Oct 28 AT 1:37 PM Franklin Clinton 13 Comments

Get that iFruit for Android


Ay. Franklin here just droppin’ by to say hi to my homies and let y’all know that iFruit is up for y’all Android Gs now. ‘Bout time. Damn.

Get Lamar boy Chop a new collar, take his gangsta ass for a walk in the park, or just cruise with him ’round town in yo’ ride. Chop ass don’t ride in no back seat, though. He rather run home than look like a punk. Ay. And try not to kill the little fucker. He come back and all, but that shit make him real sad, homes.

While you at it, get somethin’ nice for yo’ ride. Maybe a new paint job, some rims. But you gon’ hafta be real creative you want a custom license plate. Most ones worth a damn gone by now.

So, get on that ish. Chop ready. You ready?


Loc'd out dope slangin' gangsta. Los Santos represent.

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  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    241 MB? Goddamn! But at least we finally get it! Later better than never!

  • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

    Franklin Clinton for new Managing Editor of Android and Me!!!

    • H0mncru5e

      As if they have an editor now!

  • Odie

    It’s about time. I can’t help but feel like the ship has sailed on this app already, at least for anyone that bought the game at launch. One day my fellow Androids, we will be viewed, not as second class citizens, but as equals to the elitists of the iOS community!

    • R.S

      I agree! With BF4 coming out tomorrow and the PS4 in about two weeks, I’ve already moved on and so have most of my friends.

  • SeanK_

    They really missed the ball on it. Both apps for both communities should have went out the same time. At least its here though.

  • SGB101

    I have this on the iPad and it sucked, downloading for Android now, but not expecting much.

    1/4 of a gig, of nor much!

    • SGB101

      All seems to work except the age verification box after the gta5 icon won’t fill!

      Other than that it’s the same crap as Idevices, I don’t know how they made such a good game, but such a bad app. Obviously an after thought

  • ihatefanboys

    Can someone translate this article from Ghetto to English please ?

  • Anonymous PS3 Player

    Oh happy day, oh happy day…
    Oh no, damn you Rockstar. Yes, you released your app today; but it’s not available for every Android device. WTF!!! You suck.

  • donger

    Awesome, GTA V.

  • Prashanth Sadasivan

    Good post :)
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    Website : http://www.andro-build.org

  • Mark Ballantyne

    Don’t work on my Xperia! Wtf!