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HTC: Android 4.3 rollout for HTC One to commence this week


The title says it all. Jason Mackenzie, President of HTC America took to Twitter this afternoon, announcing that the HTC One will start to receive the Android 4.3 update starting this week. Since service providers still need to sign off before the update is pushed to carrier branded phones, specific dates have not been given. What we do know is that the HTC One Developer Edition will receive the update this week, while One owners in Canada will see the update by the end of September. Jason Mackenzie sent out another tweet, claiming optimism that U.S. carriers will certify the update soon. No information was given regarding the European rollout of the HTC One’s Android 4.3 update.

Unfortunately, it looks like the HTC Droid DNA will not be getting the Android 4.3 update as originally promised. Jason Mackenzie sent out a clarification tweet, stating the Droid DNA would be getting all of the Sense 5 features with an Android 4.2.2 update which will hit sometime before the end of this year.

If you own the HTC One and live in North America, we suggest keeping a close eye on your phone for your Android 4.3 update. We can’t wait to see what new features HTC has in store with the Android 4.3 update and a new build of Sense. As soon as the update hits, we’ll let you know.

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • terrycloth

    good job htc. keep promising updates that you do not deliver, timely or otherwise.

    • Matilde McKinnon

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  • redraider133

    Ah good ol htc. Promise an update and then not meet it/backtrack…. And you wonder why you are in the situation you are in…

    • Malinois71

      HTC is going to be the new BB. I’ll be surprised if they are around in 5 years. The One is arguably the best phone out but there is no marketing for it. That stupid RDJ what fits HTC stands for makes no sense. 99% of people you ask still dint know what HTC stands for. I have a HTC One on Sprint so I have the worst combo possible. Leadership for both companies is a joke.

      • Jason Booth

        agreed sir.I also was really looking forward to the new suite of features releasing with 4.3 only realizing that HTC was refering to a dev version that maybe a thousand people have tops lol I think the one is an awesome device that deserves Apple quality exposure ,but unfortunately at this rate will never see it :-(

        • Sean

          Don’t blame HTC for not bringing to the carrier versions of the phones in a timely manner. HTC releases it for the dev phone, then the carriers get to decide if it is worth their time and money to bring it out on their versions.

          • ihatefanboys

            Agreed, its not HTC’s fault that the carriers have to certify the update. Carriers should allow HTC to directly deliver the update without resistance or certification. The problem is that carriers want to make sure their bloatware remains intact after the update. Its not HTC’s fault. The only reason the DEV and Experience phones are getting the update is because they arent carrier branded. So the update IS ON TIME. If it wasnt for the carriers we would all be getting the update on time. I think that fact is getting lost in the mix and the HTC haters are in full effect doing what they always do, blaming HTC. The only thing HTC is guilty of is not doing a better job promoting an awesome phone, but they are promoting it.

  • Robert Mcbean

    I don’t understand why carriers have to even sign off on these updates, in reality this update is ready togo, ot has been for a while now. The iPhone doesn’t need any carriers to approve of their updates because Apple distributes the update themselves. This is reduculous. Carriers should not interfere with updates period. HTC needs to send out the update the way how Apple does it. The iPhone may be overrated but at least they know how to update a phone. OEM’s shouldn’t push updates through carriers, they should push it out themselves. Also, if that is done many devices will still be updated even if Verizon doesn’t really support that specific device. The DNA won’t be supported in the next 6 months or so. Updates should be snappy, they should be rolling out in rapid succession. If it weren’t for carriers Android wouldn’t be so fragmented. I can’t deal with this, my next device is going to a Nexus for sure.

    • redraider133

      Sadly apple has lot more pull and can pass the carriers, but with apple, they test it all at once and then send it out where as with android there are so many variants and the carriers have too much control. Sad but true, even with gsm carriers many updates still are stuck in the middle for much longer than they should be due to “testing”

    • Amir

      you do realize that iOS7 was announced in June, but just released last week? sure apple has a lot of pull, but they still have to go through the same process. i bet apple waits until all the carriers have certified the update before pushing it our, while android pushes each update out as the carriers certify it.

  • jamal adam

    I was excited to finally see that they kept their promise of get the update before the end of the month but after reading the article and seeing that the Droid DNA wasn’t getting the promised updated I was yet again disappointed. HTC really loves to screw with us.

  • t.j. sanders

    HTC promise 4.2.2 with sense 5 for HTC evo 4g LTE and still hasn’t happen. I asked them about future update on Twitter and they gave the run around . so I have too believe HTC only cares about what phone they want too care about.

    • Nick Gray

      The EVO 4G lte will be getting the update, just like the HTC One X.

  • SameDude36

    today wasn’t just the fifth birthday of android, it marked the five years of discontent and frustration I’ve felt when anticipating updates for some of my favorite HTC devices. [ can awkwardly say I've owned every handset they've offered on TMO US to date ]

    Maybe HTC should stop producing for awhile and begin improving some of their existing devices that were promised timely updates.

    • ihatefanboys

      The update is on time. Its rolling out in Canada and to Google Experience and Dev phones as we speak. The US carriers are the break in the proverbial track derailing the update to U.S devices, not HTC. Direct your frustrations at them and not HTC.

  • Adam Romero

    Verizon HTC One Included? If so we’d be lucky to see it anytime soon, Verizon loves taking they’re time “certifying” updates and devices.

  • donger


  • Jake

    HTC One owners on T-Mobile haven’t even gotten Android 4.2 yet, so I’m not holding out any hope we’ll see Android 4.3 on these devices in the near future.

    • z0phi3l

      Have you not been paying attention? They said a while ago that they would skip 4.2 and go straight to 4.3 here in the US, so chill out, hopefully T-Mobile approves the update soon

      • ihatefanboys

        LOL dont know how they people “in the know” missed that. 4.2 was considered such a minimal update, thats why HTC is skipping it and going straight to 4.3

  • Nataraju

    The HTC AMAZE 4G it will be getting the update, just like the HTC One X.

  • http:// susuFOX

    I have a Taiwanese HTC One, and I’m getting the update pop-up, but when I’m trying to download I’m getting an ‘Update is corrupted’ message :(

    • Farah

      Me too got corrupted update, I have HTC One version 801e (Taiwan)

  • drew

    I knew this Mackenzie Guy was either lying or didn’t no wtf he was talking about. I don’t really trust what he says anymore. He was wrong the first time so why would i believe he’s correct now? Time to sell the DNA n go for a note 3 or g2 or something. I believe after this update (if it ever comes) the DNA will reach its update stagnation point.

  • normandlam

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  • Nathan D.

    Awesome, I’ll be waiting for my update. Hopefully, it will not take so long.

  • Jonny5

    Wow it’s been out 5 mins you haven’t got it and people are bitching.
    Sound almost as bad as the iPhone brigade.

    I imagine as soon as 4.4 is out you’ll moan that you haven’t got it.

    You should be bitching at google for 2 version jumps in few months with another round the corner soon to be replace by version 5 and prob 6 (custard tart).

    There’s no pleasing some people,

    They say “as long as you have a hole in you ar5e, you’re never happy”,

  • Dustin Marquis

    Any news on HTC one x+?

  • Farah

    After update my HTC ONE to ver 4.3 now the htc drink battery charge like a fish, I fully charge battery %100 before going to sleep after 7 hours on morning I found battery level at 77% with activate Power Saver.