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HTC: Android 4.3 update coming to T-Mobile HTC One by ‘mid next week’

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After releasing the Android 4.3 update for the Sprint and AT&T HTC One, it looks like T-Mobile customers a next on the list to receive the update. HTC’s Jason Mackenzie sent out a reassuring tweet on Friday to confirm that the T-Mobile HTC One Android 4.3 update will be pushed out by the middle of next week. We’re not exactly sure when the update will be released, but we’d recommend keeping a close eye on your phone for an update notification on Tuesday or Wednesday.

The Android 4.3 update for the T-Mobile HTC One will come with the latest version of Sense 5, launcher bar enhancements, new BlinkFeed features, a widget lock screen style, home button behavior modification (remove black menu bar from screen), ability to display battery level percentage in the notification bar, quick settings, 6 new Video Highlights themes with custom music options, improved Zoe file management plus all of the standard Android enhancements included with Android 4.3

As soon as HTC release the Android 4.3 update for the T-Mobile HTC One, we’ll be sure to let you know. Stay tuned!

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  • Jake

    I wonder if there will ever be any explanation for why they skipped the Android 4.2 update and kept us stuck on Android 4.1 since the phone’s release. Who knows how many versions they will skip in the future.

    • James D Miles Jr.

      Good news android Google is planing on hanndeling most future updates threw Googleplay pprobably tired of manufactures taking to long

    • C Jacobs

      They skipped it because it didn’t offer any worthwhile improvements to justify the time to optimize it seeing as how Google released 4.3 less than a month later. All of the Nexus devices hadn’t even had 4.2 pushed out to them when 4.3 started rolling out.



      • Jake

        The changes made to the phone software were more significant than the Android 4.2 changes. Notably fixing the camera and photo management for the Zoe feature. Android 4.2 was released in Nov 2012, so they had plenty of time to work on this. I’m just concerned they may decide to skip more versions in the future for the same reasons.


    I heard its their last update before they file for chapter 11. But its just a rumor….

    • Droid Sam

      I love how ignorant people are and how they bring down companies who are leading smartphone innovation. HTC as only even posted one quarterly loss. According to the company’s financial records, they have upwards of $4 billion in the bank with much more in assets. If HTC loses $100 million every quarter, it’ll take them ten years to deplete their cash reserve.

      • C Jacobs

        Their 1st quarterly loss but they’ve been hemorrhaging money money for years. The only reason they hadn’t had a quarterly loss is because they kept writing down their forecasts whenever they’d notice that they were going to miss estimates. HTC is circling the drain and won’t be around in 2015 unless someone buys them. I’ve owned dozens of HTC phones and it’s truly sad to see them go out like this. They make great phones but there’s nothing innovative about them. They’ve made phones out of aluminum for years, they’ve made phones out of polycarbonate for years. But where has that gotten them? And I don’t know what fuzzy math you’re using but HTC doesn’t have anywhere near 10 years worth of cash reserves. As of today, Apple, the supposed most valuable company on the planet has a market cap of 447.72 billion. The best case scenario would have Apple burn through that money in 5 years if it started to take a write down year after from this year forward; http://www.forbes.com/sites/markrogowsky/2013/08/18/apple-has-200-billion-to-spend-its-time-to-go-big/ By contrast HTC has a 4.09 billion dollar market cap. Do the math….

        • ihatefanboys

          See you in 2015 when HTC is still around and everyone hating on them is eating their words.

  • Nathan D.


  • Pedro Sadarc

    I would like to know when the update will come out for the grand duos.

  • julia12

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  • donger


  • j paul

    This was the dumbest update I’ve ever had. Now I have even more useless app icons on my phone. Really, did they need to add another phone, IM, camera, and internet icon. Aren’t the ones at the bottom of the phone enough. I have hated this phone ever since the stupid AT&T sales person talked me into it. iPhones are way better, and way easier to use.

    • Doug Baker

      Must be simple minded.

    • raygwap

      You are a basic Mafucka just like the rest of the iPhone users smh when will y’all ever learn that apple is ripping you folks off so bad with them elementary ass phones only basic simple minded ppl have iPhone which is allot you Mafuckas

  • Ryan Paredez (@RyanParedez)

    Mhmm it’s now friday… (end of the week) and still nothing… come on Tmobile!!!