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Buy an AT&T Moto X from Moto Maker today, get free SOL REPUBLIC headphones, Motorola Skip

Moto X freebies

The Moto X is an interesting device. Its complicated Motorola X8 processor with dedicated cores for various functions, customizable design and American manufacturing mean it’s a pricey phone to make. And despite people calling it overpriced, it really is worth what you’re getting. However, the spec to price ratio is still a little low for some. How about some freebies to sweeten the deal?

If you order a Moto X through Moto Maker today, Motorola will toss in a free Motorola Skip (which allows you to unlock your password protected Moto X with a tap on the accessory) and chalk-colored SOL REPUBLIC JAX in-ear headphones. Those are worth $19.99 and $39.99 respectively, so you get nearly $60 worth of free stuff just for customizing and buying the device in any color combination your heart desires (and Motorola offers).

Of course, this is only available to AT&T customers at the moment. Moto Maker is currently AT&T exclusive, so this offer only applies to them. And this is a one day offer, so you better buy it now if you’re interested because tomorrow the offer will be gone! The accessories will be automatically added to your cart, so don’t worry about trying to add them yourself. Will anyone be taking advantage of this deal?

Source: Moto Maker, Moto X
Via: Android Police

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  • www.phonewbie.com

    No one wants the Moto X. At&t you wasted money paying for a period of exclusivity and Motorola/Google, your phone was a flop, I hope you learned your lesson.

  • boston red sux

    Whats even funnier, Curt Schilling is broke. LOL, got what he deserved, criminal republican and ba$tardo. What a wonderful day.
    BTW, im not purchasing a moto x

  • donger

    Great deal.