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Best Android phones: fall 2013

HTC One (2)

When you think of fall, you probably think of changing leaves, crisp air, and hot apple cider. But one other thing that should be associated with fall is that it’s a season of new releases, especially in the world of mobile devices. That means that a lot of people are now looking for a new device to purchase. With that thought in mind, we decided that it would be a smart decision to provide a staff list of our top three Android phones for each carrier.

This isn’t dictating what phone is best for you or anything as everybody has different needs when it comes to a smartphone. But, we are hoping that this at least gives you a reference or a nudge as to which phones you should really consider. If there’s something on the list that you really disagree with, just keep in mind that these are merely what our staff picks are. We don’t expect everyone to agree and we certainly don’t want you to take these as law. If there’s another phone that’s not on the list that you really feel is just perfect for you, then go ahead and get it! These are just some ideas to get your noggin a-thinking.

Without further ado, our staff picks for the best Android phones of fall 2013. Happy shopping!

Staff picks

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  2. HTC One
  3. LG G2
 Staff picks

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  2. HTC One
  3. Samsung Galaxy S 4
Staff picks

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  2. HTC One
  3. Motorola Moto X
 Staff picks

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  2. HTC One
  3. LG G2
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  • Jay


    • Richard Yarrell

      Note 3 is the number one handset period. Nothing else matters

      • snowbdr89

        Dick Harrell is the number one dummy period nothing else matters!!

        • snowbdr89

          Edit : yarrell

          • Richard Yarrell


        • Richard Yarrell

          Guess times are pretty hard for people like you trolling the internet and never buying. You have been a useless hole for years on this site. It’s a sad conclusion go play with your sad crappy ass 2010 phone and get lost loser…

          • squiddy20

            1. You say almost literally the same exact stuff to anyone that doesn’t think exactly like you, which is just about everyone. You certainly do have a narrow, one-track mind Dick Yarrell.
            2. And how do you know what phone he has? Like with me, you don’t even know his real name or where he lives. You know absolutely nothing substantive about him. Man, talk about “useless”, unfounded insults. Go get a life.
            3. The best you can come up with is “dildo”? Is that even an insult? Are you calling him a dildo or just saying the word? What a moronic little child.

          • snowbdr89

            S4 and a htc one Google edition is a 2010 device?

  • Trevor Cameron

    Wow… Not even an honorable mention for the Droid MAXX on Verizon? I have had the phone since about a week after launch, and I love it. The battery life is still simply amazing, the phone works super fast, I love the features.

    After seeing my phone, five other people have gone out and got the same thing and two other friends are going to get one in January when their contract is up.

    • andrew Goodwin

      Trevor, I thought the same thing. I had the HTC one on sprint (which was a great phone, but did have a few glitches.) and I just switched to Verizon. This Droid max is faster, the battery life is so nice to have, and (for me) had everything i liked about my One. and doesn’t have everything I didn’t like. plus the quick camera feature combined with the 10 mp camera has been that much better than the HTC. Lastly, I kinda like the ability to talk to google now.

      You know what else. I have liked that when you pick it up or move it a little it shows you the time and notifications.

      While I agree with these writers those phones they mentioned are good. I can’t see why an almost stock android experience and 24 battery life didn’t get mentioned.

      • SGB101

        I didn’t think the one x had can battery in it!

      • Trevor Cameron

        You hit it on the head with the fact that a phone with an almost stock experience, didn’t even make the list. I think it’s pretty safe to say that most people that visit AAM really embrace the stock experience. Motorola did such a good job of staying true to that, but adding in just a few great features that I use all the time. The only feature that I only use occasionally (although it’s fun when I do) is the Droid Zap.

        I also feel that as power users, having 48 hour battery life vs a 1080 screen, the choice is simple!

        I’m also sick of hearing about the fact that it has only a dual core processor. My phone is just as responsive as any phone I’ve put it up against. More cores doesn’t always equal better performance.

        So my big question for all of the AAM contributors, why have you basically panned such a great phone?

  • Marcell

    wow, note3 is considered a phone? It’s good, but no phone in my eyes.

    • breckdroid

      At the very least it does make telephone calls so I think we can all agree that makes it a phone.

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    I like how the HTC one is second place in all lol.

  • kishan

    Hmmm.. Note 3 is a phablet. But lets consider that a phone.
    But I thought LG G2 is better than all others? HTC One wins in premium feel dept. But other than that, G2 wins Handsdown after Note 3 ( in Phablet category)

    • LukeT32

      Agreed. Couldn’t be happier with my G2!

  • http://muddypa.ws/blog nportelli

    Soooo did Samsung pay for this or what? Nothing should be considered a phone if it is larger than 4.7″. Even that is pushing it.

    • Fiasko

      I’m sure if Samsung paid the S4 would have made more of the lists. The reason the note is the to is that it just came out and they put the time in to polish it up.

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      Who are we, as mere mortals, to impose restrictions on the size of a phone? How could we exclude a device simply because it was MADE different? We believe in equal opportunity, and the Galaxy Note 3 may be a bit large, but it is still BEAUTIFUL. And we respect that. #preach

      And no, no one paid us. The Galaxy Note 3 was just a surprisingly fantastic phone, an upgrade the Galaxy S4 didn’t quite live up to be.

      • Joel

        AMEN GOTDAMMIT! If it makes phone calls, its a phone. Just like how it plays music and its still a phone, Plays games and its still a phone, Has a calender and its still a phone..#preach

        • Christian

          You can make calls on a computer, Does that make it a phone? You can also play music, games and it can have a calendar.

          • MClerigo

            Does your computer makes GSM phone calls? What card are you using? ;)

    • jamal adam

      That’s your opinion and that’s fine but when millions of people around the world are buying larger devices such as the Note 3, it means that people want them. There is a big market for them and Samsung clearly knows it, which is why they made the space for it in the first place with the first Note.

    • Adam

      If I can hold it in my hand, make phone calls with it and put it in my pocket when I’m done with it, I’m okay with calling it a phone.

    • SGB101

      I’d not consider one under 5.5″,but I’m not telling others what they should or shouldn’t be considering, as I’m no a total dick head.

  • Abhinav Chatterjee

    I think Samsung and htc just paid androidandme to write this article….Why Xperia Z1 is not in the list? Nor LG G2 they both are better phones than s4 and htc one……

    • Fiasko

      The G2 made two of the four lists. That is pretty good for a phone I have never actually seen someone carrying around. The Z1 has the same issues, nobody I have met actually uses one out knows what it is. Def good phones thigh and making lists like this will help them to become more main stream

      • SGB101

        I’ve not seen a z1 in public, but it’s a real stunner, and feels nice in the hand, add to that it’s water resistance and a bit rugged, I think it is under apreaciated but all. Including me.

        Note 3 to much bloat, LG bad ui, one will dint and look shifty in 2 months, sg4 Same boat issue.

        Personally I’d go note3 and root, but don’t think it offers me much over the note2 (cm10.2) I’m running now, well not £600 extra value!

    • guest

      I think they excluded the z1 because it wasnt released in the US until this week and that is the off network 3G version which i think is only available for preorder? I wondered why the z1 wasnt on there too, i think they just did it based on phones currently available by carriers offering them

  • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

    Come on people, do you really think we’d take money from Samsung and HTC to write an article? Yes, the LG G2 has better specs, but a good phone is a lot more than just a spec sheet. The G2 has some serious usability issues with the buttons on the back of the phone and LG is still lagging behind Samsung and HTC when it comes to custom skins on top of Android.

    Personally, my picks were for the HTC One, Note 3 and LG G2. I still think HTC has a better complete package when compared to the competition based on internal storage, speakers, camera, software and construction.

    I’m sure we’ll be revising the list as soon as the Nexus 5 is announced, as long as Google can convince US carriers to pick it up.

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      Wait… Samsung didn’t pay you? Awk…

      Yep, Android and Me is divided in that sense! We have Samsung fanboys, HTC fanboys, and surprisingly no LG fanboys. But this is a group’s pick, and others may like a phone that’s low or not even on the list, but these are the picks of a few people.

      • Raptor

        Hey guys please clarify who pays who issue. Do Samsung or LG or Goog pay A&M for placing the ad or writing an article? Open us A&M finances a bit

    • Richard Yarrell

      Personally my pick is the Note 3 followed by the Htc One then the LgG2. Make no mistake the Galaxy Note 3 is far better than any Htc One or LgG2 they aren’t even in the same league as the Note 3 on it’s worst day

      • SGB101

        Talk about blinkered.

      • redraider133

        Actually other than ram the g2 is on par with the note and in some areas better ( screen, camera) so to say it isnt in the same league shows how jaded you are.

  • Raptor

    Best Android phones for $230-$350 (depending on 1 or 2GB RAM and 16 or 32GB ROM) for AT&T

    - 5″ UMI X2
    - 6″ ZOPO Captain S

    • Derek

      UMI X2 is only 2G on AT&T its only got WCDMA 900,2100

      ZOPO Captain S is the same. Its got WCDMA 850,2100. So, if you’re on AT&T and happen to be in a 3G 850Mhz area, you will get 3G, but there arent many of those in the US.

  • thymeless

    One Note 3 to rule them all

  • ellett

    Why is there no category for best unlocked phone?

    • SGB101

      They can all be purchased unlocked.

  • PaulieG

    Galaxy S4.. To many Samsung haters on this site.. As soon as you say anything nice about them you must have been paid off or something?

    Perhaps it’s the people making the accusations who are the ones receiving money!!

    I like the Note3 specs but the choice to drop IR was the deal breaker for me.

    HTC is a good phone, but I don’t give a rats bum for aluminum and run 73Gb of storage in my GS4 because I have external storage. I am currently on holiday and being able to swap my batteries is also a huge advantage. Lots of people think its a simple concession to make. For me its not, and I ‘use’ these features.

    Don’t know much about the LG’s.

    • http://www.androidandme.com Brooks Barnard

      The Note 3 does have an IR blaster just like the S4.

      • PaulieG

        Does it? None of the spec reviews I read mentioned it?

        If that’s the case then yes, its easily a worthy number 1.

        If only it had a fingerprint scanner….Not!! Lols.

    • J.B.

      I have the GN3 on Verizon and it does in fact have an IR blaster. It is on the top of the phone closer to the right corner. Actually it looks like it is right above the two proximity sesnors. Kind of hard to tell on the black model. LOL

  • jose

    se ve q no tendra errores no como los otros :D

  • Chuxter

    Fall of 2013 isn’t over. I think Nexus 5 would certainly make the lists.

  • NamelessTed

    This is a really weird list to me. I think the staff here and AndroidAndMe have vastly different priorities when it comes to a cell phone. The Moto X just barely sneaks in at No.3 on Sprint and doesn’t make the list for any other carrier. For me, the Moto X would be the number one phone on the market right now regardless of cost. Every other phone recommended here is simply too large for me to have any desire to use.

    Also understand that I just bought a Nexus 4 just a month ago when it went on sale for $200. Absolutely the best phone that $200 could ever buy a person. While I enjoy the larger screen (compared to my previous Nexus S) for viewing, it still feels just a bit big for one-handed use from time to time. Anything bigger than this would honestly be unusable for me personally.

    I think the biggest issue with this article is just that it offer no good information. Just slapping together a shitty list is useless to readers of this site. And making separate lists for each carrier is next to useless as all of them include both the Note 3 and the HTC One. It would make much more sense, and be much more useful to anybody reading this to do something like a “Top 5″ and go through each phone and explain why each is recommended by the staff, give a few pros and cons, and then list what carriers each of those phones is available for.

    I have been reading this site for quite a while now and have enjoyed it quite a bit. But the last couple of months feel like the writing quality has gone downhill in a big way. I don’t know what is going on behind the scenes but articles like this are not what made Android and Me interesting to read. You guys really need to get your shit together.

    • Richard Yarrell

      The Motorola Xphone is not the number one phone on the market that’s a comical statement at best. It doesn’t compare or compete with the Htc One, Galaxy S4, LgG2 or even Motorola’s own Droid Ultra. The hype on the Xphone is exactly just hype sales are not equaling the hype understand that. The Galaxy S4 undersold by Samsung’e standards and still outsold the Htc One and Moto X put together. Matter of fact the Galaxy Note 3 outsold the Xphone the first two weeks of sales.

      • squiddy20

        1. Just because it has lower specs than your “pimp slapping” Note 3, does not mean it is “useless” or “does not compete”. The iPhone has lower specs than even the Moto X and it excels at least in computational graphics. Try not to be such a mindless spec whore thinking “MOAR IS BETTARRRR!!!!1!!”
        2. “Matter of fact the Galaxy Note 3 outsold the Xphone the first two weeks of sales.” Go ahead and show us all this indisputable “fact”. The Note 3 hasn’t even been available in the US for 2 weeks. Idiot. Then of course, there’s this: http://www.sammobile.com/2013/09/25/samsung-galaxy-note-3-reception-disappointing-in-korea/ which, in the first sentence states that Samsung has “close to 40 million sales of the Galaxy Note devices since the first one was launched back in 2011…” Apple sold close to 10 million in the first 3 DAYS of the iPhone 5s/5c release.

      • redraider133

        Actually “best” is very subjective. It is the total experience, not just numbers on a sheet that make a phone the best. Please provide some numbers of sales for your claims about how well the note sold compared to the x, or are you just pulling that out of your a** like usual? I like samsung but you are worse than apple users with bashing everything non-samsung when only a short while ago you said the same thing about HTC and the evo line…

  • donger

    HTC One > Samsung Galaxy S4.

  • ASUDave

    This is a weird list. Just 1, 2, 3 for each carrier. No explanation, no description, just the list and the links. At least they could have said WHY they think the Note 3 is better than the HTC one or the G2.

  • petr

    This should be named Best Android Phones: fall 2013 IN AMERICA -__-

  • AndroidAndFreak
  • Margan Ahmed

    I like android phoned