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Google working with Verizon on “a set of projects for 2014″


Many of you know Verizon’s history with Nexus devices. The first Nexus device to ever grace the famous CDMA carrier was the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and it did so while also featuring LTE, something the unlocked version did not support. It should have been an incredibly impressive device; the instant and cutting edge updates of a Nexus device paired with Verizon’s speedy LTE network. But we know that’s not how it turned out.

Verizon basically killed the very point of a Nexus device by not updating it for long periods of time. It was launched with software bugs, and none of them were fixed for many months after release. Updates to later versions of Android were delayed to the point of being as slow as other manufacturers who had to slap skins on Android. It was a ridiculous situation and pissed off a lot of people.

The next Nexus device, the Nexus 4, skipped over Verizon entirely. Google retained its power to update the device as it sees fit by releasing it on one carrier, which allowed updates straight from Google. T-Mobile is cool like that.

Google gave the relationship with Verizon another shot with the Nexus 7 LTE 2013, which supported Verizon LTE bands. Verizon shot it down by saying that tablets need to be approved before they are allowed to be activated on the network. We haven’t heard a word about it since, so the Verizon LTE support is near useless.

The Nexus 5 was launched today, and with it came support for both GSM carriers and Sprint’s CDMA network, but no Verizon. We thought Google was done with Verizon, and honestly, we wouldn’t blame them. But it looks like there is more to it than that, as Google and Verizon are working together on some projects for 2014.

We don’t know what these projects are, but we can only assume that it’s a set of phones and tablets imitating the current Nexus lineup customized to Verizon’s liking. Whether customized to Verizon’s liking means locked bootloaders, slow updates and overall neutered features is anyone’s guess (we guess that’s exactly what it means). But for those stuck on Verizon, it may be better than nothing. Hopefully Google is firm about not messing them up too much. Are you interested in these projects? Leave a comment!

Source: The Verge

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  • yoaj

    Ordered my Nexus5 today. BYE BYE VZW!

    • Shadowlore

      I’ll be joining you in leaving VZW as soon as my contract with them is up (December.. due to purchasing 2 Galaxy Nexus devices when they launched).

      Can’t wait to GTFO of Verizon’s little realm of control.

    • Louis A

      That’s right!! verizon you can go eat sh*t!! I learn my lesson with the galaxy Nexus. My contract ends January and I’m taking my money to either T-Mobile or AT&T where I would be guaranteed a pure Google experience from a Nexus device with no slow updates, slow release, verizon tented device. No thanks!!

      • yoaj

        Go to StraightTalk!
        Unlimited Voice+Text and 2.5 gigs data @4GLTE speeds. Turn on wifi. Save $!
        I have been very happy with my move!

  • mrdoon

    Absolutely not! Why wait 3, 5, 9, 12 months for a watered down Nexus when there are other phones and networks out there? I’ve been in the market for a new phone and was holding out hope for some sort of miracle. At this point I’ll just pick from the handsets that are available (probably the G2 or Galaxy S4) and hope that VZW and Google will figure out a way to play nice or AT&T or T-Mobile will expand their LTE coverage to include the places I travel frequently to.

    • noyfb

      Some of us are still on contract with VZW, and have $30 unlimited data with no throttling, unlike every other carrier. I also have a GNex, but since it was announced the GNex is not supported by VZW anymore I’ll be switching to the Moto X on the 12 month device payment plan to retain unlimited still

      • Nimdae

        I bought a Droid Mini not too long ago. I paid full retail to avoid changes to my account. I made it clear to the sales rep that I did not want changes to my account so that I would retain the grandfathered unlimited data. He started to offer the payment plan option but realized it would cause a change that would remove the unlimited data.

        Verizon is no longer grandfathering unlimited data. Remember this when purchasing a new phone. ANY changes to your account, which the payment plan does apparently cause, will cause the loss of unlimited data.

        You will pay full price up front or lose your grandfathered plan.

  • LukeT32

    Who cares if VZW is slow to update the GNex… A majority of the people who purchased it would probably root it and run ROMs anyway. I have to think Google is missing a good portion of the market by skipping out on VZW again. VZW is by far the most popular nextwork here in the midwest. AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile is pretty much no existant, atleast here in Iowa.

    • Doan

      There’s irony in your comment. If a “majority” of people who purchase Nexus devices are going to root/ROM, Google isn’t missing much by not releasing to Verizon, as an extreme minority are rooters.

    • redraider133

      Agree. Even a slow to get updates nexus is better than any skinned device.

    • clocinnorcal

      I don’t think it’s Google that is skipping on Verizon. They tried to work with Verizon on the Gnex and caught a lot of flack for letting Verizon botch the whole philosophy of what it means to be a Nexus.

    • Slith

      VZW is really the only choice in here in Nebraska as well. Otherwise, I’d drop them like a bad habit.

      I did root the hell out of my Verizon G Nexus though.

  • TruFactz

    Lmfao “Verizon, there’s always next year”…………

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

    Google, have a bone to pick with Verizon. Apple gets what they want, you can get that also.

    • bcm154

      Apple doesn’t always get what they want… They tried putting the iPhone on VZW before AT&T. You would think they wouldn’t pass up opportunities like this after learning from their iPhone mistake, but then again, they were (and still are) the biggest provider in the country, even if they treat their customers like trash.

  • kid352003

    Don’t really care….Verizon fail to realize services and devices are seperate. Everyone knows they have the best service and Google has the best device(choice is always better), not speaking on hardware. Verizon wants to control both, if I want Google Wallet its my choice. I’m sure if we are not getting signal in a none dead zone that its not Verizon fault and Google would update the radios. The Verizon Galaxy Nexus was my biggest let down. Sold my company on fast updates from Google because of my Nexus 1. If I can’t buy it from the Google Play Store and put Verizon LTE SIM in it; use any app I want from Google Play and yes without restraints. Then Verizon should stay the one head monster they are. The Uncarrier is starting to look pretty nice especially with Gobal Data in 100 countries.

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    I guess we can always hope, just don’t fall too much in love with a Nexus phone unless you’re willing to ditch Verizon I guess. I am addicted to unlimited LTE.

    • Doan

      Unlimited LTE is the only thing keeping me tied to Verizon.

      • Justin

        Same here I have 4 lines with unlimited Data and have a GN on one. All I runs is roms on mine.

      • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

        And this is why I pay a ton of money to Verizon every month.

  • Mark Richardson

    Verizon never locks it boot loaders. Why would it bother? Can’t run any where else.

  • Jeff Messer

    *Rabble Rabble* Nexus 7 LTE grrrrr arrgggh.


  • anonymous

    Obviously, “a set of projects” refers to the set of Motorola Droid phones that they release every year. Nothing to be excited about here, guys. Sorry.

  • donger

    Verizon is expensive.

  • linkinmark5

    You say that like it means something. Its just the Moto Droid offerings. VZW is so greedy and unfair. I am so glad I left 3 years ago. I am with Sprint, have reasonable and True unlimited LTE service, have 2 additional phones and pay much less. Nexus 5 is in my sight!

  • Andrew DiMascio

    Google NEEDS to stay strong on this. I live in location where unless I’m going to sleep on a major highway I need verizon’s coverage. I had an upgrade available and used it on the droid dna since there wasn’t any clear sign of the HTC One on the horizon 8 months later…) but am very interested in any REAL nexus options and am tired of literally what was described in the article. After the twitter comment debacle by htc on their update time table you either need a flagship you actually like to get updates timely or a nexus.

  • http://www.sonicboomstick.com Bryan

    I don’t think they’ll be getting another nexus phone. “Google Experience” phones more likely, or they could be planning a vzw glass release.

  • KR

    Too little, too late. Already set sail to a more Android-friendly carrier, and love it.

    Unlimited data was good, but not worth the shackles.

  • Dude

    I still like my Verizon Galaxy Nexus *functionally* speaking, even if it isn’t updated. But its battery life is simply abysmal. I get less than 4 hours of it if I use it for anything more than a phone without a charger.

    • Michael Sherwood

      Yep. The battery is dreadful The only thing worse is the antanne. There are towers everywhere but rarely get data/www unless its via Wi-Fi. So disappointed there will be no Nexus 5 on Verizon.

  • Richard Guadagno

    In December I leave Verizon, with a tear in my eye, but a song in my heart. They do have the best network but they do not have the phones I want…. Nexus

    I have a Galaxy Nexus and I despised the support the phone received from Verizon.

  • jckeyes

    I’m leaving Verizon in a few weeks when I get my Nexus 5. For me, this is just too little too late.

  • MotoSpark

    I will also be leaving Verizon for T-Mobile in December when my contract runs out, probably pick up a Note 3, Verizon and the Gnex left a bad taste in my mouth, my Gnex still spontaneously reboots.


  • Nimdae

    My contract is up early next year. I need to drop a line from my plan, but Verizon is no longer grandfathering the unlimited data on plan changes, so it will mean I lose that.

    My GNex was starting to really anger me with poor battery life so I bought a new phone at full retail, making sure I got a SIM unlocked phone. I’m one of those people that has no problem with ROMs and whatnot and should have no problem updating as I need to outside of Verizon.

    As of now, I have T-Mobile in my sights. Friend of mine has a data-only plan with them and uses VOIP for voice communication. Both he and I don’t use the phone much, so it’s not likley to use up the data plans. Should save a LOT of money.

  • cliffy223

    To me if I was looking at the whole Nexus 5 situation from Verizon’s eyes I would say “meh” to selling it. The Nexus line doesn’t sell in high volumes like the S4 or One. Verizon is selling so many other Android phones from different companies that any loss of customers is made up pretty easily through retaining current customers (either from having the only “good” coverage area or selling customers on cheap or free phones). Until Google can put some major cash in advertising the Nexus line and start gaining market share from Samsung, HTC, and LG then Verizon isn’t going bother caring if it didn’t get the new Nexus 5.

  • Stauf99

    thank GOD google hasn’t been getting along with Verizon. After what they did to the Galaxy S4 and the pi$$ customer service I’ve received through multiple channels there after, I don’t want to see anyone helping VZW.

  • kurkosdr

    Wow! Sometimes, I am glad I live in Europe and not in the US. The US is supposed to be more technologically advanced, but everything is sort of… tainted there. You can’t just buy a phone and put the SIM of your favorite carrier (yes, CDMA phones can have SIMs), there are monopolies on broadband internet, ISPs are obligated to keep IP logs and rat you out to the content cartels and you can’t even legally get software to format shift commercial DVDs

  • Grandpa Data

    I’m stuck in the middle of this decision: to dump my unlimited data and get a N5 on TMobile/AIO or to get the Moto X on Verizon (I really like the Moto X too).

    I work in NYC where Verizon towers are at capacity from 8am-6pm and data on CDMA is 3x greater than LTE. It’s painfully slow and literally non-existent on LTE. TMobile offers far superior connection here. AT&T (aio) does too.

    Now my question is what the quantitative values of the opportunity cost of each compares to the other.

  • Scott F

    I’ve been a VZW customer for many years. I have had it with their hyper-control of the hardware they sell. The GNEX was the last straw. Contract is up in a month and can’t wait to dump Verizon and head over to another carrier with the N5.

  • E-man

    The only reason I stay with Verizon is because I’m grandfatherd in to their unlimited data plan. Or else I would have switched carriers a long time ago so that I can always stay up to date with the latest and greatest gadgets. I strongly dislike Verizon.

  • TAVoice

    Fkcu Verizon. They and AT&T need to be broken up. The Sherman anti trust act has been MIA since dirtbag reagan. Verizon and their sleaze bag in store sales reps try to screw people out their unlimited data plans at every opportunity. If it weren’t for my unlimited data plan I would have left years ago.
    The last phone I got was that POS droid bionic. I only use it for a hotspot now because it is so f’d up. Figure I’ll get my money back by tethering and not paying for it! :)