Oct 21 AT 1:41 PM Dima Aryeh 159 Comments

Update: It’s live! BBM for Android officially coming today with a virtual line


That’s right, after all this waiting, Blackberry Messenger is officially coming today. Blackberry has announced that this afternoon, they are launching the BBM app on Google Play, the Apple App Store, and the Samsung App Store for all to use. The once incredibly popular chat service is finally going cross platform, and despite the negativity towards BBM, we’re still excited to try it.

There is still a catch to the release. Not everyone will be able to use BBM today, so you’ll have to be quick about downloading the app. As soon as it’s released, install it and enter your email address. You’ll be added to a virtual line of people waiting to use the service. If you signed up previously at BBM.com, you won’t have to wait. Considering how many people swarmed BBM servers when the app was last leaked, Blackberry wants to slowly ease the entire population onto BBM. This may be smart from a server standpoint, but will it drive people away not having friends using BBM on launch day?

The release is very close, so keep an eye on the Play Store and visit BBM.com from your mobile device for a direct link to your respective app market. Tell us if you get in line, and we’ll join you there!

Source: Blackberry

Dima Aryeh is a Russian obsessed with all things car and tech. His time is split between gaming and fixing his racecar. He also does photography in his spare time.

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  • Michael

    Looks like BBM.COM on my phone just hangs….. Probably lots of traffic and their servers unable to handle (once again!)

  • yurma415

    but why?

  • R.S

    I was able to download the app but that’s pretty much it. As soon as I opened it, the BBM Setup menu began and it’s been in the “Setting up BBM” for quite some time now. Never even got the chance to enter my email address.

    • Raj

      Works for everyonw I kno

      • eddy A

        Thanks…really helpful..idiot

    • Nathan

      You need to make sure you have your cell connection enabled. Try disabling your wifi potentially and trying again.

    • syamil

      you need to write your email @blackberry.com
      example:[email protected]

    • Dosjay

      I’m having the same issue. I never got the chance to enter my email address

  • JDR

    Really……….waited all this time to find it does not work on 2.3.7 Thanks alot Blackberry!

    • Raj

      Sorry, they coded for ICS and Jb

    • sid

      Tht means andriod 2.3 upgradeable to icecream sandwich is not compatible with bbm ??? We cant use bbm tht means ??

      • sid

        * icecream sandwich 4*

  • Mark Jacobs

    It’s not compatible with the Nexus 7 Tablet.

    • Raj

      Not for Tablets. Sorry.

    • goldenboyrb

      https://copy.com/lms89 <— i backed up the apk from my nexus 4, seems to work on my acer iconia tab a500, however they put me on the waiting list, so I can't guarantee it will work. but hey, it gets me to the waiting list!

      • ali

        Nice it work!!, thank you very much!

      • Nyein Chann Aung

        Thank you very much. !!!!

    • chris

      it dose work on the nexus 7 cos I have it the only way it works is to get its as an apk file not from the play store

      • mariam

        wats d link d download d apk file please

    • Pendekar hina kelang

      Mine is fine. I downloaded the file. And click using installer apps and done!

  • alexanderharri3

    I feel like this launch has a lot to do with nostalgia and less to do with people actually using BBM as a standalone app (unless to talk to those with a blackberry). WhatApp clearly shows a demand for this kind of service…so who knows?

  • aranea

    There is hangouts, whatsup, viber etc. so what’s the advantage of BBM?

    • Raj

      @aranea It offer simply one of the best messaging experiences out their. Whatsapp become popular as many people left BBM but still wanted to chat with their BlackBerry buddies. Whatsapp isn’t even free, bbm is. It is secure end to end. It protects your privacy via pin as you do not need to provide your phone #. It is portable to other phones and phone numbers. Viber isn’t even close once bbm voice comes Xplatform

      • SGB101

        It also sucks and is ugly

  • donger

    About time.

  • jyoti

    Got the app downloaded & enter. The. Email. But. No status. Of update still cant. Us. It

  • preksha

    waiting fr d email frm hours.. pissed off now
    how much more time it’ll take?

  • khalid

    not compatible with sony xperia e although its running on android 4.1 jelly bean..i wonder why!!!!

    • keabetswe

      it’s also not working on mine

  • khalid

    not compatible with sony xperia e although its running on android 4.1 jelly bean..i wonder why!!

    • mahendra

      Hi is bbm going to be released to all android phones including Sony Xperia Z

  • Prateek sudan

    Waiting for the mail from hours.
    Is there any estimated time??

  • Saleha

    Why not compatible with Xperia E 4.1 jelly bean android?

  • Billie-jo Spearman

    Not happy says it will run on android 4.0 or higher I have a Sony xperia E which runs 4.1.1 and it says it’s not compatible :/ waste of time that was!!

  • George Slade

    Why is it not compatable with the xperia e even though it is 4.1 jellybean

  • anuj

    Why is it not compatable with the xperia e even though it is 4.1 jellybean

  • keith lowson

    i have a sony xperia tipo rooted and updated firmware but yet it is still not able to download via teh google store, but i hhave managed to download the apk and install it manually but can only seem to use it with my wifi and not my normal internet connection :/ weird!

  • Demi

    I have the Xperia E and BBM says its not compatible with my version but it say any android above 4.0 I have the 4.1.1 version help me please why isn’t it working?

  • lalita

    Bbb works in sony Xperia z or not I download it but still waiting for the mail fRom past 8 hours….

    • boka

      did it work on your Z?

      • cedou2391

        I also want to know and where did u download it?i cant’t see it in the app store when I use my xperia z and on the bbm website I can’t download it?

  • derpor

    Not compatible with galaxy not GT-N8000

  • John

    I went on the BlackBerry website and click on down load the bbm app for android when it loads, the play store it says ‘your device isn’t compatible with this version’ even though my phone android version is 4.1.1

    Does anyone know what is going on is a glitch or something?

    anyone successfully downloaded blackberry messenger on to their sony xperia e can you tell me how to do it.

    • Catharina

      Will BBM came to the Samsung Galxy Ace S5830 to plz let me know

      • Coolio

        I know what you’re feeling right now; I have the same phone and the app won’t even show up in the Play Store.

    • Tony

      just download it from Google play. it should download and install relatively quickly. probably will open but will say connection problem once you try to open it.

    • marco

      Sorry guys I think its onlli for Samsung n iphone for now

  • Billie-jo Spearman

    Keith can you send the apk link please x

  • cheyenne

    Why isnt it working on Xperia e?!?

  • Adam

    I have a Sony Xperia j and it says it isn’t available in my country why

  • Georgie Benton

    Why isn’t BBM working on Sony Xperia E?

    • hamkelvin

      bbm is not working on arm v6 processor thats why. even though you have 4.0 upward it will not work except its arm v7

    • hamkelvin

      hello guys.please note: bbm is not working on arm v6 processor thats why. even though you have 4.0 upward it will not work except its arm v7 processor

  • Emily

    Bbm isn’t compatible for my phone – Samsung Galaxy Ace, Thanks alot Blackberry!

  • Gill Android

    Lots of noise from Xperia E owners :)

  • ghiar

    i have sony xperia tipo (android version 4.0.4) and xperia e (android version 4.1) but why i can’t download? “your device is not compatible with this version” it’s weired…. can anyone give me link for apk?

  • James stewart

    Hi there Can anyone help me i have a Tecmobile You40 android 4.0.4 Icecream Sandwhich and im trying to download bbm and its saying your device isnt compatable with this version

  • Scott

    i cant install it i get this message on playstore”This app is incompatible with your device.” when i log into google playstore running upgraded O.S 4.1.2 Jellybean, Device Model: Samsung Galaxy Chat GT-B5330L sucks how could they lie and say its for 4.0 and up when im running 4.1.2????

    • Mimi

      IKR Scott. I have the same problem and i’m soooooo annoyed by it. I would really like to know why the samsung galaxy chat phone is 4.0 and is still incompatible. Confused!!!!

  • Scott

    does rim have a email address or some way of contacting them or reporting issues to them like google does because this is terrible. thanks for nothing blackberry!!!!!!

  • ace

    Why doesn’t it work on Xperia E???

  • jaden

    I have a xperia e and I thought I couldnt get bbm but goldboyb put a link in his commet saying this a link to get bbm on tablets I clicked it on my phone and I was able to download it hope this helps all u xperia e users

    • Ashutosh

      plzz give me tht link plzzzzz with which u were able to install the app……….

    • umesh

      can you share the link
      hav n xperia play

  • derpor

    Which BBM version is compatible with galaxy note GT-N8000. Really want the app!

    • Ella

      download bbm apk from Google nd install on you phone. u will nid a wireless network to connect, it worked on my galaxy note 10.1

      • hany

        I try to dwnload from google play and it said not vompatable with my device my device is note 10.1 and is up to date..any idea how to solve the problem. Thx?

  • priyo

    i’m sorry but in GT-5330(chat) not compatible , why ? can u help a user (chat) or do u have link for posted

  • adrian

    i use xperia j with jelly bean and bbm just work on wifi.. Please fixed it :)

  • Real BBM APP
    • mario


  • Matt

    Doesn’t work for my Samsung Galaxy II – poo!

  • Nick

    i have Xperia E n it’s not working..
    incompatible device,, -.-

  • rizka

    I have samsung galaxy note 10.1 GT-N8000 JB 4.1 it’s incompatible device. Help me please

  • Axel

    I have Xperia e and i cant dowload why ? Help me please

  • gaurav

    Been waitin lng for dese app n nw its available its nt compatible wid my SONY XPERIA TIPO OS 4.0.4… Cn sme1 tel whats d glich n ne odr ways to download dese app???

  • macyjox

    Not compatible with my samsung ace 2? I thought it was all androids, have a fix up

  • indrianto

    Why not compatible with samsung galaxy GT-S6310 4.1.2 jelly bean android ?

    help me please

  • witha

    may be not compatible on sony Xperia. i have sony Xperia sola and bbm isn’t not working on my phone.

  • rads

    Gosh…this is annoying :( I’ve been waiting for the rmail thingy… How long does this take?

  • indah

    Why not compitable on samsung GT N8000 ?

  • Ibrahim

    It Work on my xperia e, but im still waiting for the email of confirmation. My whatsapp +918197287655 i will show you have on your xperia e..

  • Bubu

    I’ve been tryna get bbm on my Sony Xperia J nd it says nt available in ur country so will it ever b available in SA??

  • D C

    Can’t get it on my Xperia e,

    Somebody tell me the apk

    Please .

  • fery

    pliss tell me how to download bbm in xperia e. i beg youu

  • G

    Y cant u dwnload bbm for samsung galaxy ace 2

  • sneha

    When will bbm on galaxy tab 2

  • ellie

    why isnt it compatible with my samsun galaxy ace 2 ?

  • Courtney

    ive got the sony experia miro& it keeps saying we’re holding your spot in line ??? help :S

  • Scott

    It isn’t compatible for my Sony Experia U, any other way of downloading it?

  • nithin

    Is bbm availble fo galaxy y gt s5360

  • jay jay

    Hey. I cant seem to down load the bbm on my sisters phone. She has a sony xperia u. And saying she cant install it. Some plz help

  • yogo

    In Indonesia all xperia e users cannot install bbm as far as I know,, discrimination…

    • rishabh

      Guys try downloading apk. File. Of bbm from site apkdad

    • rishabh

      Guys try downloading apk. File. Of bbm from site apkdad it worked

  • Islam

    BBM doesnt work on galaxy note 10.1 . Thats bad .

  • Rabab Rizvi

    Why BBM is not working on samsung galaxy tab 2

  • nina

    i have sony experia j n i’m finished for download,but i can’t open that’s app,it’s say “your connection was lose,check ur connection”

  • holl

    Sorry but how ridiculous. What is the point in saying you were making BBM available for android users if hardly anybody could get it? Why is it not available for some android phones? I would like a decent explanation please:)

  • mike

    Got it on my Nexus and my wife’s Nexus. Works nicely, though I had to uninstall the app and reinstall after creating a bbm idea. Works nicely.

    Not going to bitch about issues with an app I got for free, either. But once I got it set up, it seems great. Hope either this gets some traction or Google does Hangouts as well (they’ve got a way to go in my opinion.)

  • Bleed blue

    I have Micromax canvas A92 and Samsung young , both is jelly bean enabled but when i was attempting to install BBM from app store it was displaying “not compatible with your handset” . .
    So guys who are using ICS and jelly bean dont be upset , download the app in your pc from that link http://www.nextwap.net/download/14920/New_Realese_BBM_APK_1.0.0.70_BlackBerry_Limited_Apps_Android.html

    and put it into your phone SD card or extarnal memory and then download apps installer from appstore , it will work.

    N.B: In that way you cant show your BBM app in My apps segment in app store but it will work smoothly except some log in issue due to extensive knock on BBM server.
    Cheers. :)

    • dwix

      Hi brow .. really you can install on cusrom ? what cusrom you are using .. please tell me …. I have a galaxy young …… my whatsapp 081916720080 … thank you before …

  • himanshu gupta

    when it vl available for samsung note one??

  • Mollie

    Hi, I have a sony Xperia M and on my google play store its saying its not compatible can someone please help?!

  • dwix

    compatible with lenovo s890

  • nobody

    I found this link:
    For Android which is not Compatible with BBM, try downloading here:

    BBM4AndroidCompatible.apk (12.7MB)

    wait 5 seconds – Skip Ad (Top Right) – Write CAPTCHA

    Hopefully helpful ..

  • Dana

    Not compatible For Galaxy Note 10.1 GT N8000 why???

  • Toto

    Why can’t I download bbm on my Xperia L???

  • Toto

    It keeps saying incompatible on your device for my Xperia L why???

  • robin

    is it not compatible for samsung note 10.1 ?

  • Nicole Fredericks

    Hi can anyone please advise why mine says not available in your country?

  • bintang

    bbm for android just work on ICS & JB thats meat armv7 + , if u run on armv6 like my ace , its says not compatible right? . u can open BBM.apk use rar , and opent libs app, ucan find folder with name armeabi-v7a thats mean just only for armv7 LOL. hopely the profesor on xda developer can help us (a armv6 user).

  • Sandra

    knp susah bnr si pgn buka bbm ny???

    • frenky

      Hp..nya apa non…soale punyaku lenovo..s560…bisa kok?
      Coba aja sign in dulu di http://www.bbm.com..

  • Chelsea

    My play store says my phone (samsung galaxy ace) is not compatible :( whyy

    • Rhapsody

      Because Samsung Galaxy Ace still run on ArmV6.

  • axharr

    It’s not working on m canvas A92…. hw can i

  • frenky

    It’s work on lenovo s560 android ICS..but its doesn’t work on samsung galaxy chat android jelly bean…please tell me why?

  • Juely28

    I downloaded Bbm on Xperia SP. But it can’t finish the setting up, and said a no connection founded, but actually I hv my inet running. I can browse, email etc but it just can’t connect to Bbm. Been 3 days now. Any advise pls?

    • wiwik

      I just success install bbm on my xperia sp, proxy on apn should be in blank or not set

  • Pamela

    Tell me why BBM doesn’t compatible for my Galaxy Samsung Ace 2? I hope there’d be available version for my android. Thanks!

  • hannah

    Im not able to download bbm fo ma xperia u…y??

  • hannah

    Im not able to use bbm fo ma xperiau…y??

    • Chloé Lees

      me too!

  • zuni

    does it support android 2.3??? if not plese please make it also for android 2.3 ,,,,,,

  • khaled karam

    bbm is not compatible on galaxy sgh-t959

  • Kimmi

    the article attached said I quote “Not everyone will be able to use BBM today” and “Blackberry wants to slowly ease the entire population onto BBM” they probably let the first 50 get it and will slowly increase that I remember when there servers crashed the last time the world came to a halt. I have a Sony Xperia Go android version 2.3.7 I could never download instagram but then I could so lets all calm down im sure we are satisfied with our phones as is otherwise we would have BlackBerries.

  • Ammar

    Please helpe out BBM isnt available on my app store using samsung galaxy ace 2 with android version 2,3.6

  • Sachin

    Is it compatible with Samsung galaxy Y???

    • samsung galaxy young

      Why ha?

  • Chloé Lees

    It doesn’t work for the Sony Xperia U? It says it’s unavailable for my software even though the phone is relatively new.

  • lea

    It states it’s not compatible with my Galaxy Tab 3 and not compatible with Galaxy Note either.

  • Marizaan Botes

    When I want to download bbm for my samsung note 10.1, it says it’s not compatible with my device…What to do?

  • cbdk

    My friends who have the same phone as me samsung galaxy ace 2 were able to download bbm but it said that it wasnt compatable with my phone i tried to update it but it said there were no updates avalible, what do i do!

  • olamide

    Am not able to install bbm on my Samsung galaxy note 10.1 GT-N8000 JB 4.1 .it returns an errror message that thr bbm is not compatible with my device.

    When will a compatible version be availble for this device.

  • Trish

    tried every possible download means for my Sony experia lt22i, yet to no avail, pls why o?

  • Trish

    tried every possible download means for my Sony experia lt22i, yet to no avail, pls why

  • ankit

    not compatible for samsung galaxy s gt-i9003….any fix up???

  • hamkelvin

    hello guys.please note: bbm is not working on arm v6 processor thats why. even though you have 4.0 upward it will not work except its arm v7 processor

  • Tunde

    it’s asking for Wi-Fi to setup and in my country we don’t have Wi-Fi. is there anyway I can have my setup pls

  • Lindsay

    Is bbm not compatiable for samsung GT-S7500???

  • Ella

    download bbm apk from Google nd install on you phone. u will nid a wireless network to connect

  • Olusoji Adewumi

    It is not compatible with Samsung Galaxy GT N8000.

  • samsung galaxy young

    Why my samsung galaxy ypung cannot download bbm

  • kay

    does bbm work on samsung galaxy ace 3???????

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  • frank

    please enable bbm to work on Android phone from version 2. upward, this will add more users to bbm social network which means bbm will be having the largest social network users, please I will be hoping for the result, thanks, we are waiting diligently

  • Alejandra

    A lot of people prefer line PC

  • Alejandra

    I like line PC

  • Bhargavi Reddy

    Is it available on Samsung android GT-S5360

  • Ma Adis

    I want a BBM on my Sony Xperia go, how can I download it?

  • bells

    For those who wants bbm on android from 4.0 if d normal download doesn’t work jst Search for(bbm for generic android 4.0,4.1 etc)

  • an

    Why i cant download bbm for my galaxt y? Please someone reply my comment .

  • marie

    Can I get bbm on my samsung galaxy tab3 ???

  • Quitespy

    Does not work on GT-N8000

  • Lexi

    Does bbm work on a Sony Xperia J phone? Been told different things so im not quite sure?

  • Jade

    I downloaded the app but its says opening bbm