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Glamour Red HTC One mini coming to the UK in November

HTC One Mini Red

The HTC One mini is a nice little device if you want something smaller than current flagships, though to be honest, it isn’t too much smaller. Regardless, the standard silver color can just be so drab, failing to bring a festive aspect to your life. So how do you get around that? By getting a colorful phone of course! For those in the UK, the Glamour Red model of the HTC One mini will be available sometime next month.

The exclusive retailer of the red HTC One mini in the UK will be Phones4U, and if the price of the red model will be the same as the others, it will go for £389.95 without a contract or free on plans starting at £26 per month. The red model might just be a bit pricier, but we’ll see come launch day.

It’s hard to get excited about a new color for a smartphone that has already been released, but HTC really knows how to make a colorful phone look good. With red aluminum and the red plastic trim around the edges, it looks high-end without being tacky. Would you get the red HTC One mini, or would you rather spring for the higher end One? Leave a comment!

Via: Android Central

Source: Phones4U

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