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Amazon now shipping Chromecast internationally


Hot on the heels of Google expanding Chromecast compatibility to the official Hulu Plus app, those of you outside the US looking to get your hands on a Chromecast dongle won’t have to turn to the shady bowels of eBay anymore — Amazon’s got your back.

Available to order now, without so much as an announcement or brag-blog from Google, Amazon is shipping the Chromecast outside the US without significant markups or fees. So far, users throughout Europe, Australia and China have reported they are able to purchase the device without any problems. We imagine Google will begin to sell the device directly outside the US in due time, but for now, Amazon has officially become your best option. It’s worth noting that the Chromecast app is currently only available in the US. But that’s not a problem with Android’s ability to sideload .apk files.

Google has received a lot of flak for not getting companies on board with Chromecast compatible apps and services quick enough, but with the recent addition of Hulu, US users can now use Netflix, Hulu, Google Play media content and the entirety of the web with Google Chrome. Still not bad for $35. And rest assured, more content is coming.

To see if Chromecast is available in your country, hit up Amazon now.

Source: Android Central

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  • nicotinemind

    Damn. Doesn’t yet ship to Finland. Got all exited and all:(

  • Daniel Lomholt

    Not shipping to Denmark yet either :(

  • aranea

    I wonder if this will come with amazon extending its prime to chromecast. that’ll be awesome.

  • SGB101

    Just tried to buy, and said it couldn’t deliver to my address! Last i looked i lived in the UK.

    • mrben

      You need to buy it from Amazon.co.uk, rather than the link above.

      That being said – they’re retailing it at £60 (approx $96), which is probably more than twice what Google will sell it at when they finally release it through Play.

      • SGB101

        Seen that this morning, they can sing at that price!

        My ps3 does YouTube and Netflix cast, another TV has a roku (£35), and the final one an Xbox, so I don’t need one.

        I do want one just to play with and watch evolve, at $35 (£21)no problem, at £60 ($90) no chance. I can get a roku 2 £64, or apple tv 2012 for £74.

        • slurgg

          The £59.99 item isn’t being sold by Amazon, just being fulfilled by them. Ironically it is being sold by “Value 4 Less” … chancers!

          I’m in the same boat, don’t need one, but want one :)

  • RottenRonnie

    won’t ship to Australia either grr

  • Denny

    I really want to purchase one but I am unable to download the app from the Google play store. Can someone tell me how I could get around this?

  • azulpiscina

    Nothing here to brazil! :(

  • Pete

    Not available to Australia yet through Amazon..

    • Niko

      Mine has shipped. Potentially they’ve stopped accepting orders.

  • Jon

    wont ship to canada yet.

  • Kikkerman

    Just ordered mine! (Netherlands)

  • Dany74PL

    It cannot be shipped to Poland either.

  • Mateusz Jasek

    So it can be shipped internationally, but only if you live in the US

  • Geordiekrispy

    Looks like Amazon.com has closed it’s doors on shipping internationally again, any orders already placed are to be honoured though…

    • tanman888

      Good for those who got their orders in on time.

  • donger

    Go amazon.