at the time already have 3G. When they 3GS was released people say its incremental update, apple is playing catch up blah, blah, blah. EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR.

    Can anybody tell me what “first” can the iPhone claim when it comes to new phone technology? Nothing! They are copycats but they are damn good copycats that they can pass off whatever technology they have as “innovative”.

    Now Apple’s downfall won’t be because they failed to “innovate”, it would be if they failed to “execute”. Like what happened to Maps. If the fingerprint sensor isn’t as simple to use and if iOS 7 took away simplicity and ease of use of the previous iOS version then, well, it’s time to say good-bye to Apple.

    • SGB101

      They was the first to show it all worked as promised , and create a market for it.

    • Jordon

      They’re the first to have a 64 bit phone.

  • jamal adam

    The Apple revolution continues……..not.

  • JB_Gatot

    I’m very surprised that the author saw these connections but missed the obvious visual similarities with another brand.


    Seriously. Unibody polycarbonate in multiple colors has been the Lumia trademark as long ad there have been Windows phones.

    Again, not that copying is inherently bad. Apple is smart to use the Nokia’s best (looking) and mosy noticable feature. I just cant believe thia wasn’t the fist thing mentioned.

    • JB_Gatot

      Well, not always unibody, but colored plastics to be sure.

    • Dima Aryeh

      Nokia is Windows Phone, and this is an Android blog. While the connection between the iPhone 5C and the Lumia devices is AWESOME (I loved Nokia’s tweet about it), it doesn’t pertain to this blog unfortunately. But you’re very right!

  • Michael

    What a load of rubbish this article is.

    Samsung didn’t ‘invent’ the plastic phone haha… Up until the iPhone 4 all previous iPhones had a plastic curved high gloss back. iPhone 2, 3, 3GS. Phones back in the early 80′s were made from high gloss plastics….certainly not a Samsung invention.

    Camera technology also was not invented by HTC. Haha…. Small sensors and high pixel count doesn’t work…common knowledge for the past 6-8 years. Not an HTC One revolution!

    Multi core does not mean greater batter drain. The A7 can run on 1 core or 7 cores you complete idiot…. It can tailor it’s performance to the tast at hand, there for saving battery!!! Haha….

    Say what you like about Apple and them ‘copying’ but they seem to be winning in court mate, with Samsung paying out millions!!! And the HTC One has been a disaster for HTC with it’s market share going backwards.

    Apple operating system is the first to use a 64bit Kernel. It won’t be long before Android does the same….is that ‘copying’ as well then? Of course it isn’t.

    Get your facts straight before writing an article. You quite clearly no nothing of the tech you are educating people about.

    Laughably bad article.

    • SoRHunter

      No one ever said Samsung invented plastic. What was said is that Apple fans bash Samsung for its use of plastic in all devices, because it doesn’t feel like a premium finish. But now, Apple is ‘unapologetic’ using plastic.

      Small sensors have been used for a very long time in cameras, because it allows makers to keep the size small. How many cameras do you know that have a full 35mm sensor? HTC used the ‘ultrapixel’ feature in marketing to differentiate its camera. Want very good results on a smartphone? Go Lumia.1020.

      Winning in court is a dubious argument… Apple has won some cases and lost others. Even the ‘one million dollar’ settlement has been reduced and is still in dispute (with very good chances for Samsung to get a not-guilty verdict – check the ‘square with rounded corners’ patent dispute.

      HTC One is a lifesaver for HTC. Without its success, HTC was going down very fast, unable to compete in the market.

      Sure, Apple has a 64 bit architecture. What does it mean in real-life use? I’ll wait before commenting on that.

      • michael

        Apple have been using plastic across there entire range of there products for the past 10 years… There is no need for Apple to justify the use of Plastic on its phones, laptops..any of the products it makes. Apple has also never outwardly criticized any other brand for doing so? I’m not sure what the argument is here either? I’m a product designer and follow this very closely indeed. You really have NO IDEA what an earth you are talking about. You don’t know your history at all…many people on here don’t. Look back to the reinvention of the Apple brand as a whole back in the early 90′s…the iMac in particular. The use of semi transparent plastics for the casing, which was widely ripped off across the board.

        ‘Ultra pixel’ is a brand name for an existing technology your buffoon…haha. Again you don’t know your history or tech at all. Have a look at Sigmas sensor designs…less pixels / large size. They have been doing it this way on small and large sensors for years now. Its nothing new, its borrowed technology. I don’t think Apple have also claimed to have ‘the best’ camera phone either have they? Just that the new camera is better than the one on the 5. Its not in the same market as the Nokia…which is an outright Camera Phone.

        Apple is hands down winning the court battle hands down. They are also not multi-million dollar settlements….they run in the the 10′s of billions. Courts are impartial…so I think they a re very far from being dubious. It also isn’t coming down to who has the most money in these battles either – all of the companies involved have enough. The Steve Jobs Patent that Apple just won has HUGE implications for Samsung. You should look that up before commenting on these things.

        Have a loot at HTC’s stock performance and market share over the past two years. It has declined. So to say the HTC One has been a ‘Life Saver’ is factually incorrect.

        64Bit architecture is already the standard for desktops, laptops, in car, in flight etc etc….phones will be next. Android will be 64Bit within a release or two, that is absolutely assured! One of the less published advantages of 64bit operating systems is there battery saving properties (basically doing more with less), obviously a major issue with portable devices. If you re a gamer you will also be very happy to see a 64bit operating system on a phone.

        • The Phenom

          Michael, I can agree with some of what you said but to says courts are impartial is a crock of crap. The lawsuits fights have become insane and this back and forth only hurts us the consumer in the end. Winning a high dollar judgements sways people’s opinions of companies good or bad. 64 expandble storage phones have come out in several models over the last year or so which renders that as an invalid point. If Apple fails to move units with the latest “refresh” of the IPhone you can look to this “new” set of IPhones as the reason why.

      • SoRHunter

        You do realise that you don’t know me and it’s not polite to call names to other people when they disagree with you, don’t you?

        You don’t understand the ‘plastic issue’? Fine by me.

        I happen to like photography a lot and have been checking some specialized media. Apple has gone the route of HTC by not increasing the pixel count on its camera’s sensor (like the bump from Samsung from 8 MP to 13 MP) but rather increasing the pixel size. That is said in the original article. Hopefully, Apple’s implementation will be very good, software and lens-wise.

        The argument about Apple winning in court is dubious. I never said courts are un-impartional. Still, you should read the news more often, because your assessments are not true.

        I have a degree in Economics and specialized in Financial Markets. The decline of HTC is in the cards for a very long time. Its phone HTC One was a rare success in the recent past, rivalizing the likes of Samsung Galaxy S4 and directly competing for the throne of Android. HTC One has not plunged the company to dire straits; in fact, it gave them a breather by proving much needed profits.

        I will keep off commenting on 64 bit stuff until I see the practical use of that. Just like not commenting on the practical aspects of the fingerprint scanner. Much remains to be seen until I can form an informed opinion.

  • Pierre Marcotte

    Will Samsung, Motorola and HTC sue Apple now ? :)

    • michael

      yes….the cant get enough of suing each other. Mean while they continue to collaborate with the supply of components etc. They must have some very awkward phone calls.

    • Dima Aryeh

      Hope not! Apple shouldn’t get sued for this. All is fair.

  • dan

    why is androidandme talking about apple? who cares?

  • Nathan D.

    This is way I rag on my friend about their iPhones, it just not as good as Android.

  • Nekbeth

    This guy really hates Apple. I’m pretty sure he gets a pay cut to talk trash. Yes the fingerprint has been in another phone BUT DID IT WORKED?? NO!!!!, that’s why they discontinued it. Apple makes the fingerprint work perfectly in a phone for the FIRST TIME EVER. So yes that’s innovation. Meanwhile Sambsung just got sued for another copycat vacuum design.. No surprise there.

    • Dima Aryeh

      I don’t hate Apple. In fact, I comment many times about the positive side of Apple’s announcement. The fingerprint reader on the Atrix did work, fingerprint readers have been on multiple phones and countless laptops. Apple wasn’t the first to make it work.

  • snowbdr89

    Part this part that bottom line is its still a pos phone!!

  • Kevin C. Esses

    I love my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 :)

    • SGB101

      Your 14 days early.

  • Benoit Mendizabal

    I left mu iPhone 4 for Android devices a few years back. I don’t regret it and I don’t understand how I was bearing with the limitations Apple is forcing on its userbase :

    - mandatory iTunes
    - dictatorial app store rules for developpers
    - Apple doesn’t believe video games can tackle important subjects.
    - the list could go on for ages.

    To speak about the two devices displayed yesterday, I am amazed by the 5C. I believe that someone willing to put 599$ in a brand new phone does not really mind putting 100$ on the line to get the premium version aka the 5S. Even if that means you got to wait one extra month to get the 100$.

    I’m glad this phone has the same performance on apper as the 5S, but I can’t help but to see it as an incredible stupid way of throwing your entry on an entire market where Apple is absent.

    For 599$, you can have Android devices, that are high end performers like the HTC One who is a pretty sexy beast if you enjoy having a phone that looks good and feels like “premium”.

    It’s a wasted opportunity imo but the blinded fanbase is what keeps apple getting incredible money income. I usually compare them to Blizzard, fans are so “fans” that they’ll buy any game they do but since D3….things are started to change and I can’t help but think that Apple is following the same path.

    Fans are very forgiving but….to a point.

    I really hope people open their minds and look at what you get from the concurrence for the same price. All that BS about the “Apple experience” is not a valid argument now that Android is a mature system. All I had on my iPhone, I got it back on Android and much more.

    Please people, look, compare, try, think and then buy.

  • steven

    Yet Apple claims its the most innovative phone ever & the Apple faithful will believe this and buy this phone in droves. Many 4S users have their 2 year contracts expiring so will gladly get the new phone with a bigger screen.
    But I dont see a lot of really exciting features to make me switch from my Nexus even though I was hoping to see something exciting that would make me switch. The 5C pricing was also a bit ridiculous. If Google can come up with a high end Nexus 5 for under $400, they should do a major mass market campaign as this would be super attractive for Tmobile and prepaid customers

    • SGB101

      I just received a nexus4, 16gb, today (Xmas present for my lad 11)for the price of an 5s on contract.

      No brainer!

  • scottydroid1

    my Aunty Kayla just got an almost new green Infiniti QX80 SUV just by working from a macbook air… pop over here

  • aryin

    last time it was the screen size, this time it’s the color of the phone… thanks to apple’s latest tech.

    i wonder why this time apple doesn’t say “iphone5c is so much more than just another new product”, or “this is going to change everything all over again”

  • Amit

    Guess by next year same time we will be comparing only Android phones. Iphone will be a story of the past by the looks of it.

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  • iLikeapple

    I love apple

  • Ellie Madison

    Retina i Pad mini tear-down reveals i Pad Air and iPhone 5s parts. Retina i Pad mini is lifted from iPhone 5s because it gives less heat which is more important in a smaller form factor device.

  • Haseeb

    All i say Apple Got A level <3

  • Ninja_unmatched

    Who cares about the fingerprint scanner. That will be turned off on a large amount of phones. I live in an area where drugs dealers have iphones & a large part of the community has some sort of record. The fingerprint scanner won’t be welcomed by any of them. Then there are the NSA news & rumors that I hear alot mention at times. Some have no idea what they are talking about & just spit out what they heard or read & they go with that.

    Apple phones basically are just like any other phone. A conglomerate of taken ideas but Apple is the only one suing for their already taken ideas. This will in the long run kick them in the anus. They are not innovating now. So when the other companies they have sued create new innovations they will not be welcomed to take the idea. So again the iphones will be behind the times.

    Apple misses the point in how phones have matured. So now in doing the same to make iPhones & then suing other for doing what they did to others. Id say the companies will start to copyright (own) the ideas. Will only slow progress down. I’m just brainstorming here but I see this as a possible outcome.

  • Kavin William

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