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Google’s smartwatch could be only a few months away from mass production


The Wall Street Journal has a lot of information on Google’s smartwatch, and if it ends up being true, we could see a release fairly soon. There have been virtually no substantial leaks on the device (which is great; I love a surprise), but this new information might help us piece together what kind of product we could see in the future.

The device is said to be running Android and based on Google Now, which will provide information as you need it often without you having to ask. The device won’t be connected to the Internet on its own, but instead will use a connected smartphone to download data. This won’t be a device you’ll have to buy a whole new SIM plan for.

Google is said to be focusing on battery life with this device, as we know how bad smartwatch battery life can get. Samsung’s Galaxy Gear lasts about a day on a single charge, and Google is trying to cut down on power usage to extend that time. Hopefully it’ll be at least three days, but a week long battery life is probably out of the question.

If this information is to be believed, Google’s smartwatch is a few months away from mass production. Despite the sparse info available, Google may just be very secretive and planning to launch the product in the first half of next year. Maybe that’s a little hopeful, but we can’t wait to see it. We also hope that Google will beat Apple to market.

Google’s smartwatch has to be very well priced to catch people’s eye over a recognizable brand like Galaxy, but for those who really know the difference it should be a fairly easy choice. Are you looking forward to Google’s smartwatch or are you not a fan of wearable technology? Leave a comment!

Via: Engadget

Source: Wall Street Journal

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  • Jay

    I’m having some degree of difficulty in seeing why I would need a smartwatch when I already have a smart phone. What apps are expected to be revolutionary on such a small screen, with limited battery life, that would cause me to use it over pulling my phone out of my pocket?

    • sere83


    • myandroid99

      That’s why you have to wait until Google announces it, they’ll tell you why you would “need” it…or better yet Apple, if they announce a smart watch…

    • Troik

      If you’re the type of user who only gets a call every couple of days, this is not for you. But if you’re one of those types, who uses texts, has his private and work emails linked on the phone, and might even use whatsapp or facebook, then you’ll get a lot of notifications every day. Just looking at your wrist to see what is what would be a smarter way of doing this then pulling your mobile out of the pocket 50 times a day.
      People who don’t already like to wear a watch will of course not like this. And that’s ok too.

    • mattcoz

      Much easier to look at a watch than pull your phone out of your pocket, turn it on, find the notification, open the app, etc. Also, how often do you pull your phone out just to check the time? I know I do quite a bit. As something new, I could see it being very useful as a remote control for my music while jogging.

      • june

        yeah gimme dat smartwatch!

  • elsantomoto

    People used to wonder why they would need a smart phone. Heck, the creators of the personal computer figured nobody would need, or even want, one. We see how that turned out.
    I’d love a smartwatch while mountain biking. I could do stuff with music, check the time, ignore phone calls, send a text alert after I crash, all while leaving my phone in my pack all safe and sound. Maybe even tag locations on Google Tracks and stuff like that.
    Besides, Captain Kirk had one. That makes it cool automatically.

  • Paul McClemens

    The watches google now would have to be based on my phone google now? I’m presuming. Google now on my S3 is Crap, unless I open it, the cards virtually never say anything. Even when they do show it’s only the weather! It’s rubbish!

    • jbcooley

      I have a Nexus and love Google Now. For me, it knows where I am and where I’m likely to go today. It knows what my next event is in my calendar and where I need to be for that event. It can remind me when I need to leave to get to my appointment on time. Since I also sign in to chrome, it knows when new information relevant to topics I research is available and will provide that to me. The voice recognition available in Google Now is just the icing on the cake.

      I also found it to be completely useless when I first started using it. I’ve had several friends new to android who don’t see anything there. I have to show them my screen before the see the value.

      • SGB101

        Now location dependent. I live in a small village and only ever see the weather and my ‘time to home’.

        But when I first went to London Google now came alive.

  • aranea

    Is there a chance that it’s going to be based on e-ink or color e-ink screens? Then it’s gonna have a good battery life and functionality.

    • pjamies

      Totally agree, they need to license Mirasol technology (from Qualcomm).
      This technology would be perfect for a watch.
      Watches really do not need high-end screens to display data, so this would be a perfect
      display type to use for the Android watch.

      By the way, Qualcomm already has a great looking watch which if not already for sale
      will be down the road. And it is Android app ready ..

      • SGB101

        I really like the Toq, it got announced the same time (ish) as the ‘gear’ and never got the news time it deserved.

        The scream looks great on it, it doesn’t need to be lcd, not until batteries catch up and at least 18 hours can be guaranteed at heavy usage.

        I’d rather have the Toq and never worry about charging. The interface was also very good.

  • Oflife

    Best use will be voice control. Unless wearing a headset, raise watch to your face, press button and: “Call Dad”, “Next track”, “What is the capital of Switzerland?”, “Yes, I will be there. On my way.” Etc…

  • TruFactz

    I think the watch would be more good for that person who walks, or lets say depends on public transportation, especially with the features that google maps can do. Imagine you’re at a bus stop or railway, and all you have to do is look at your watch and the bus/railway arrival time is already there. Compared to pulling out your phone pulling up maps, etc. Equipping it with nfc and wallet would be a boost to that brand.

  • Joseph

    This will be great for me, I’m not allowed to have my phone out at ALL while I’m at work or I’ll get fired, no questions ask. This will allow me to know whats going on without reaching into my pocket to be all sneaky and check who texted me or whos calling me and if its important or not. I personally can not wait for this.

  • Bart

    So that explains the reported barge in the SF bay! Hey Dima, if they hand them out free, get one for me.

  • Rising33

    Has anyone ever actually counted how many times in day they pick up their phone just to look a message received an not actually read the message because it’s not important or to actually read it because it is? I picked up my kid from school and while I was waiting I was receiving txt messages from my wife and had to keep pulling my phone out of my pocket just to see who it was and wether I was gonna answer back. And granted I didn’t want to keep holding the thing just to wait if my wife answered back. A smart watch also gives security and piece of mind knowing that in some public places u don’t wanna take out ur phone for fear of having it snatched out of ur hands. I know many people have this fear and I’m not the only one. So there’s a lot reasons to have one, like while ur driving ( don’t txt and drive ). Would be nice if they added voice answering capabilities.

  • Yugesh

    Cant wait to have this one

  • mikef3j

    Oh yes, BRING it!!!!!

  • Mugish Multani

    we need this smartwach in market very fast

  • Jer

    I hope it has GPS. Then I could run and ride without my phone.

  • E-man

    I would very much like the actual product to look like the watch on the picture displayed with the article.

  • Michael

    If it ends up looking thin and sleek like the picture there, then I’ll be all for it.

  • Louis Philippe Rodriguez

    I am excited about this smart watch. I like the fact it will be a true companion to my Google account, it will use a connected smartphone to download data.
    The future in now

  • iMediaVision

    How much smarter can our live get.

    Very Smart with a Nexus Watch

    Roll On Google Smart Watch Team – You got a sale over here.

  • sanjay surya

    Beside being a electronic device I would be looking for a watch capable of setting a landmark against the expensive branded watches.

  • Jason Wiens

    Definitely can see the use, especially as a quick view interface. One glance to see all pertinent information without having to take out your phone? Absolutely!