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My Color Screen’s Themer enters closed beta, we go hands on


When My Color Screen announced Themer, its new app aimed at taking care of all the heavy lifting when applying in-depth themes to your Android device, it received a lot of attention. If anyone could make customizing your phone better, it would be My Color Screen. Well Themer has finally entered closed beta on Google Play, and we’ve had a chance to play around with to see just how good it is.

Before we get into actually using Themer, let’s talk for a very brief second on how it works. Themer essentially operates as a replacement launcher — much like Nova or Apex. Nothing is changed on the default launcher when applying themes. In order to make these crazy themes work, Themer uses a bunch of custom widgets made up of different fonts and pictures, full of different links and buttons.

The Themer launcher takes care of all the widgets, icons and wallpapers in a couple seconds from start to finish. You don’t have to do anything. You can export the themes to do some intense tinkering, or you can edit them as they currently sit as your new theme. You can customize a lot from the theme, but it’s really unnecessary. Since this app is already tailor-made for the lazy customizer in all of us, everything is set up to go.

Now, on to using Themer to customize your device. I’ll make this painfully simple: Themer is so easy to use, anyone could do it. I could end the hands-on here. All you do is pick a theme from a visual list, apply it, and you’re done. Every theme I tried worked well right from the get-go. In fact, I’d almost recommend not messing around with anything. Things get overly complicated when you start to mess with the custom widgets and the layout. Besides, if you wanted to do all that, you’d just make these themes by yourself, right?

As for the rest of the app, there’s not a whole lot to talk about. The settings menu is pretty limited, though is it easy to edit icons from there. You can favorite themes or search for themes. You can mess with folders, the desktop and the dock. But again, all of that’s unnecessary. If you take away one thing from this brief hands-on, make it this: Themer is very easy to use. It works exactly like you think. Apply the theme, and use it. I know I keep repeating myself on this, but it’s all I can think about while using the app. “I can’t believe how easy this is! It really does work.”

If you can get in on the beta, I highly recommend it. If you can’t, don’t worry, we’ll let you know when it’s available for everyone. With how well it works, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was sooner than later.


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    • duped

      seriously though?!??!?!

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    • Brandon Wong

      Lucky, I’m on 124,255…

  • Tav

    Windows Phone called, they want their U.I. back.

  • Jake

    It must be going quick because I just signed up and only have 6,873 in front of me. :D

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  • LSUP

    I got in today. And youre right, themer works really well. For a little bit earlier, Google Play crashed on me a few times- otherwise so far its been smooth.

    I swapped between 3 themes so far and its been so simple, they put a lot of thought into it. For example, if it asked me on one theme which SMS I use, it remained the default no matter which theme I used.

  • RJ

    it looks just like BuzzLauncher… i’m gonna try it

  • donger

    Looks good.

  • nisi

    Can anyone spare me a code?? I have 57, 000 in front of me lol

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  • tkarel

    And the survey says…
    86,712 ahead of me

  • Cwalden21

    So since this is a launcher like replacement.. will using this remove the blinkfeed functionality from my HTC One??

    • eggwolio

      Yes, but it’s still totally worth playing with. The absence of Blinkfeed is currently the only thing I dislike about it.

      • Cwalden21

        Ahhh man that hurts :( I will still give it a try though since i was just given a beta code! Thanks for lettin me know

  • StolnHeartDealr

    I thought this was going to be ‘MyColorScreen’s Theme “Sharing” app… I had hoped I could browse any number of it’s user’s social homescreen images, buy/install the widgets used and have everything (icons, wallpapers, settings) automatically set up for me. The stock themes aren’t all that great, there are few and there’s no way to share, import or upload themes that I can see.

    • Brandon

      I think that’s ultimately what they’re going for. But right now, being a beta and all, it’s limited to whatever they’ve uploaded.

      I like a lot of the homescreens, personally.

  • Oliver Bray

    There are 54,738 people in front of me… Why can’t we just like not need a code?

  • Josette Sandroussi

    How. Can i have a code to try this???

  • Bharadwaj Alamuri

    I have 89500 ppl in front of me. Can anyone spare me with a code.

  • jordan

    I’ve tried both and must say at the moment buzz is far more better.
    1) Most important for me is gestures. I never keep any icons for call or message or anything on the main home screen. I like it clean. so with buzz i swipe up to call someone, swipe down to read a message, double tap to start the flashlight, two finger swipe down for camera and two finger swipe up for chrome( i can do this from any of the available 9 homescreens). i didn’t find this on themer.

    2) A big letdown for me is not being able to use more than one theme at a time. In buzz, if a theme pack has 3 homescreens to download, i can decide to use just one of those screens and for the remaining home screens i can download and use other theme packs of my choice. in total buzz allows 9 homescreens and i can design every screen with different theme pack. With themer you have to be content with just one theme pack at a time

    These are the only two reasons I’ve gone back to buzz within 5 mins but will be looking forward to see what improvements themer introduces

    Positives: 1)easy to set up
    2)unlike buzz you dont have to download widgets after you have downloaded the pack. it
    should be downloaded with the pack. so it is basically one touch set up, as the devs claim.

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